Reviews for A Mile in His Boots
Iluvhorses1997 chapter 1 . 12/23/2014
There's nothing to say about this story other than good job and thumbs up.
ivo1617 chapter 1 . 5/15/2012
The disclaimer was kind of funny even though I did not know what it meant.

I wonder what Xena thought was going on when Gabby went to see her body. And then Xena had to declare that the person she had just punched out was getting dumber by the day.

This whole situation has to be Gabby's worst nightmare. After realizing she was Joxer, she thought that she was in Tartarus. Joxer's reaction was much more innocent since he thought he was dead since he could see his own body.

Even though this is a confusing situation for everyone involved (even Xena), Gabby still has it in herself to berate Joxer. However, not that they've switched bodies, an angry Gabby just wouldn't be the adorable sight that it usually is. And she is so frustrated with Joxer, that she actually took him to the bathroom. (I assume she probably covered his eyes too.)

Though lets be fair here; Joxer actually seems to be enjoying himself. He simply adores Gabrielle so his first reaction is going to be a lot of happiness. Though a threat from Xena can negate all the happiness in the world.

Xena, despite her sometimes rough manners, knows how to be good to people. She has displayed a lot of patience and understanding towards Joxer over the course of the show and she insists that Gabby goes and talks to him. I think she learned that during her travels with Hercules since that's how he treats people.

Joxer can be much smarter than he appears and I am glad you remembered this. He is actually smart enough to realize that the worst thing in the world for Gabrielle is turn into him.

There are actually two scenes where Xena says that they have to find a god to help them out. Not sure if Xena is working on a plan or if you're repeating yourself.

The bit about Xena asking what it's like to be Joxer was funny. Xena is supposed to be the hero here. The voice of reason. She is not supposed to go down to the level of the sidekicks, but she is still curious lol.

Well, it seems that Gabby doesn't know anything about men given that she doesn't know that shots below the belt hurt. A lot. And now Gabby is beginning to understand that Joxer endures lots of pain on a daily basis.

Despite what she might tell people, Gabby seems to like the attention she is getting. She wants people to smile to her and to talk to her. And she had a rough wake up call in the end when people were pushing her around and laughing at her.

The bit about Gabby mistaking the bathrooms was funny. She has to be careful what she does, because her behavior now could get Joxer beaten up later on. Though later in the story, Xena seemed to go into the men's bathroom without a problem to check on Gabrielle.

Poor Joxer, he was so confused by that man hitting on him in the tavern. He can be so innocent/ clueless at times. Looks like he is learning things too since now he has to watch himself so that he does not get groped again.

There's a lot of irony here since right after that scene, Gabby (as Joxer) got touched even more. I wonder what she though to all those women being happy to see Joxer. And what would she think of Joxer knowing that he frequents an establishment like Meg's? Though the women there seemed really happy to see him, so he might not be a paying customer. I bet Gabby might look at Joxer a little differently now, though she did blow it for him with Meg. But this is how things are - Joxer looking at other women is just not acceptable as far as Gabby is concerned.

Probably the roughest moment for Gabby came when Meg was dragging her along. Sure Meg might have some of the same super strong genes that Xena does, but this is about Gabby feeling the helplessness Joxer does against someone who is physically superior to him. Now Gabby knows what it's like to be on the other side when she is abusing Joxer.

Wow, you even managed to get a scene in where Joxer is feeling maternal.

Gabby going to one knee in the end was kind of sweet/ romantic. Though Joxer was dumb enough to ruin the moment in the end when he broke up the hug by asking Gabby out. I think this might be out of character for Joxer since before season 5 he was simply terrified of letting Gabrielle know how he felt about her.

In conclusion, I have never written so many things down when taking notes to review a chapter/ story. I think you should consider writing about Gabby and Joxer more often since there is some funny material there. Besides, there are not many stories like this one and I always enjoy something fresh.
Eric chapter 1 . 3/24/2012
charming and funny. A little to nice maybe. Nice touch with J wanting to maybe stay Ganriel! Good scene between Mega and Gabriel.
Eric Bloodstone chapter 1 . 11/1/2010
Funny, well written. the charactrss are well done. I like it that Joxer doesn't want to go back and likes being beautiful. Some funny scenes - for example with Meg - to bad that Gabelle got away! LOL. one minor point Xena was way too rude to Aphrodite. She would do that under these circumstances especially since she wanted help. a goddess after all is goddess and Xena could have been turned into a dog or something!

