Reviews for Evoking Passions
tonie0214 chapter 17 . 6/10
Great story. Once I started reading it I couldn't stop.
TitaCL chapter 16 . 6/6
Amazing fic!
I love it!
Coffee101 chapter 17 . 5/28
i know I'm late to the party but this was a great story. thank you
Guest chapter 17 . 5/28
aw i was hoping for a sequel and maybe itll be arizona who ends up in the hospital this time :p
Guest chapter 17 . 5/13
This free? How is this free?! This was fucking amazing! Thank you for writing this. Loved it all
Guest chapter 17 . 5/3
I just re-read this story, and loved it just as much as the first time. It is sweet, and heart-breaking, and hopeful. Let's hope we have this happy ending on Grey's, as well.
Cyclinggirl chapter 17 . 1/14
Thanks for this great story.
I loooooooooooooooooooved it so much.
I'm so addicted to Calzona FF's.
Hope U will write some more.
Guest chapter 5 . 1/2
This is so good :)))))
Gunner4Life chapter 17 . 9/22/2015
"I want to look at you and know that the love shining in those beautiful blue eyes is for me and not some memory" - I think this was a very important point in the fic. Arizona loves Callie, not just the one she was in love with before but this one. And this Callie loves Arizona too. I love that. I love that she remembered only after this was settled. And I knew that dream was important! And I love the ideas driving that point too. What would have happened if Clarke hadn't done what he did? That insecurity has been there all along. It took all this to happen for her to recognise it for what it is and for them to talk about it and resolve it. The augument with her friends seems random, but I think it goes to show how she feels for Arizona. Just because they argue doesn't mean she loves her any less. And Callie had very good reason to be hurt / angry with Arizona for that. But she knows that she's still very much in love with her. This chapter shows the passion and the love between these two. How far they've come now and how strong they are together. I absolutely love it. Thank you for the wonderful story! I absolutely LOVE it!
Gunner4Life chapter 16 . 9/11/2015
Oh Liz! You just had to prove me wrong. I can understand Arizona being upset at seeing them together for any reason, but I don't think Liz had a chance. At all. Throughout the previous chapter we see Callie becoming more accepting of her attraction to women, especially Arizona. And that she's definitely attracted to her, and it looks like she's falling in love with her all over again. The trip to Miami and back showed her a lot of things and she's accepting that she has feelings for Arizona. Callie is not going to look at Liz when she's so consumed by Arizona. Not. A. Chance. Here, we see more and more just how much she wants Arizona, and even though Callie doesn't accept it yet, we see that she is in love with her. Her fear and anger, and tenderness, when she thought Arizona was hurt shows them both how strongly she feels. Her pure rage at Liz, at thinking that Liz may have come between her and Arizona, just solidifies the point. "Arizona, it's you. You know it's only you." Yay! And love the idea of the date! All taht passion has to find an outlet eventually!
"Or she's simply given up on you." - How much of this is because of that dream? I really think that she has a fear, deep down, that Arizona will leave her again. Maybe that they only got back together by chance, because of Clarke, and that she could lose her again. Yeah, that dream, that idea, has been in my head for quite a while now :)
Gunner4Life chapter 15 . 9/10/2015
A lot going on here but I really like it! I love how it started all lovey dovey. They're both know they're attracted to each other, Arizona obviously and she's already imagining taking her to bed, but Callie can really feel it too. But she learns a lot about herself in this chapter. I think she's right to take a step back away from Arizona, as much as it hurts them both. Maybe not back to Miami, but she needed the space. She's right that she needed to grieve for George and put him in her past. She already knows she attracted to Arizona, but she woke thinking she's still married to George. She needs that time to come to terms with that and she can't do it while thinking about Arizona like this. She KNOWS she was very much in love with her, and wanted to marry her. The pieces she was planning, for Arizona especially, is just another sign to her how much she WAS in this with Arizona. And I absolutely LOVE that she's falling in love with her all over again. I prefer that she falls in love again rather than just get her memories back. This is sweeter.
I don't think anything will happen between Liz and Callie. I think she may 'hang out' with her but it will not be more than that, and I don't think Liz will try to chase her again no matter how attracted she is to Callie. What will happen to Liz if Callie falls for her and then remembers she's in love with Arizona? That would break her heart too, and Liz knows it could happen. Maybe it was something Arizona needed to see. Bailey was right that Arizona needs to let this Callie know her again, and fall in love with her again. She's not the same exact person she was before, and may never be. She can't wait for Callie to just revert back to herself. She needs to fight for her differently. And even Mark had a great point. Callie could have gone home with anybody else, sister/mother etc., or stayed in the hospital. She trusted Arizona already.
