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AriaanChan chapter 3 . 3/21
I've been reading this story thrice by now and I 'm still currently rereading this for the fourth time. The storyline is so amazing I can't help but be awed. Please update soon. I'd like to hear more about this story
ZisAnInsomniac chapter 98 . 3/19
thank you so much for the update! i hope all is well with you, Allora!
mango1242 chapter 98 . 3/16
I've spent a disturbingly large portion of my spring break reading this. I have no regrets. It's wonderful. Honestly, this story isn't my usual fanfic fare. I'm mostly read fanfic for super angsty slash and typically hate OCs. It's a testament to your writing that I love Dauntless, despite it not being my "type." Your OCs are fleshed out and interesting, changes from canon are believable, and I really enjoy the dynamic between Lelouch, Suzaku, and Gottwald and now ship the fuck out of all three of them (in my head, of course, I know that's not where this is going but a girls gotta dream, you know?) I like that Lelouch isn't canon!Lelouch, while still being a very recognizable and plausible permutation of the character based on the changes in circumstances you made. I like that your Suzaku still hates Geass, as frustrating as his stubbornness is at times, even though he (and the people he loves) haven't been a direct victim of it (as opposed to canon!Suzaku, with whom it was impossible to tell between rationalizations and actual morals). And I love his character ark of learning to accept that Lelouch isn't perfect and caring about him anyway. And I hope he learns to forgive himself too, in time. And I love that almost everyone of importance gets character development without it being heavy handed. My only (even kinda criticism) is that I think Lelouch could afford to fuck up a bit more. Some of the most amazing, emotionally potent moments of canon were the result of profoundly frustrating stupidity from Lelouch, Suzaku, and others. Dauntless comes off as a "fix ficin the words of tvtropes) at times, due to a lack of these moments, which is enjoyable in many ways (and always sufficiently justified), but lacks the heartbreaking depth of canon. But, to be fair, it's totally okay if you're going for something that's a little more fun wish-fulfillment than the sometimes enraging, tragic clusterfuck that is CG. And you manage to do it without things coming off as trite or too easy or convenient. Anyway, I know it's a long shot and that you obviously have other shit on your plate, but I really really hope you update soon. I would fucking die of happiness. But I'm thankful for all your hard work this far all the same.
Atae Memori chapter 37 . 3/13
Suzaku... is your... favourite character...?! what?!
Mocc1 chapter 27 . 2/28
If you want to say the Geass twisted Lelouche then one could argue that it wasn't the Geass but the power granted to him by the Geass so if Lelouche follows the path that has been laid out for him He'll gain "power" anyway so we'll see him become twisted regardless unless your argument is that the alternative path he takes hardens him enough
Marczeg Szar chapter 98 . 2/23
Well, I'm beyond impressed.
I finished watching Code Geass only a few weeks ago and then started immediately to seek good fanfics. As always the first step was to try the stories with most reviews where your story, as you probably know, is uncontested ranking foremost. Seeing that and furthermore the massive length of Dauntless I was enthusiastic even before starting to read.
But, as said above, this story surpassed all my expectations with ease.
It's always good to find authors that bother to really depict the changes they make to the canon characters we all know in more than just a few sentences. Lelouch's military training serves that purpose splendidly and enables him to fight for himself to a certain extent. In many CG fics is forgotten that Lelouch, in fact, was in canon never really a good knightmare devicer, something that's not surprising due to missing practice. Often that fact is overlooked in favor of badass fighting scenes.
Also changes in his character originating from his time with the military, changes he needs to go through if he should act like he does in your story, are covered and display the sacrifices he's willing to make for Nunnally and his revenge. That he doesn't suddenly go from highschool boy to ruthless commander is a important part of that.
Your OC's like Edith or especially Abigail are magnificiently written, with their own life and motivations, an art that few do excell in. I, for one, like your idea of Abigail very much, since there are so many many opportunities for the author with an arranged marriage like this. Their relationship, her reactions to C.C. and her talents in handling the nobility are good examples.
The scene where C.C. shows herself "accidental" indecent as Abigail, Euphy and Cornelia arrive was hilarious.
Furthermore your Suzaku is inmy opinion the best I've read yet.
You hopefully see that I'm full of praises for Dauntless and its author since I have to cut this review short though there are many more positive points to say.
I hope you will continue writing on day and hope you the best of luck in your endeavors.
Thank you very much for this piece of art.
Marczeg Szar
mitchell.thompson.56 chapter 98 . 2/23
Awesome story. Needs more updates
Junky chapter 98 . 2/22
It's been a few years since I read this; I missed your 2016 update and I'm going to reread it from the beginning. I hope you are doing well. (Well, you're Canadian, aren't you? I imagine a lot of us are fleeing there ... our new president seems to be a clone of Clovis, albeit unattractive and with small hands.)

