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you are the best chapter 98 . 9/17
binge reading this over the course of like 3 days in the year of out lord, 2017. I want you to know that this is fantastically done And I love every part of it.
L2X chapter 98 . 9/17
Man this was a great read. I didn't think I'll like the OC but I like their character very much. (but still hoping they get burned)

Maybe one day this will be updated. One can hope.
caitycaterpillar chapter 98 . 9/11
So this was GREAT. Satisfying to the max. 10/10, would recommend.

Like I just spent the past day and a half binge reading this bc I couldn't put it down long enough to do much of anything else? I think I might actually like this fic better than the actual anime...
Manawydan chapter 98 . 9/3
Wow this is excellent! It was everything I didn't know I needed after finishing Code Geass. I hope you end up writing more. I'd love to know how the Osaka action goes down.
OneTwoThreeReactors chapter 59 . 9/2
;-; I Really love this... I Just feel like it always goes by so fast though.
OneTwoThreeReactors chapter 57 . 9/2
OneTwoThreeReactors chapter 56 . 9/2
Love your "AN"'s... I Think I Find them more entertaining than the story xD
OneTwoThreeReactors chapter 55 . 9/2
I love these.
OneTwoThreeReactors chapter 54 . 9/2
Hot-Diggity-Damn L.L
OneTwoThreeReactors chapter 3 . 9/1
Zhajn chapter 98 . 8/21
I'm so glad you're still updating. Trying to at least. Fantastic chapter, especially the show of absolute loyalty that Lelouch's subordinates have in him and each other. I loved that scene.

On another note, I'm hoping you'll reach the point of when Lelouch has both the Guren AND Lancelot under his command with him in the Gawain before you completely quit on this fanfic. I really want to see that happen in this.
Bekah chapter 98 . 8/16
*sigh* I love this story so much...
Natsuki Scarlet chapter 98 . 8/16
Hi! When I first saw this story, I was a little bit hesitant to read because of how long it is. However I decided to give it a try because there must be a reason why it is top fanfic of code geass. Let me tell you, this story is deserving of its title! :D The plot, the characters, the writing style, your ingenuity! I had thought that while reading the story that I would become bored in some parts but no! Not even once did I lose interest on reading the story! I was hooked from the beginning to the the latest chapter! Your writing style is awesome. Not too many details but not less either. Its just the perfect amount to capture the attention of every reader. I was a little worried that there would a lot of politic and rebellion stuff that would give me a headache but you proved me wrong. This story is not simple or has a shallow story line. It contains elements of surprise and uniqueness that many other authors an't pull off. Many would struggle and the results would be bad but you pulled it off perfectly well. The characterization of the characters are spot on. I think you especially portrayed Lelouch the best. I love how his not Garysue and how he seems to have struggle like any other characters. I hate it when Lelouch is displayed as a powerful being and whatnot so I'm glad he's not omnipotent.
Anyway, one of the things I also like is how even though this story is alternate universe, it is still following the plot somehow..The hotel, geass incident, and so many other stuff still happened even though Lelouch has joined the Imperial Army.. :D
In addition, while I am not necessarily looking for romance, I can't help but pair Lelouch with C.C.. I like reading them together so I am hoping that there could future moments of them in the next chapters. Abigail is alright I guess but I still like C.C better.
Suzaku is an okay character but I am just wondering if he will turn on Lelouch like he did in R2.. hopefully not.. Jermeiah...Umm, well I kinda feel bad for him because he's so loyal to Lelouch but Lelouch still keeps Jermiah in a distance..
The only thing I would say that I don't really in this story is how long it is taking for the Kenshiki Faction to fall.. Its been like 45 chapters but there's still standing..I can't help but want things to move a little faster and got the canon stuff like the about Snieczer, Emperor, and Nunnally. But other than I think I think right now, this story would be my favorite code geass fanfic! XD
Anyway, I really hope you update soon. I am a little anxious that you have drop this story or put it into hiatus because its been about a year since you've last updated.. Looking forward to the future chapters! Take care! :D
KuroitsukiNoMai chapter 98 . 8/4
Omg I didn't even realize you had updated this story! I went back and read the whole thing again haha. I know keeping up with a giant story like this can be hard, but for what it's worth, I'm super super happy that you've updated again and I can't wait for the next one!
Kabu chapter 98 . 8/2
It's taken me about two weeks but I read it all and loved every minute of it. I'm usually against fanfics with OCs in them, but this is something else entirely. Each of them feels like a well-rounded character, and they fit right in with the existing characters. I am emotionally attached to your characters and it's GREAT. You haven't updated it in a year, but I would love to hear more! You're writing is excellent!
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