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Smithy199 chapter 1 . 4/26
Amazing. I'm pretty sure I cried all the way through.
R Rivera chapter 12 . 3/23
I haven't finished reading. Eight chapters to go. But i can only describe what i feel in four words:

This. Is. Pure. Perfection.
aldez chapter 20 . 3/14
just read this all over again and still cry like a love n wouldnt forget this story
Guest chapter 20 . 3/2
how did san die tho?
graciella2 chapter 20 . 3/1
This Read this whole thing in a day. I love Santana and Brittany's relationship. This was beautiful and insanely well-written. I could picture every scene like it was a movie, particularly the one on the beach when they cross the state line into California. Who knew an ending where both the lead characters die would make so weirdly at peace? Haha. I laughed, I cried, and I related. Phenomenal.
katielynn21 chapter 20 . 2/9
Oh god. This killed me :'(
Guest chapter 20 . 2/8
Hi there. I know you'll probably just read this and think I'm some random person that loves Brittana. But I wanted you to know that I have read this countless times, (literally, I lost track a while ago), and it still makes me cry.
This was the very first fanfic I ever read. Ever. I'd never wanted to because I had always been skeptical about people staying true to the characters, coming up with an interesting plotline, etc...But your story was the first one that popped up when I first started looking, so I began to read it.
Since that first night, I've read over 50 five (including Memories of Yesterday and Music Box, both which were amazing). Most of them were agonizingly long, but still very good stories. Yours is one of the shorter ones I've read, but none other story has even come close to what this one is. None will ever compare to the emotion that you conveyed throughout this entire story, and in half the amount of time the others did.
I can't begin to explain the love I have for Color, it being "my first" and honestly, the best, in my opinion. Brava. I have absolutely no criticisms. You have affected me in more ways than you know.
knowlees chapter 20 . 2/2
I have read this story for the second time now, the first being last year in the summer. It was hot, and I was bored, so I decided to read something. I was looking for a Brittana-related story, and came across your piece of work. I started reading it in no time as I am a fan of tragedies and sad stories in general and this story seemed like a well-written one, with a good idea and just generally appealing. It was one week later at 2 in the morning when I finished reading it. I remember how much I cried that night. I forgot that sleeping was a thing I needed to think normally and not walk around deluded. I cried a lot. My eyes were red, my body was shaking, I was in a completely different state than I had been before.
The way you portrayed Santana and her pain was both beautiful and heartbreaking, and you writing about the days she spent with Brittany made my heart shatter into thousands of pieces, making it hurt over and over and over.
I read it again yesterday. I must say that even though I knew what was going to happen I still cried. I cried so hard, you have no idea. This story brought back so many emotions, both good and bad, and always left me in tears at the end of each and every chapter.
I love the words you use and I love the personal way in which you write, making it impossible for anyone to forget the masterpiece you brought into this world.
Thank you for this captivating experience, I will gladly be coming back to read it again and have my heart broken just like the first time.
Guest chapter 20 . 1/24
Constanza.L chapter 20 . 1/24
I can't stop crying :c this story really broke my heart... Definitivamente leeré este fic en unos años mas, merece ser recordado... Saludos desde Chile :)
VeiledFairy7 chapter 20 . 1/21
this fic is fucking amazing
i am crying so hard
wonderful job. thank you! ;)
Guest chapter 20 . 11/19/2014
WAIT! I dont get the ending... why was santana looking back at herself at the age of 18 through the window? what is happening, can someone please explain it? sometimes i have trouble deciphering the messages in texts
vicvicccc chapter 1 . 11/1/2014
i read it last month but i didnt leave a review! i never consider myself as a sentimental person and i never cry THAT much over TEXTS. its such a beautiful story! and i always think most movies and stories end so awkwardly just because they have to but i think the ending is perfect.
*spoiler in case someone decides to read reviews before starting*
the song Tears in Heaven really fits the chapter of the santana's dream of being in heaven with brit after the shooting!
great story and i love the idea of the ring thing!
Bia E. Black chapter 20 . 9/29/2014
Damn it! You made me cry like a baby here! One chap I was like, tears all over of my face and the next chap I was smiling and giggling with those two. You made this a completely perfect story, really, to the first chap until the last. Congrats, this fanfic became one of my top 5 for life, you were just perfect, I have no other words for you, just perfect ;)
Pigri chapter 20 . 9/27/2014
that was me :

Oh my god. Cette histoire est bouleversante, touchante, émouvante, parfaitement parfaite tout simplement. I cried once..twice..maybe 3 times i've to admit! Bref, c'est de loin l'histoire la mieux racontée que je n'ai jamais lu. Et j'ai passé quelques heures de pur plaisir a lire ton histoire. J'ai adoré Santana, comme toujours. Mais là elle était différente, vulnérable. L'alternance du temps a aussi beaucoup joué, et j'ai bien aimé !
Superbe histoire, je te félicite.

PS: i'm french, i'm sorry if i didn't write it in english but I couldn't, cause i really wanted to post a review and to say what i think of your amazing story.
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