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Claytonimor chapter 97 . 2/8
I believe in you! Just flat out steal your fiance's computer. DO WHAT NEEDS BE DONE, LEST THE RAGE OF DESPONDENT FANBOYS AND FANGIRLS FALL UPON YOU!

Also, this is great. I like the characterizations, though you have dropped Nunally recently. I get that she isn't too exciting, but she does provide a nice counterpoint for you to use. At any rate, good luck with your life's endeavors and please keep writing.
Aynessa chapter 80 . 2/8
Ahhh, this story never didappoints. So utterly fascinating. I've been basically glued to my screen every chance I can get, devouring this story like ice cream. Such an amazing fic! All the characters are so accurate, especially Lelouch and Suzaku, which is so amazing and awesome. Lelouch's cunning, rapier wit, genius- all of it comes through so beautifully. I love how this plot toes a parallel line to canon in so many ironic Mao kidnapping Abigail when he couldn't reach Nunnally, then dying at CC's hand, Lelouch bitterly suggesting Suzaku turn him in to become a Knight of Round (LOL), etc. I love how all of this seems so plausible in the CLAMP world. And because Lelouch is going about things so differently, using his Geass ridiculously sparingly, it doesn't have the capability of turning him so twisted - he is still kind and loving, even though he has hard and cruel decisions that he has to make. Such excellent storytelling.
Aynessa chapter 60 . 2/6
I for one think Lelouch's reaction is absolutely perfect. He has always been volatile and ill-tempered, and Susaku has always been the one that can make him lose his cool. Excellent interaction!
Aynessa chapter 58 . 2/6
*giggle* I actually really like this chapter. It makes everyone seem more realistic, especially Abigail. Poor Lelouch is totally in over his head.
Aynessa chapter 53 . 2/6
Yesss! I knew it! Love this. Love this SO much. You are outstandingly, mind-bogglingly accurate with these characters' personalities. I am speechless with awe.
cxwdwxc chapter 63 . 2/5
Saw the AN, and had to laugh. I also hate Abigail, but still think she's a wonderful addition to the story. I think a character is only as good as the usefulness to the plot, and the amount of emotion brought to the reader. In this case, she seem very useful to the plot, and brings out a huge emotion in the reader (hate is a very strong emotion), therefore she's a wonderful addition.
Aynessa chapter 37 . 2/5
Holy crap this is utterly fascinating. I love how this is playing out.
Aynessa chapter 31 . 2/4
I can see why this is the top Code Geass story on the net. Ridiculously excellent storyline, character plotting, Knightmare piloting and war explanation, characterization, and flawlessly accurate depiction of Lelouch's complicated personality. I'm in awe of this amazing story!
Guest chapter 97 . 2/2
I'm glad you continue this story Allora, thank you, I will wait patiently
SpawnofAnarion chapter 97 . 2/1
By far the best(and longest) of all Code Geass fics! Your work is magnificent. Please continue if possible.
Seany Mac chapter 97 . 1/31
When I first started reading this fic I genuinely disliked it. It felt like a million other "Lelouch is royalty again" stories and really paled in comparison to "Lelouch of Britannia" which I had just read. So I decided to stop reading it and was baffled by the huge amount of reviews and favorites for a story that I had found to be fine at best. Then a funny thing happened: I decided to keep reading. I figured why not take a chance since 3000 people had already given it their recommendation, it can't be as bad as I think. I can confidently say after reaching this point that I am extremely glad that I read on.

The best word I can think of for this story is entertaining. This story is just at it's most basic level incredibly entertaining. So much so that I read all 97 chapters in roughly a week and a half despite having a full time job. I love the new world you've carved out for these characters within the canon universe, it's truly a new spin on everything that's been established within the Code Geass universe. It's fantastic how you've taken the idea of the vengeful canon Lelouch and put him in an entirely new situation that develops his character in a fascinatingly divergent way from the canon. Possibly the best thing you've done with his characterization is you've kept his mastery of how people perceive him. Even though he no longer has the secret identity and mask of Zero to hide behind, there are extremely few people that actually know who he is at his core. Lelouch's true identity in this story is much more than just his name and face, but rather you've managed to create a situation in which everyone knows of him while only a few select people (CC and Suzaku really) actually know the real man. It's a really fascinating conceit and in my opinion the best way to take his character in his role as a widely known public figure.

