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tardisblve221b chapter 10 . 9/11/2012
Ok! Gr8 chap! This story is so much like my story 'Big Time Torture'! James angst, 3 guys that torture him, lot's of Kendall, Logan, and Carlos grief! chapter 14 . 5/26/2011
This was so amazing! You're awesome! I loved the boys in this story, and you kept them so true to character! *applause*

The kidnapper freaked me out, but I still loved how dark his character was.

Your story was simply great!


Zana de Dorinte.
your master chapter 14 . 4/16/2011
That story is great i love it! please right more
TealMoose chapter 14 . 1/23/2011
Samuel, you creep. Hiding in the shadows like a ninja man.

I loved this chapter! It was an epic end to an epic story :D


The whole part with James running and then his friends running after him? My favorite part.

It was just too good to be true. I loved it.

I'M SO SORRY FOR BEING YOUR LATE REIVEWER! I cannot believe that it took me this long to notice that I hadn't reviewed some of your stories...

So I have a mission. Re-read all of your stories and review every single chapter, by the end of February! Woohoo :D Cause I have midterms this week and next, so I won't be able to finish in January...

Anyways! I love this entire story :D It's one of my favorite Jamesnapper stories and I think you did an excellent job!

Great work!
TealMoose chapter 13 . 1/23/2011
Oh my garsh...

That dream was intense!

I loved it!

JAMES! *slaps over the head* PUSHING AWAY YOUR FAMILY WILL NOT SOLVE YOUR PROBLEMS! It'll just make them worse!

Poor baby :( He's so confused.

I loved this chapter, especially when he was telling them all to go away. Cause that part was just heartbreaking and sad and I loved it a lot.

Cause at that point, you could see that James would do anything to keep his friends safe :D

He's too nice :)

Really great chapter! Loved it very much.
TealMoose chapter 12 . 1/23/2011

Cause he is HORRIFYING.

Gah, seriously, he scares me!

The fact that he was able to get into James' room? O.O Eeeep.

The dude is crazy. And he threatened his friend's AGAIN. WHICH WAS NOT SMART.


Kudos to James for biting the man's hand!

Also, Kudos to you for writing such a good chapter :D
TealMoose chapter 11 . 1/23/2011
You speak the truth Kendall!

Woohoo for his motivational speaking skills :D

I love the brotherly love in this chapter :D It was very cute and touching.

(Geez, I feel like I've been repeating myself a lot in these reviews! Lol.)

Kendall and James have such a cute friendship, that it kills me. See those two together? -dead-


It's amazing. As well as Carlos and Logan with JAmes, but Kendall and him? They're just so caring with eachother :D It's precious!

I loved this chapter very much, and I have to go onto the next one now, cause I'm almost done reviewing this entire story! Ehehehehehe. Next chaper!
TealMoose chapter 10 . 1/23/2011

This chapter was so touching! I loved hearing the sweet things that Kendall was saying to James! So cute :D

James is so sweet!

THIS WHOLE CHAPTER WAS SO SWEET. Sweet sweet sweet! Their friendship is so strong and adorable, that you wrote it perfectly :D

I loved every single word in this chapter. Great work ;D
TealMoose chapter 9 . 1/23/2011

BUT Samuel still threatened him... a really creepy threat at that.

Seriously, if I was James, I would lock myself in a cellar and never come out! Until Samuel was caught of course. Then I would come out and party :D

Anyways, I loved this chapter very muchly :D

I like James being back with his friends! It's comforting. Poor Jamsey... all of those injuries :( He was pretty tough to last that long with all of them!

Yay JAMES! My macho man :D

Lol. Great chapter!
TealMoose chapter 8 . 1/23/2011

He didn't call the police! HIS FRIENDS DID! And now James will have to suffer for it.

I think. I don't completely remember what happens next! Eep. Must read on.

This is a really short review, but I love this chapter, so great work!
TealMoose chapter 7 . 1/23/2011
Carlooooos! *runs over and huggles him*

Don't cry :( An unhappy Carlos is an unhappy TealMoose. Who talks about herself in third person. lol...

I love love love this chapter.

Seriously, I think you're one of the only people who actually gave James a mom and a dad... I believe that people have a complex where they have to either divorce his parents, or have one killed off. Lol. Guilty as charged! It's kinda cool to give them a scary backstory like that :D (You as well! Lol. With Road To Nowhere, James' mom having killed herself!)

I liked seeing everyone really panicky and scared, cause again, it shows how much they love James. Which is so sweet.

Really great chapter!
TealMoose chapter 6 . 1/23/2011

I want to throw a chair at Samuel's face so bad... Gr.

James is too sweet for his own good... I mean, how he was so fast to change his mind as soon as Samuel mentioned his friends? Jamsey poo. You're too much.

He's so sweet, and I love that you really bring out how much he cares for his friends in this story.

I love this chapter! Next up is number 7!
TealMoose chapter 5 . 1/23/2011
Okay, I just have to say one thing that I absolutely love about this story..

The fact that you show us what is happening in James' side and what is happening back at the Palmwoods. I think that that's an amazing feature to the story! I really love it. Because it's giving us so much insight to what is happening everywhere else :D Also, it lets us know that stuff is going on at both ends of the story.

Really really great work with that.

Loved the scene with James and Samuel. Cause as much as I hate the fact that he was kidnapped, I cannot deny the fact that I love James angst ;D Lol. So that was a really great scene. You wrote it extremely well!

Wonderful job on this chap.
TealMoose chapter 4 . 1/23/2011
Wonderful chapter. I loved the whole part with James contacting the guy's and Kendall being so worried and such... Amazing scene. Samuel? Still as messed up as ever. James... OMGOMGOMGOMG I WANNA HUG HIM. AND GIVE HIM A RINGPOP. (have you seen the BTR Ringpop video? Very cute :D)

I think that this was a really descriptive chapter as well. You're really good at imagery, and I can now see the entire room in my head :D As well as a messy James!

So really great job with that.

Loved this chapter!
TealMoose chapter 3 . 1/23/2011
Not again! Poor James. I always feel so bad for him... Oh wells. Onto my review.

I think that this chapter was SO SWEET YET SO FREAKY AND CREEPY.

Cause honestly, whenever I read a chapter with Samuel in it, I freak out. Cause he's just... not right. In the mind.

Ohnoohnoohnoohno... James needs to be saved! His friends need to come beat up Samuel and save their buddy!

The poor guys as well. They feel extremely guilty for not having seen this earlier... Shame on them! Sorta. They didn't mean it of course...

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