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yesman55 chapter 1 . 19h
I love this story and its characters, but I want this story to come to a conclusion but it feels like the end is way too far away. I mean you're almost at a hundred chapters and it feels like this story isn't a quarter of the way there yet!
I hope you can finish it one day. It's truly one of the best fanfictions ever written.
Violete Death chapter 12 . 2/20
Poor dude bad and good luck
LelouchVi chapter 98 . 2/20
With the recap movies coming out, and with season 3 coming out a decade after the original run, Ifelt compelled to go back and reread some of my favorite fics. I just finished my way through the 98 chapters of dauntless that you released, and remembered how much I enjoyed it. You never sacrificed the pacing to get to the "main events" of the story (shinjuku for example), and integrated well written original characters with depth and personality into the story. You also continued your fic for years after the show ended, which I think helped keep interest in the franchise alive. I can only say that you have done a great job.

It's been a couple of years since you updated, so I don't know if you even log into anymore, or if you'll ever see this review. Even if you do, I don't know if you would continue Dauntless or if you feel like you've completely moved on creatively. While I certainly would like to see more, it's not my place to tell you what to do, and I don't advocate writing a story unless you as an author want to.

In any case, I want to let you know that I really enjoyed your work. I wish you luck in the future and success in your endeavors. Who knows, maybe with season 3 actually on its way you will feel inspired to continue.
Shiranai Atsune chapter 63 . 2/16
I think Abigail is quite an interesting OC (even though I don't like her t all very much) and I wouldn't mind more of her...

Heck, maybe a redemption story and actually making her Lelouch's love interest?
pennameisblank chapter 98 . 2/13
this, is the good shit. fucked up good shit as best code geass fics are *thumbs up*
SpiritOfTales chapter 98 . 2/12
Most esteemed author Allora,
I do not know if you have given up on writing this story. I sincerely hope not. You are an amazing writer and have managed to keep me up till 4am, 3 nights in a row with your story. Your many different smaller plotlines are beautifully woven together to create one of the best fanfics I have ever read.

I am ashamed to admit that the first time I started reading your fanfic, I quit reading shortly after Lelouch returned to area 11 after his victory in area 18. I matured since then and by coincidence found your story yet again. I tried it and have now reached the end.

Though I do not now of the reason(s) that you stopped writing I (maybe futilely) hold out hope that you will update this masterpiece again.

A reader from Denmark who still have a sliver of hope that she can continue reading this story.

Ps. I found it quite funny that you, in one of your authors notes, were excited about the release of Skyrim. I have spent ( some would say) too many hours playing it.
Yuna chapter 45 . 2/11
We sang the song Mahna Mahna with our music teacher
Just to make sure I'm in fourth class Gymnasium (No clue how the english school system works or what it is called in english xD, but I'm thirteen going to be fourteen in less than two months)
It was an interesting hour with girls singing the 'Mahna Mahna' part and boys the 'doo doo doo doo do' part xD
Yuna chapter 35 . 2/11
To my review in the previous chapter, I've read your commentar about Nunally's personality here in this chapter and I totally think you are right, I just never thought about it that much because Nunally just seemed to be a sweet girl to me (okay you all can say now I'm an idiot and naive xD I know it myself )
Yuna chapter 34 . 2/11
I think Nunally wouldn't have such thoughts, she is kind and caring and she trusts Lelouch, she never doubted that he would never use his Geass against her (end of the second season), even if her belief in him was wrong...
I think she would trust him more and would be scared that something would happen to him...

Of course that are only my thoughts, it is also likely that she would react like in this fanfiction, and maybe that would be way more realistic of a reaction...
Yuna chapter 15 . 2/11
I think that too many people are too relaxed around Lelouch, I mean someone who is nobelty won't be really nervous, but someone at a military training camp should be a bit more tense...

Of course it is also crucial for the story that the other Privates don't think of him as a spoiled prince...
But still...

But I can't just say the negative things can I?

This must be one of the best Code Geass fanfics I've read, maybe even the best, the plot is good and the description od the characters is good.
It is well written and funny at times xD
Mi-chan chapter 98 . 2/11
Hi author I’m missing Code Geass and Lelouch’s awesomeness when I stumbled upon this fic. I love it, i love how you don’t rush and how catefully you lay down the plot. Please update soon, i’ll be waiting for this goodness :))
beatshield chapter 12 . 2/11
Great story so far mate
Yuna chapter 2 . 2/11
It would be fun if you write an omake about a scene where Rivalz would have also been captured or stayed with Lelouch instead of driving away xD

I can imagine how funny it would be if both Lelouch and Rivalz would be dragged before Clovis, all the confusion and surprises
Yuna chapter 9 . 2/10
And you have to say that he isn't very good at anything that has to do with sports xD
(He was slower than Milly when SHE was wearing a dress xD)
Rachel12349 chapter 98 . 1/27
I really love your story! Definitely the best code geass fanfic ever! I really hope you update and continue the story soon! 3
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