If you want to read some stories that deal more complexly with male female body swaps try some of my stories or caleb Jones. Also check on Warehouse 13 there's a very good one about Pete in Myka's body.
Amends to the Living chapter 1 . 9/3/2010
I think what you did here is a lot of what the show tried to do: incorporating some kind of moral lesson into the episodes, while still staying true to the characters and the story arc.

When Callisto and Xena had that body swap episode, I can imagine that they went through quite a bit of turmoil (that, and their facial expressions gave it away too, of course), but it was different because it was fueled by hate, not a whole new anatomy.

Here, it was more about mechanics and the basic knowledge about your own body. The bit about beauty and how people view you is true. Aesthetics tend to override personalities, and although Joxer can be quite clumsy and irritating in his own goofy, lovable way, it's nice to see a story where he isn't underestimated as far as feelings and the heart goes.

Also, showing difficulties for both sexes was unbiased and realistic. Kudos for that.

On another note, I will be sure to look into "Deadwood" when I can get my hands on it. As for "V for Vendetta," I've never thought of writing for it, so hmm, that might be an interesting endeavor.

Thanks for your reviews and going so far as to look up a show you haven't seen (which as you said, lets you focus on other things). Oddly enough, I seem to pick up better on their foreign dialect than I do on Xena's, but I think that's just because I haven't seen it in so long. Your short stories and revisiting the Xena fandom have inspired me to do just that, bring out my boxes and start from scratch.

Keep writing, you've got a fellow fan in me.
Phineas Redux chapter 1 . 8/1/2010
This is an excellent story focussing on the differences between men and women. In doing so it covers some traits in both Gabrielle and Joxer that need adjusting. Gabrielle’s often hurtful manner to Joxer; and Joxer’s unrequited Love for the Amazon warrior.

The physical differences are described in a really funny way, and yet with real insight into the feelings of men and women. I like the way the story is divided into short separate scenes dealing with different events and aspects of their situation. The several scenes showing their various problems in adapting are well written, and Xena’s incapacity to help and yet be able to talk with both about their inner struggles is expertly done.

This is a really top-quality story and a delight to read.
A Mad Kat chapter 1 . 7/29/2010
This was cute. I'm glad to see a story exploring Gabrielle's (often mis-) treatment of Joxer. He cares about her so much and even though she's not obligated to love him in that way I always thought she was a bit too mean to him. I like that you picked up on the fact that it's often Gabrielle, not Xena, who's torturing Joxer. I found the male-female switch thing hilarious. Poor Joxer has a lot of explaining to do to Meg! Also for a guy I think you captured what it might be like to be female very well. Only quibble I have is the maternal instinct bit. Maybe some women get a deeply emotional warm fuzzy when they protect a kid that men don't, but I'm not sure all do and that there are no men that feel that way. Your story made me very glad I do not have balls in which to be kicked!
gabxena21 chapter 1 . 7/28/2010
oh that was great. i really enjoyed it.
Stardawn19 chapter 1 . 7/28/2010
Very funny. I enjoyed this idea much more than I orginally thought I would. You did a great job with it and I liked how you incorporated things like the bathroom, and peeing out in the woods, and the ball shot. I think it was a stretch for you, being male.. to see it from Gabby's P.O.V. I think you did a good job of it without actually overstepping that "pg-ish" rating. Although I for one might have liked to see what happened if Xena or Gab actually caught Joxer being a little more... curious.. lol.

And as for actually being a woman, I'd like to defend the comment about how woman's restrooms are nicer then mens. This is for several reasons... mostly because men are disgusting. Yes... just because you can aim it doesn't mean that you always do... and two.. have you ever had to nurse a baby? You need somewhere to sit down... and it's nice to be able to do that without people looking at ya. Now I don't want to be bagging on men, that's not my intention.. there are just certin things that are universal truths.

Over all though I really enjoyed the story, and though it was funny, cleaver and very well done. I think out of everything I've read that you've posted, this is def one of my favorites.