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Beast Mode92 chapter 11 . 9/15
When Xander changed his symbiote to look like a “ green and gold” captain America, it made me think of hydra cap from the secret empire storyline
fringeperson chapter 12 . 7/12
This was fun. Thank you for writing it!
WearyCurmudgeon chapter 12 . 6/25
- Healer
The Morlocks had someone with that power and name, although limited to other mutants only.

In addition, there's always Scramble (Lionel Jeffries), older brother of Madison Jeffries, who's a biokinetic a la Panacea from Worm. Just that he can directly upgrade himself, whereas she can't, but would have to use an intermediary to pull that off.

But this does mean he can heal others. Supervillain though.

Theoretically, he might be able to turn a human into an Asgardian, which would help with the limited power slot issues.


These days Elixir (Joshua "Josh" Foley) is another option.

- Terminology
Just a FYI, something that a lot of people get wrong.

A knight's sword is often called a broadsword or longsword, when in truth those are completely different weapons and the proper name being an "ARMING sword".

The broadsword being a double edged basket-hilted sword, that arose in the 16th century.

Whereas the Longsword is an utter mess as that term has been used for countless blade types throughout the ages, all the way down to the Bronze Age.

These days it's mostly used for the hand-and-a-half to two handed sword that was in use from roughly the 13th to 16 century.

See also "Skallagrim", " Scholagladiatoria", "Shadversity" and "Metatron" over at YouTube for more in depth stuff.

So yeah, don't think that Alicia would be wielding a longsword.
Lord Mortensen chapter 12 . 6/25
Awesome! please update it soon!
Kminari chapter 4 . 3/27
This chapter always make me laugh and can't forget it when I read other stories of Spiderman I always remember this chapter.
Dimensional Dragon chapter 12 . 1/27
good story
Mastersgtjames chapter 4 . 1/5
why do these insert character never exploit their situations...? Lose the wolf and get spiderpowers or get deadpools regeneration so you can combine it with logans. add on someone who is a reality warper.
Mastersgtjames chapter 3 . 1/5
so... why not go a year into the future and get spidermans bud. Or have your new suit copy all the data his suit has so you have the same advantages?
Guest chapter 12 . 12/1/2019
I have never enjoyed the story more than I have enjoyed this one it is been hilarious to read I have laughed I have blushed in shame I have had the perverted thoughts of Gilligans island and the beast way now thanks to you and I wish to God you had written at least 10 more freaking chapters because truly you are a sick person and I love you Please please for the love of God write more of the story seriously please write more of the story because of not damn you to hell for not writing one more chapter on this and for some reason you’re dead or I don’t know in a coma somewhere for the last six years is about the only way I’ll forgive you for not writing more on this seriously dude right more please write more and as always thank you for writing
BlazeStryker chapter 5 . 11/30/2019
You know, this is even more fun with me puitting Benedict Cumberbatch's face and voice into play...
tman12345 chapter 12 . 8/4/2019
Damn I wish there were more chapters to this. Feckin EPIC
qwertypous chapter 2 . 8/1/2019
jesus christ im fucking confused on what the fuck is happening.
Andorxor chapter 12 . 7/29/2019
He should have waited until they watched Star Trek and be able to get the reference
Guest chapter 12 . 6/20/2019
Guest chapter 12 . 4/13/2019
You are awesome
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