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Paradox.Peddler chapter 102 . 5/4
Same as with my review of the last chapter - sorry if this comes across as a little disjointed.

Right out of the gate, my favorite thing about this chapter is the paragraph you had where Lelouch examines his own hypocrisy in keeping Jeremiah who has done horrendous things on while seeking his own revenge against his father for the horrendous things done to him. One of Lelouch's greatest strengths and weaknesses is his empathy. I would love to see more of him having and overcoming challenges to his faith in his cause or at the least the means he has chosen to go about it.

The scene revealing Lelouch and Nunnally's captivity to Gino was exquisite. I particularly enjoyed the graduality of the situation dawning on Gino and Lukas barring the door. The observation from Gino that Lelouch having overcome the situation was likely why he was so favored by the emperor was another nice touch.

One question I had that is maybe not important is how did the Royal Guard know logistics of the shrine ceremony if they weren't explicitly invited to it?

Great chapter altogether. I look forward to your next update.
Paradox.Peddler chapter 101 . 5/4
Sorry this review will be a little stream of conscious-y as I read this chapter and the next last night and just took notes on my thoughts rather than review immediately.

Yet another solid chapter. I liked that Lelouch missed someone in his background checks. These little reminders that even Lelouch is fallible in matters of intellect and maintaining the feeling of the fog of war are a good choice. The characterization of Kuurugi and Gottwald was really good. I continue to enjoy the juxtaposition of those two as Lelouch's knights. I also enjoyed the little details regarding the dismissal of administration staff such as Lelouch deferring certain elements to Edith but retaining some of the work himself and using every spare moment to run his corner of the empire. I think these kinds of details really bring your story to life so good job.

I feel like I could have used more overt signs that Maanda thought of Lelcouh as a little brother but since most events are from Lelouch's perspective* and he was surprised it is not really a problem. Perhaps this is a concept also explored in the side stories which are still on my to-read list. I think you made a good choice with having most but not all the guard be ready to join Lelouch's cause by Hector's estimation. I feel that it made it more realistic to have some hold outs but certainly you'd expect many of them to feel more personally connected to Lelouch who has done much to earn their loyalty over an emperor with whom they've had (little to?) no interaction with besides broadcasts.

I liked that you included the scene where Hector relents with Suzaku. I think that with so many sworn to Lelouch and that loyalty being at the forefront of their character often (since the story is about Lelouch) it is good that you help draw these distinctions between Hector, Suzaku, and Gottwald. This scene demonstrating Hector's compassion vs. Gottwald's almost animalistic persistence on Lelouch's behalf helps keep these characters from being one dimensional or flavorlesss. Great job continuing to find time to fit that character development in.

I'll be very interested to watch how you strike a balance with changing Suzaku going forward. His (almost) facade of propriety over his inner rage towards himself and injustice is so central to his character so I imagine it will be difficult to have him drop some of that so that you have meaningful character progression without feeling out of character. So far you seem to have done an admirable job and I look forward to reading more.
CloudCarnivore chapter 102 . 4/30
Loved this so much!
The Fifth Horseman of No Wifi chapter 102 . 4/27
Finally caught up. And Dauntless is the reason why I've been running late to practically everything for the past week - at least that's what I tell myself. I couldn't stop reading it!
"Five minutes more." Five minutes later. "Just five minutes more." Additional five minutes later. "What's the clock? Twenty minutes late?!"
Look I first read Dauntless back in high school, and loved it. I got to chapter 94 and felt sad that there wasn't any more. Years passed, finished high school, studied nursing for the past two years, so imagine my surprise to find Dauntless updated just weeks earlier. Allora, you cannot understand my feeling of nostalgia. Wish you only the best.
Krieg118 chapter 102 . 4/26
Sssoooo, who's Isshin Kagemori?
misa chapter 1 . 4/20
OMG I NEVER EXPECTED THIS STORY TO GET UPDATED AGAIN 3 (Thats a heart in case ffnet messes with it and deletes something)
Tale-2-tell-TTT chapter 1 . 4/19
Ngl this is really sad
erica.phoenix16 chapter 102 . 4/16
I like this story. Keep it up! :)
phantom daniel chapter 102 . 4/14
Yay great chapter. Nice to see the inner workings of the guard and nice to see Gino starting to get a better understanding of the world that is the royal family. Can’t wait for more.
NesianRyukaiel chapter 102 . 4/12
Hope the next chapter rolls out fast.
PoshK1tty chapter 49 . 4/12
bless that CluClu moment.
PoshK1tty chapter 48 . 4/12
Nope, we are good with your stubbornness. In fact, I prefer how it has been so far. Don't cater too much to your audience's needs. whether that be the plots direction, the chosen pairing, the mannerisms of your characters or who lives and dies. You as the author are the so called God/Fate that decides it all.
EchoAwakens chapter 102 . 4/10
Great fanfiction, can't wait for more!
Pxl chapter 102 . 4/8

T-T you have no idea how excited I was when I came back to re-read and instead I saw you updated!

(I hope you're doing well, we missed you ;-; I also noticed I haven't commented on this fic before (òó) I shall try to make up for that!)

Usually I'd have a longer comment but I admit I've forgotten a lot since I last read Dauntless so I'm on to my regularly scheduled re-read to freshen up! But first: this is my favorite CG fix and one of my top 10 overall, your writing is just so engaging! Even though I remember all the story beats every re-read still keeps me on the edge of my seat and reading well past midnight XD

Sorry for all the exclamation points but I'm just! So! EXCITED!

Wishing you and yours all the best -Pxl
Very Happy Dude chapter 98 . 4/7
Boy am I glad I checked up on this story on a whim. I nearly fell out of my seat when I saw it's been updated last month instead of years ago! So happy this has been picked up again; Dauntless is the only fic that managed to stay on my mind for as long as it did, I sure wouldn't have been checking up on any other fanfic this lomg after its appearent death.

Thanks for updating! Keep up the good work! :D
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