Reviews for Dauntless
DD soul chapter 98 . 5/28
It's rare for me to find a story this good here, and I'm glad I did. It took me a full week and a half from start to finish, and I loved every chapter. It's well written, well paced, every character stays in character, and the use of oc's is just right. Ten out of ten fic right here. The only issue I had with it was that it never finished. But even if I had known that at the start, I'd have still read it.
Guest chapter 41 . 5/25
I liked a lot how you surrounded both susaku and lelouch with their little group of allies. In my opinion I think lelouch group of friends is better at the moment. Although with Lloyd in susakus side is hard to see too many disadvantages for the brunnette. Concrats on your story.
Guest chapter 40 . 5/24
This chapter was dark. I'm buying my fingertips to know how you are gonna incorporate c.c. congrats.
The Road In Between Worlds chapter 98 . 5/15
Awesome story mate please keep on updating it
long time reader chapter 98 . 5/15
I can't believe I didn't notice you had updated last autumn! I'm so glad, since dauntless is definitely my all time favourite fic. I hope that now that code geass is getting a new season more people will be able to find it and enjoy your marvelous writing!
CrownClown.14th chapter 53 . 5/8
love it sooo much
The Perfect Re TPR chapter 2 . 5/8
To DD soul: I think it's cuz of what their made of and how slim they are compared to tanks. They are much slimmer, and seem light enough to jump buildings, so wouldn't it make sense that their lighter? after all, just cuz their bigger (which is mostly cuz they made it humanoid), doesn't mean it's heavier. Other factors include the materials, the amount of pilots, the shape, the density of said material, and more. Keep in mind that they are light enough to fly, if given the right pieces.
DD soul chapter 44 . 5/6
How are nightmares not at least 60 tons? They're bigger than tanks, and those weigh around 32 tons. Please tell me that isn't the cannon number...
Afanofgr8writein chapter 35 . 5/1
Your brilliant your writing is eloquent easy to follow and if I had the ability to I would have this be made into a new rewrite of the franchise I don't review of ten and your writing in less then a chapter had convinced me that you should and now possibly are a novelist. Your writing is brilliant don't you ever forget it.
Ps I apologize for putting this off for so long i got so distracted by your brilliance that I forgot to tell you about it.
AngelOfChaos12 chapter 98 . 4/23
I know that you been absent in regards to this story for a while, however, I and hundreds of other will agree with me when i say this is a masterpiece, something that is truly amazing and sought after in the fanfiction community.
If you are truly abandoning the fic please state to on your story as many people, including myself, have be anxiously waiting for a new chapter or, if your not abandoning this fic, a least a status update.
Thank you for gracing this website, and community as whole, with this amazing fic
TheDarkFreak chapter 1 . 4/19
I binged this entire story over the last few days. It's very rare for a fanfic to absorb me so completely, but you managed it very well. I cannot wait to see how this continues. Keep writing!
the zedmeister chapter 1 . 4/19
Me again! My previous review was pure squee, and I feel bad for not being more specific, so here are some actual thoughts.

- Holy shit, this fic gets me RIGHT in my loyalty kink. Especially Lelouch and Suzaku's relationship.

- I really like how you handle Suzaku's insecurities.

- I get the feeling that Lelouch won't get his happy ending (leaving everything behind to live with Nunnally) but I hope things don't end as badly as they do in canon.

- I LOVE LOVE LOVE the original characters. They're so fleshed out and realistic.

- The use of POVs is brilliant. Switching from one to another like switching from world to world.

- The fic is both really true to canon and an excellent canon-divergence AU. I'm not sure it would work as original fic, since a lot of its charm is in the way it flirts with canon (like Lelouch needling Suzaku about selling him out to the emperor to become the knight of one) but it's better written, characterized, and plotted out than most original fiction I read.

(Sorry this is so disjointed, but my thoughts about the fic are kind of all over the place, lol.)

I won't lie, I'd love to see it continued since I've gotten completely sucked into this world. (It's eaten my BRAIN the past few days. I've been fantasizing about it at work!) But even if you never get back to it, thank you SO MUCH for sharing it with us.
the zedmeister chapter 98 . 4/16
Holy SHIT this fic is AMAZING. I stayed up all night to read it. (Thank God it was the weekend!)

Thank you SO much for writing it!
Sobbing Mess chapter 98 . 3/29
Holy cows, this entire story is so good omg. Idk how do people write stuff like this...I love how Lelouch have a bunch of people that are loyal to him and care for him, the prince deserves that . The plot is really interesting too and all the events that happened. I love the OCs. Your writing brings justice to Lelouch. :D
EmpressOfHiddenStar chapter 95 . 3/27
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