One other characterization that I feel really elevates this story is how you write C.C., especially when using her perspective. I actually think that your characterization of her is better than the series' characterization in that in the series she was mostly relegated to being the mysterious magical girl with only bits of her sardonic wit or mischievous streak peeking through. In this story you've managed to bring those aspects of her character to the fore subsequently making her easily the most fun character to spend time with in the universe you've built. Her view on different matters is always so fun to read as she has just enough off center to make her viewpoints and opinions unique and often funny without spiraling into parody or caricature. I also appreciate how you've handled the romance angle with her and her feelings towards Lelouch. It's apparent that they exist without it having to be explicitly stated, which is a really nice subtle way to weave that aspect into a story that's primary goal is not romance. I also like how you've presented her conflicting views on her relationship with Lelouch in that she on a subconcious level desperately wants to be closer to him, but she vehemently denies that these desires even exist, rather hiding behind their contract and trying to convince herself she feels this way because she knows that he'll grant her wish. C.C. is in a way a microcosm of this whole story in that she's wildly entertaining and wonderfully re-characterized in this new world that you've created.

Lastly I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the bevy of OCs present in this story. I am generally anti-OC as they often end up being merely an extension of the author and engage in wish fulfillment (at worst) or are bland plot devices devoid of any true character traits aside from those that the plot needs them to have. That being said I feel as though the OCs in this story have been great additions and the ones that actually are given prominent roles feel like justified additions to this world. It's truly impressive how you've managed to create these vivid characters without ever using their perspective and giving us an insight into their minds. I still get the sense as the reader that I know what makes these people tick without actually ever having seen what they think, which is really fabulous. It seems as though each and every one of them feels like they truly belong to the Code Geass universe, both the one established in your story and the universe at large, and it is a credit to your writing skill that you've taken these characters and given us a reason to care about them.

This story even though it's still unfinished is a monumental accomplishment by you and I cannot express enough how much I've enjoyed reading it. I look forward to whenever you update next. Congrats on a tremendous story, take a bow.
PumaWarrior chapter 97 . 1/30
I wonder what Nunnally is up to...
Sele-chan chapter 53 . 1/26
oh, por dios... esto ultimo fue, simplemente hermosos, no extravagante, si no hermoso... supongo que pienso así en parte porque esto fue algo que desee que pasara en el anime... que Suzaku se convirtiera en el caballero de Lelouch de una forma como esta es... simplemente demasiado para mi pobre corazón que late rápidamente de pura felicidad, muchas gracias por este momento, de hecho gracias por todos los capítulos hasta ahora y por todos los que leeré también, pero sobre todo gracias por este momento.
milkteashake chapter 9 . 1/23
Haha i remember the first time i read this chapter, i cringed when ive read lelouch is getting married. In canon, he's the most souhght after guy, almost all the girls partnered to him were equally deserving of him. And now here youre just throwing him with some random girl. I was kind of dissapointed the first time i read this. But now i just have to laugh at the emperor's announcement, it was so unexpected and the way he said was so blunt, its just funny! Maybe since ive finished reading till chapter 97, i already learned to accept and liked abegail :p
Toldspice chapter 97 . 1/18
Currently on my 5th read through of this and I can't even honestly say it's getting old. This fic is extremely well written, realistic and true to each individual character which is something that's pretty lacking in a lot of fics these days.

Also about that supposed C.C. x Lelouch pairing, this is one of the few of those I would actually support. Too many CG fanfics have C.C. as some sort of stuttering schoolgirlish type character who blushes so hard she'd realistically pass out every time Lelouch says "you look nice." A cold, nearly uncrackable C.C. who actually acts like she's centuries old and in no way a stranger to romance or sex is going to be amazing and I can't wait until you start to put that into effect.

It's a shame the fic only got updated like once last year though, I'm hoping you don't abandoned it completely, cause really, this is one of the best (if not THE best) stories on the entire website.

I know this review is gonna get swallowed up by the rest but yeah I had to write this all down to put it out there.
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