Reviews for Dauntless
yo chapter 97 . 4/22
shazarakk chapter 50 . 4/21
I can honestly say that I haven't read the entire fic, however the fact that it's missing a 'complete' tag is severely disconcerting. If it Isn't complete, then I would very much like that you continue this fic, since it hasn't been updated in almost a year, however if it is complete; it would be nice if you tagged it as so, as it would be nice to know if a 664 k word fic was actually complete or discontinued, before one reads it.
Guest chapter 97 . 4/20
Ahhhhh! I cannot even describe how much I love this fanfic! Read all 97 chapters in two days (sacrificing my sleep in the process) You do a splendid job of showing how the characters have changed in the circumstances and yet are still the same at their core! I will gladly sell my soul for more!
Ancestor's Dragon chapter 97 . 4/20
So I got into this kind of late, haha. This has been a really great story so far. I love the way you've fleshed out each of the characters. I thought Abigail was just going to be a punching bag this whole story, but she's actually been relevant, which is cool. I actually haven't watched all of Code Geass yet, so I probably missed some of the parallels, but hopefully I didn't miss much, given that you said most things progressed differently past a certain point. Well, great job with this story so far, I look forward to reading the next chapter!
Qwertzu824 chapter 97 . 4/17
Damn, I love this story more than the original anime... You are an amazing writer! Keep it up, please!
adammattaway chapter 97 . 4/15
I have to say, this is the best fan-fiction I have ever read. I started reading 4 days ago and having just completed it, can only say good things. It is eloquent, planned out perfectly, and has the professionalism of a published novel. With that being said, I implore that you allow me to be a beta reader. I am a extremely confident in my english grammar, and although I don't know how you usually operate with your beta reader(s), I am more than willing to help with anything else related to the story. Please consider my offer, as I simply want to see this story come to the perfect fruition it deserves.
Anonymous Person chapter 97 . 4/15
I just finished reading all 97 chapters of your story (it took about 2 weeks). I have to say so far it is the BEST story I've read on this site the plot was compelling none of the canon characters seemed OOC and all of your original characters added greatly to the scheme of things. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the story and look forward to future updates! Also I greatly appreciate the fact that there weren't any pairings within. You can say I'm almost allergic to pairings within fanfics. Either way hope you get all your life issues out of the way soon!
LIOKU chapter 31 . 4/8
right now i really hate Cornelia .
LIOKU chapter 23 . 4/8
why oh why do you keep cutting Lulu's hair? TTOTT ither than that...this fic is still incredible and something i didn't say last time, i really like your OC's thy're not disruptive at all, they fit in just right -

i don't like Cornelia, never did, not even in the anime u.u i'm eager to see what else you make feel with this if you excuse me, i'll cntinue to the next chap XD
LIOKU chapter 15 . 4/7
I'm mourning Lulu's hair...TTOTT i started this fic yesterday, i must say that i've been reading the chapters non stop, but today, after i finished this one i had to stop and tell you that i'm mourning Lulu's beautiful hair TTOTT

i really like your story, so far i hate Abigail, it's a good character, but she married Lulu, so i hate her u.u

im going to continue reading, seriously i cant stop u.u i love this fic and i have a lot to catch up so if you excuse me i have to pass to the next chapter

p.d. english is not my first languaje, so please forgive my mistakes -
BelloftheSea chapter 97 . 4/6
Whew... 97 chapters. That took me awhile. I've been reading this during every ounce of free time I had for almost two weeks. It has been very entertaining thus far and is sure to continue following that trend. I love how you portray each of the characters. Even your OC's are amazing. I love Lukas and Abigail always makes things interesting. The plot is constantly moving forward and I can't seem to stop reading. I have stayed up way past midnight several times while reading this. I look forward to your next update.
Ald3r chapter 97 . 4/5
Best. CG Story. Ever. I don't know if you plan on finishing this story or not but I would love it if you did. Don't though if you really can't or are too tired of it. Cheers.
Guest chapter 97 . 4/2
Moar. I read this story in 7 hours straight and I need more! So well written! Such a good plot! Please spend the next two years finishing it? K? (: ty
Chubby-King-Chocobo chapter 97 . 4/1
Guuuurrreeenn! Hello reference to the second mech baby.

This it's probably my third read through, and I still get excited, snicker, or be sad at the same places.
Kix chapter 97 . 3/30
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