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TheGreenReaper chapter 98 . 2/2
So I'm late to the party, but boy am I happy that I joined. I read this monstrosity (in the nicest way possible) in three days and I love it. Good job. I am so happy of the way the story developed. I'm also glad there isn't much of C.C. right now since I don't like her in general, but once her role will grow I'll swallow my complains since the story means so much more then one character. You did excellent on your OC's. At the moment I'm pretty pissed at Euphy and miss Schneizel. Hope he and Lelouch keep their alliance and everything works out in the end, though I doubt it. I also hope Gino somehow joins Lelouch's entourage permanently since I really love him. What I'm most happy about beside the pacing and the chara development is the fach that Lelouch and Suzaku are working together. Since the anime I thought that these two working together as the ultimate duo.
Keep up the good work.
Paradox009 chapter 98 . 1/27
Great chapter. Looking forward to more, and I hope it's soon... :)
Guest chapter 6 . 1/21
This is a stupid way to test if the cellphone is being tapped, because Lelouch's relationship with Milly is public knowledge, meaning it is likely that her phone would be tapped, and you only need to tap one end of a phone call to get the contents.

It would have been much better to call someone to arrange a meeting, then see if the press showed up. rather than making a call to someone who may already be compromised. (especially since there was the possibility that she might mention Nunnally).
sparklingflare0214 chapter 98 . 1/20
I found your story extremely captivating, so I just wanted to thank you for taking so much of your time to write it. You're a great writer, and I think you managed to expound on your character's personalities, and did well with establishing you characters and bringing them alive.
serioushugsies chapter 98 . 1/13
just discovered this story and i have to say I've enjoyed it immensely. your depiction of Lelouch is spot on for how he is in the anime (Something alot of stories on this site mess up) and it's been a great ride the whole way through! Hope to see more soon!
Ashes chapter 98 . 1/13
Holy crap! I have been following this for a while and I never know what is going to happen! This is just so darn good. Thank you for sharing your hard work with the readers on . I actually just read the entire story through a third time when I saw that you updated after so long. Not a criticism btw, I can never get myself to write at all and would be far to shy to post if I did. This is the most complex and interesting piece of fiction I have ever read on this site, and honestly is far better than many published books I have read. Again thank you so much for sharing and this is awesome.
CrownClown.14th chapter 96 . 1/6
I don't know why... But I hate Euphemia. I hated her in the serie but in this story even more. It's not like you didn't captured her character, no hav her 100% captured, but I hate her
thegoodking159 chapter 98 . 1/5
i just finished reading this story for the second time :D, this has to be one of the best stories I have ever read, it is also the first and only code geass story that made me fall in love with every single character, I really hope you continue this story Allora, you must not leave such a masterpiece unfinished, please please please update soon :D.
midoKchie chapter 61 . 1/3
Gigawatt101 chapter 98 . 1/3
Man this is an absolutely phenomenal story and I think I might actually prefer it over the animes story. I hope you don't give up even if I'm super late to the party(Saw some notes from when Skyrim came out holy crap)

Great story and I hope to see more in the future.
Guest chapter 98 . 12/28/2016
shadowwriter01 chapter 98 . 12/28/2016
I would say the Osaka police had just won the Darwin Award.
-First keeping information from their government and harboring a dangerous weapon in the middle of a war-zone, that then got stolen by terrorists because of their incontetence.
-And instead of trying to make up for their actions, they are deliberately not cooperating, even when the Viceroy had already threatened them. Holding up the entire operation and disobying orders...
... and on top of that some of their dumb members are insulting both the Viceroy anbd his Knight and then pointing a gun at this Knight.
I mean this idiots are practically screaming to get executed.
shadowwriter01 chapter 93 . 12/27/2016
Well, it is official, Euphemia is an idiot.
Giving up power to advisors? Democracy? Beginning a change in the way the Empire works?
Does she truly believes that? Even if Lelouch were willing to agree to that, all what she would reach is that Lelouch would get kicked out of his office within a few days.
Sabrina chapter 98 . 12/26/2016
This is the best fanfiction I have ever read. Please please please keep updating it.

Guest chapter 98 . 12/25/2016
Wonderful as always, as if you had never left the scene.

BTW, Welcome back!
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