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Guest chapter 97 . 4/2
Moar. I read this story in 7 hours straight and I need more! So well written! Such a good plot! Please spend the next two years finishing it? K? (: ty
Chubby-King-Chocobo chapter 97 . 4/1
Guuuurrreeenn! Hello reference to the second mech baby.

This it's probably my third read through, and I still get excited, snicker, or be sad at the same places.
Kix chapter 97 . 3/30
Jade Wylkyns chapter 97 . 3/29
Dauntless is honestly my favorite Code Geass fic right alongside Lelouch of Britannia. I really love your Abigail who is so fleshed out nicely. Euphemia is completely getting on my nerves, but of course not every character is going to be likeable and I'd rather you stay faithful to realistic unfolding of the plot rather than making a character likeable :) I really look forward to the next chapter! This is my 2nd time reading through and I seriously marvel at how well crafted the storyline and the characters are. I even referred the fic to my friend who doesn't even know Code Geass fand on . Can’t wait for the next chappie!
BelloftheSea chapter 24 . 3/27
I feel weird asking questions about these early chapters because I know things are bound to be cleared up later and there is still so much to read but... where are they exactly? You mentioned Jerusalem and the Dead Sea but you're also saying the Sahara which is in Africa unless you're just using sahara in it's literal translation meaning desert which is entirely possible. But technically the area they are in would be called the Judean Desert unless the Britannians decided to change the name (or decided not to care in the least what the locals call it) which is entirely possible so, in the end, it really doesn't matter.
I did love all the Lelouch in this chapter. It's nice to hear what the others are up to but I want to find out what happens next with Lelouch (and Suzaku, but you haven't even brought him into the story yet). I would say keep up the good work but... (looks at chapter count) you already did that.
BelloftheSea chapter 16 . 3/27
First, I would like to say that I am very much enjoying this story. I only just finished watching Code Geass and decided to look into some CG fanfiction.. It seems like a hard fandom to work with because the story is so conclusive - AU is pretty much the best option. But even then, just scanning through the list of stories, a lot of them seem to be the same - twisting one aspect of the story and then just regurgitating the plot (and often the dialogue) with that twist in mind. I started (and subsequently gave up) reading several stories before I came across Dauntless.
This is refreshing to say the least - the characters are the same but the plot is brand new. The dialogue is well done and the OC's don't seem at all out of place. They fit and are necessary considering the direction you've taken this story.
Anyway, what prompted me to review now (I would normally wait until I reach the end) was actually your AN at the end here. Thirty push-ups IS hard! I'm not one to claim whether or not Lelouch could do it but I can't even do one properly (I did try, as per your suggestion). Most women I know can't do one proper push-up. Guys are different of course and Lelouch is a guy so he has that going for him. But I am glad that you included the bit about Edith making him go to the gym because I so wouldn't have believed it otherwise. I might be able to pull off ten after a few weeks of practice (not that I'm at all inclined to try) so I can believe that Lelouch could manage thirty here. But still... it's not easy.
Anyway, I'm gonna get back to reading.
Scarlett Skylar chapter 97 . 3/26
I love it. But what does nippon banzai mean?
Fainfan chapter 97 . 3/21
cant wait for the eventual fight between the mechs
Fainfan chapter 95 . 3/21
black hair kallen? no!
Fainfan chapter 74 . 3/20
I hope by the time i read till chapter 95... its still on going!
Josh chapter 1 . 3/20
Very interesting; I would like to commend your peerless encapsulation of not only the tone and vibe of the original, but the character's idiosyncrasies as well, even down to speech pattern.
icestar-comet-moon chapter 97 . 3/20
I've come back to this story time and time again, because stories like this are what I love about the geass fandom - huge universe building, focussing on the steps taken and politics and fighting. I hadn't realised it was last updated in 2014 as I thought it was left unfinished before then. But either way, the story is lovely and amazing as it is, and the prospect of any more to it, while exciting, doesn't distract from the amazing experience it already is.

Thanks for writing this piece.
Fainfan chapter 55 . 3/19
ARR! your fanfic is soo awesome! reading through 55 chapters at 1 go...
cg fan boyo chapter 33 . 3/18
FInally! after 33 chapters of bad ass build up.

im so looking forward for this
cg fan boyo chapter 25 . 3/18
as usual an excellent chapter
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