Reviews for You are NOT stupid
Rosebud5 chapter 1 . 9/11/2011
Aww I played Chava and this brings back a smile to my face. Great job, me dear!

frenziedquill chapter 1 . 7/13/2011
Aw...sweet :)
Hedwig466 chapter 1 . 10/30/2010
I liked it! Whatever I say, here.. just know it's because I'm a slight freak. I've been in Fiddler three times, once as Chava and once as Golde. Please don't be offended!

It was a bit OOC, which you might want to mention in an author's note, at some point. Golde was pretty.. nice, which is a bit odd, for her, haha!

Also, I'm a huge detail perfectionist.. it's Golde, not Golda.
Dela Eden chapter 1 . 10/1/2010
It's very good, and brought back memories of when I was in the show. There are a few spelling mistakes and a bit of grammar, but appart from that, very good.

Firstly, Golda is actually spelt Golde - I was in the show so I know from the script.

Secondly, Tevve is actually spelt Tevye. Same reason.

Chava was ten years old and she was just starting her lessons. After one particularly bad day where she poked her finger trying to sew, burned the dinner and couldn't mad a thing finally she went outside and cried. Golda noticed her daughter was upset.

"I'm so stupid," Chava said

"Chava," Golda said gently, "you are not stupid"

"Yes mama I am," she said, "I can't mend or tend or sew or fix anything. I don't see how you can love me"

"How can I not love you," Golda said, "You are my heart. Not being able to mend or tend or sew or fix anything doesn't make you stupid. Not every person can do every thing"

There was a moment of sillence and then Golda spoke again.

"Chava, do you know what I think?"

"That father cuts his hair way too long," Chava asked causing Golda to smile.

"That is true enough," Golda said, "but I'm reffering to you now. I believe you are the profiside child"

Chava looked at her mother like she was insane.

"If that were true wouldn't I be able to do everything right," she asked

"No," Golda said, "Your head is full with knowledge and your heart is full with love. You meet all the quilities."

"Not all of them," Chava said, "I'm a female"

"There is nowhere that it says you have to be male," Golda said, "I'm going to speak with you're father and you are going to try school"

"But what if I fail mama?"

"Chava as long as you TRY you have not failed. You are ten-years-old. You will find what's right for you"

"What if it's not what you would like to be right for me?"

"It doesn't matter. You are your own person Chava and whatever GOD tells you is right for you… well that's what you have to do no matter if I like it or if papa likes it"

When Tevve got home that night Golda talked to him about her thoughts on Chava.

"You might be right," he said, "Chava is special in her own right"

"So that's a yes?"

"Of course it is a yes," Tevve said

Chava was enrolled in school the very next day. There was a bit of a fuss and disaproval but ultimately she was accepted.

"I am confedent she will do well," the teacher told Tevve.

He was right. Chava soon rose to the top of her class. Eventually she learned the other things too but no longer did she think she was stupid. As for her future… well that is yet to be determined.