Reviews for Twisturbia
littlelizruth chapter 6 . 12/30/2011
wow. if only they had stayed a little longer! hope you come back to this, it's great!
Gidget922 chapter 6 . 10/15/2011
Oh my God wow

I really hope you write more

This is fab!
AussiePiper1992 chapter 6 . 5/30/2011
hey! i love this story.. just wonderin if ur gonna update soon?

RozaButler chapter 6 . 4/20/2011
love the story! update! x
Soulmates913 chapter 6 . 3/10/2011

Working and reading ffic, way to go!LOL

I can't help it!

I can't wait for next may i suggest something... i think now we know why James is 'dating redheaded' women, we don't need to read more about him, i mean, why we should waist our time with him when we can read about our lovely teen couple? LOL Please, don't get me wrong, but i love these 2.

BTW it was just mu opinion, and you can just ignore it/1

XO from Brazil
Soulmates913 chapter 4 . 3/9/2011
Oh please tell me you haven't given up this ffic please. It's sweetie and i laugh a there is some parts are sad. I remember this movie, but the more i read the more i remember. And as i said before when i can see E and B, it's much better.

xo from Brazil

I'm going to bed, i have to work early today, bc it's almost 2 am. ;)
Soulmates913 chapter 2 . 3/9/2011

I have a question, do you intend to finish this story? I like it but it seems there is a long time ago you updated it. Let me know, PLEASE!

I'm dying for you your time, but please let me know what's your intention to this ffic ok? Thx.

XO from Brazil
Soulmates913 chapter 3 . 3/9/2011
Dear i've watched this movie, but i have to say, when we have Ed and B everything is better.;)
The Girl With The Umbrella chapter 6 . 11/6/2010
A couple of things. 1: I loved the chapter! 2: Poor Alice, and thank God Jasper fianlly got his girl. 3: I love the way you're working with these Edward and Bella. 4: James is a sick one in this story.

As always an amazign work, I can't wait for the next update!
CynMar Rom chapter 6 . 10/30/2010
wow babes, I hedn't had time to read this until today and wow!

i can't wait for more!

Much love!
ssherrill115 chapter 6 . 10/30/2010
Aaaaaawwwwwwww You are the sweetest thing ever! This is a fantastic chapter - just like all your chapters and it left me wanting more as usual! Thank you for the MAJOR pimps in you AN! I love you!
09kez chapter 6 . 10/30/2010
One of the other authors was asking for gems that don't have the number of reviews (and therefore potentially readers), they deserve, so I put forward your story. Hoping you will get a shout out from others as this story really deserves a good size readership - great stuff, love the various story threads you have already woven into it. Cheers
xxxbulletxxx chapter 6 . 10/30/2010
James is a freak! Poor Alice and Jasper.
BriG32 chapter 6 . 10/30/2010
it has been a while. but great chapter, edward was kind of harsh. and james is crazy as ever. cant wait til the ext chapter.
TexasTwilight77 chapter 6 . 10/30/2010
Great chapter, Jasper and Alice? I was waiting to see how that happened. As for James? He's a sicko. ;)
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