The dream! Its the same thing I've been bothering you about since chapter 1! I knew it'd keep coming back! And its the same dream that bothered her when she woke up to find Arizona half on her. Sorry for Arizona that she remembers this now, but it has been bothering Callie for a while (or is it just me its been bothering?). She had the dream just before she lost her memory. How important is this for them?
Gunner4Life chapter 14 . 9/9/2015
"her awakening and inconvenient libido" - definitely awakening, but not just her libido. Her heart and her body is remembering Arizona. From waking up with her to being upset from seeing her so upset. I'm really enjoying all these little interactions. The little things that so quickly shows how much Arizona loves her, how much she wants her, and has to try to stop herself so she doesn't scare Callie away. And they also show how Callie is slowly, but surely, more and more falling for Arizona. How she's more comfortable with her, initiating contact with her, trying to comfort Arizona. She knows this has been hard on her too. But what a wonderful surprise for Arizona that not only did Callie initiate the kiss, and with tongue!, but she wanted it and didn't run from her!
The conversation with Mary was simply WOW! Arizona must know that Callie had discussed getting married with her parents. For them to send that cookbook out of the blue like that can't be anything else. How painful for Arizona to know that now. How painful to wonder if the one she's so in love with would ever love her enough, again, to marry her.
Gunner4Life chapter 13 . 9/3/2015
What a freak out for both of them. Arizona running to Mark like that shows just how much this is affecting her too. Poor Callie as well. She had a tough time accepting that she's bisexual the first time around. But it looks like maybe it won't be as bad this time. It still seem bad, but not as bad? But they were both, especially Callie, really freaking out. Good for Arizona for standing up to her like that, and for standing up for her and them. If Mark turned Callie away, would she have picked up a stranger? What's worse, it could have been someone who could have hurt her. Arizona protected them both from just Callie trying to prove a point to herself. But I absolutely love that Callie felt she had no right to ask, but Arizona still felt she didn't need to ask. She'd spend that time with Callie whenever possible.
I think, as much as Arizona thought they weren't ready for this, this or something like this needed to happen. Callie needed a push to see that she is attracted to women, especially Arizona. Its been one sided all along and its taking a toll on Arizona. And its unfair to her as well. Callie needed to see that she is bisexual, and its ok. And she's ok with it too. Love that the attraction, in Callie's mind, is building. With or without her memories, she's feeling that pull towards Arizona.
Gunner4Life chapter 12 . 9/2/2015
I’m ok with Liz Bennet coming by. I really think that if Arizona was not in the picture, she could have been someone Callie could have really looked at. She’s not a really bad person. But that visit stirred something in Callie. And Arizona’s reaction to Callie’s question was expected, I think (not predictable, just kinda knew she would not react well). But for her to think Callie remembered Liz but not her must have been a major shock. Devastating. And her reaction, displaying her emotions like that was good to see. Its something she needed to let out. She can’t be expected to not show any love or desire towards her at all. That’s not realistic. It was a little difficult to see her talking to Derek. Trying to be so strong and get through this. Weber’s visit stirred more in Callie, and that memory came back. Its good to see at least something moving forward for her.
Again, so painful to see Arizona around Callie and being treated like a stranger. To see Callie actually uncomfortable around her must have hurt so much. And Callie baiting her was terrible. But to me, it also shows the love Arizona has for her. To put up with that and then come back for more. Although I am curious, did they ever use a strap on? I also think its unfair to Arizona that Callie treats her like that, but Callie still asks her to sleep in the same bed as her to help her with her nightmares. How difficult it has to be for Arizona to be in their bed, with the woman she loves, and not be able to even touch or hold her the way she really wants to.
The interviews with Wyatt are interesting, and I think can help Callie to better understand how she feels. But what a dream! That was so incredibly hot and arousing I really shouldn’t be reading it at work! She must have woken up so turned on, but at least her subconscious knows how she feels about Arizona! And will Callie think about that? How right it felt? And poor Arizona! To walk in on that! To try to pull back and have Callie pull her back in and then run from her! Yes, they’re not ready for this yet, but how far would they have gone if not for Mark’s timely interruption? Great chapter by the way. Love how you show just how much this is affecting Arizona. Just how much she’s hurting and needing Callie to love her as well. And how confused and frustrated Callie is feeling. And bitchy sometimes too.
Guest chapter 2 . 8/31/2015
Great story definitely but Callie isn't gay she's bi. Fantastic story though
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