Reviews for And So Is Five
Kisuminight chapter 1 . 3/30/2015
Er, is that Blues in the first scenario? I'm aware that it may have been supposed to be about as clear as mud, but the line referencing 'their own programmer' stood out to me, especially given that Blues has Issues about reprogramming.
So, if the Mother Elf was Omega all along, why didn't she/it react until Weil tried to reprogram it?
I feel sorry for X in that last one: being a Cyber Elf means he can't really do anything to stop this.
(Wow the various Mega Man series has a lot of horrific stuff if you think about it-I mean, even after things start looking up in ZX, Legends/Dash is supposedly in the same timeline, and look at how that series' revelations impact that particular universe.)
Girl Genius: now including what basically amounts to a Maverick train-and just when you think the series couldn't get any crazier (which is silly, considering that the Spark seems capable of causing virus-level reality-warping abilities, and beyond that when Heterodynes get involved).
Sleix chapter 1 . 11/23/2014
I've been contemplating reviewing your stuff since I started reading it days ago. I unfortunately have a tendency to contemplate to the point of inaction so I'm just gonna review now.

The first one is somehow my favorite if only because I really enjoy your Classic work I've read and to be honest you've made Blues even more amazing.
The second is just unsettling, the third is neat Before I read your stuff that is not actually a situation I'd seen before. The forth for some reason made me want to make immature sounds at Weil and saying something like "Haha" xD; The last.. well that won't last long will it?
Jadeite Meteoros chapter 1 . 7/26/2010
Very good. As you already know, I enjoy reading your work, although I rarely have the energy to send reviews. Your ideas of the Mega Man Classic series are interesting as well. I do not know how faithfully they follow the games as I have not played many of them, but are very interesting still.

There is one thing I am unsure of, however. I do not remember Dr. Weil ever being interested in anything other than domination. He certainly had no interest in freeing reploids and did desire to enslave them (even creating the "baby elves" for that purpose).

Otherwise, I would very much like to see the other story you have planned. I have been interested in that story since you mentioned it, since there are many possibilities with that concept. It would be smashing to finally read it, and I do hope you will post it someday. :)
UndeadHarlot chapter 1 . 7/26/2010
I'd have to say stories one and three were my favorites. Although, they were all incredibly well done and I always enjoy reading your Mega Man fanfiction. Hope you finish the Zero infects X in the capsule fic, because that one sounds REALLY interesting. 3