Reviews for Her Enigma
Guest chapter 36 . 5/7
How come throughout this story no one mentioned the fact that Bella was underage when she was with James in Paris. Are you telling me the laws are different in France? Are peadophiles not known in France or only in certain parts of the world?And it does not apply to Parents or guardians? It shows they were kind of irresponsible as the adults in this situation...come on!
jk chapter 16 . 2/7
the waiter pretty much tells bella to be careful cause Edwards a used up whore and bella smiles all happy and...says ya I know?

why would bella want to get with someone so dirty? fucking nasty
jk chapter 12 . 2/6
did you seriously ask your readers not to hate Edward?
Hes a stuck up manwhoring piece of shit! He treats his girlfriend like a fuck toy, he cheats on her...he sexually assaults girls...he cheats in school...I could go on and on. Your version of Edward isn't likable and worse then that hes not forgivable. You've gone way beyond that. But you saw he'll "come around" ..? does that magically make him not used up? does that make us forget what a prick he is?
I actually feel bad for Tanya...and I fucking hate all versions of the skank.
lol chapter 11 . 2/6
whats with all the brand name dropping? Its pretty pathetic. Also why would anyone want bella with this Edward? Hes all used and nasty.
jk chapter 2 . 2/6
theres hardly any girls in forks that Edward hasn't fucked? and you thought THIS was the guy your readers would except for bella?
Cecily chapter 39 . 1/27 where is the future take?
Cecily chapter 35 . 1/27
I loathe that the whore who was with James heard him saying he would rape Bella and did nothing, instead she had sex with James. I wish her the worst.
Cecily chapter 33 . 1/27
I am so pissed off at Bella for being a victim, she was helping James pack when she should have run away or hit him over the head.
Cecily chapter 12 . 1/26
This is completed, but I really hope Bella has sex with Jake. It is nit fair that we have to read about Edward and Tanya having sex while Bella remains celibate.
Xoxo chapter 39 . 1/10
I am sad to even write this because I can see that you put real effort into your chapters; they are all long and well developed chapters. Sadly I cannot say that they were well written chapters. I found myself scipping chapters so I can know what happened to Bella and James/Jaco, because it was the only part of the story that was original and held my interest. On top of the story being very unoriginal and genaric it was grossly sexist and insulting. This story lacks complexity and diversity in the story and it's character. It was trynig at times to read. Xoxo.
AstridGreenEyes chapter 39 . 1/8
Love it!
MsLiss chapter 27 . 11/5/2016
That has scheming written all over it
MsLiss chapter 23 . 11/5/2016
All the French flashbacks seem to be in a random order.
MsLiss chapter 7 . 11/4/2016
Not fucking cool
That was sexual assault
FranRichards chapter 39 . 7/11/2016
I hope she said yes!
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