Reviews for Raison d'etre
Waca chapter 2 . 7/27/2010
Why no review? I thought it was pretty interesting. I liked it.

I just have a few remarks, though.

You don't like French? A shame, it's a beautifule language, of course very different from English, but still. Every language has its beauty, even if it's grammar or conjugation is tricky. But there're a few mistakes in your translations. Here you are :

- âne: yes, it means "ass", as "donkey", but I think you're aware of that.

- Save me, somebody please help me -Sauvez-moi, je vous en prie que quelqu'un m'aide-

- That I could be your savior, you beautiful, tragic creature -que je puisse être votre/ton sauveur, vous/toi, belle, tragique créature...