I'd very much like to see you continue this (and the other one), especially with Chapter 100 in sight, but keep your priorities straight! :)
Silent Gale chapter 98 . 2/16
I have to admit that I'm very impressed with the writing. I marathoned reading this the past two days whenever I could get a chance to read. I'm glad I actually was able to catch up to this point this fast as 98 chapters is a lot to get through.

Overall, the OC characters are fleshed out rather well. The only issue that I kept having is one not necessarily of pacing, but rather of how large in scale this work is. Because there is a myriad of characters, it's bound to happen that it feels like people are being forgotten.

For example, I think I read through 40ish chapters wondering if Lukas would return since he was the one to first swear loyalty to Lelouch rather than his older brother who is the Captain, until he finally made a reappearance as Euphy's bodyguard.

Another character I would have thought been a little bit more prevalent was Nina considering she setup the house Nunally is in, and is also being watched over by Schneizel.

So yeah those are just a few examples I had when going through this as I was marathoning through this. A story of this scope obviously can't keep track of these many characters since not all of them are relevant to advancing the plot.

Grammar related things I noticed at the beginning: I think you're spell check didn't notice the word won't since over half of the times it WS used I believe it wasn't with the apostrophe. I don't recall this happening towards the later chapters, and the overall grammar has improved noticeably from beginning to where we are which was nice since it made it easier to immerse myself when marathon reading.

But yeah, I really enjoyed this. I kind of procrastinated on studying a bit to keep reading this (don't worry I passed my tests). I'm looking forward to more.

P.S.: If you're wondering why I also have a name with Gale, I can tell you that was entirely coincidental. Also that my tag is oxymoronic was only half intentional.
Eve Of The Stars chapter 98 . 2/16

This is an absolute treasure.

For one, I love how all the OCs are fully fleshed out and given personalities, motivations, etc the whole shibang.
Second, the loyalty factor. I absolutely adore loyalty themes, one of the reasons Code Geass drew me in.
Third, (not lastly, I'm pretty sure I could write an entire essay based on the merits of this piece of work) this story is a perfect blend of drama, politics, and fighting. Which is somewhat rare to come by in the CG fandom, considering how much the show itself is balanced on those things. You had me drawn in from start to end of this (almost) 700k story, which is a feat most published books are hard pressed to do.

Anyway, I'll look forward to the next update, whenever it will come! :)

Kallen fan chapter 98 . 2/15
Would it make sense to you to move Kallen in a slightly original direction of her starting to tweak/modify/upgrade/overclock her knightmare thus giving her a more notable/unique position of an engineer ace rather than the rather bland position of just another average soldier ace ?
angry Kallen fan chapter 13 . 2/13
Kallen is supposed to be a top scoring ace fairly obsessed on being the best at anything she takes interest in, what the hell does ' fairly smart ' and ' the teachers will go easy on me ' supposed to mean?

Sorry for being offensive, this is a really good story.
LunarrOsi chapter 53 . 2/10
LunarrOsi chapter 51 . 2/10
LunarrOsi chapter 49 . 2/10
Hmmph. I didn't think c.c could get... EVEN MORE ANNOYING
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