Reviews for Mad Max: Redemption Man
Crazy Redwood chapter 3 . 12/21/2016
Very nice story. The back story for the characters is nice too.
Razell chapter 3 . 6/14/2016
The boy you call 'Cusha' is named Scrooloose, he's the one with the white powdered skin and black-rimmed eyes, like the War Boys from Fury Road, except he has hair. I think that he may have been a War Boy or War Pup who escaped from Joe and was taken in by the tribe. That's just my theory, not canon, though it's a popular theory among fans. He seems to be a Shaman or Medicine Man/Boy for the tribe. Cusha was actually the name of the pregnant girl. Finn McCoo was the one who was swallowed by the sand.

There's now a Mad Max wiki that has information on various characters, including names for some of the children in The Lost Tribe.

The story is a bit too fast paced, there are a lot of places where it just jumps from one thing to another without anything connecting it. Some places literally run together, like the beginning of this chapter, where your comments run directly into the opening sentence without any spacing. The ending is very abrupt, but the ending of the movie was pretty vague to me, so that makes sense, in a way. One does have to wonder how they survived and have food and water. Maybe the city wasn't as desolate as it looked.

The pairing was unusual, but as I tell people, when you write a story, it's your rules, not theirs. If you want Max and Savannah together, go for it. That's why it's called FAN fiction, not Canon fiction. Write what you want. That's the whole point. Don't let people like that anonymous guest who insulted your story push you around. Don't let me push you around, either. I'm just giving advice. Write what makes you happy.

This could be a great story, it just needs a somewhat slower pace and more development. Maybe making it a bit longer and adding more information and detail to what you've already written would make it work better. More scenes with Savannah thinking about Max and her feelings for him couldn't hurt.

Just friendly advice from one author to another.
MyPatronusIsABabyPanda chapter 3 . 11/2/2015
can you please update i love this story
Guest chapter 3 . 6/15/2015
Way too OCC writing going on, that this not Max, not even close... Max never intended to find them and live with them. He's not the type of character who gives speeches of encouragement, nor does he comfort people (are you kidding me?!). Max is a man of very few words who keeps to himself.

Watch the films again, even Fury Road, try to have a better understand of his character so that next time you can write a real Max Mad story, one that is far more accurate to his character and attitude... or maybe there shouldn't be a next time, I mean it's the type of writing that makes fan fiction unreadable...
Auldearn chapter 3 . 5/16/2012
Sad but sweet. Thanks for the story. Would love to see your version of Fury Road - too bad it didn't get made when they were supposed to do it originally.