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AnimeVideoGamesDeadpool chapter 6 . 5/11/2014
I like how lettuce got the three boys at once.k/I fluff needs to tune down and P/L needs to go farther. My opinion you don't need to follow it. It's really a great story.
Aang's a cutie chapter 6 . 4/18/2012
Cherrie! It's been eons! Life got in the way a bit, but your writing is so good, it still drew me back after all this time! A testament to your amazing talent :)

I can't believe I never reviewed this before though! I swore I had. Maybe it was a PM. I certainly read it all as soon as it was posted, and now I came back for a second helping. :)

Since it's 2 am here and I'm reading CK instead of sleeping, please don't hate me if this review is short, unspecific, and utterly useless...because I just want to say, I ADORE IT. Entirely.

Though, I must admit (you know me...), I'm dying for the Ryou/Ichigo fluff promised :) I don't mean to be one of those reviewers who demand favors in the way of certain shippings, but just letting you know I'm really looking forward to future chapters! Because whatever they contain, it's bound to be good. I know you're swamped with school right now, so I understand. Can't wait to read more CK!

Take care!

3 Aang
That Alice Girl x chapter 6 . 1/17/2011
Great story! Wow... so many love triangles.

Or is it square? Octagon? Not sure...

Awesome story! V. v. awesome!

I'm a Kichigo fan! Please put some more in!

Pretty please with a virtual $100000 note on top?


The only thing I would have to dislike is...




B chapter 6 . 11/19/2010
update soon and please more KISHxICHIGO
Author is Gone chapter 6 . 10/12/2010
Okay... so... I've been reading this story for a couple of weeks, but since I've mostly been on my iPod, I haven't had chance to review... anyway.

So, I can't recall any grammatical errors that I spotted, so you're good there. I must say that I really like the style in which you've written this story. It fits the theme very well. Of course, I'm neutral on most of the pairings in this story (Except Pai x Retasu, which is my OTP and any other pairing with Pai or Lettuce is EVIL. xD) so it hasn't been difficult for me to enjoy this, but I do find myself rooting for Masaya (as usual). KishxMint... hmmm... I have to admit that I've never explored that fandom, mostly because I support Minto x Zakuro, but I find it very interesting how you've portrayed their relationship here. Very well done.

Of course, I find it kind of cruel and arrogant when authors refuse to upload more chapters until people review more, but oh well. I suppose that I'm the only one on the site who thinks that it's stupid to do that.

Anyway, here's your 30th review. Merry Christmas.

Sincerely, Zenaga the Sea Serpent
Ally Marton chapter 6 . 9/25/2010
:D :D :D :squirms with happiness!: May I just say? I know I just finished that WHOLE chapter and everything, but my mind is still playing out your scenes with Lettuce OVER and OVER and OVER again! I wish text could communicate my happiness, ah, I'll just have to make do! :D So! The one thing I really really REALLY need to get out is I feel so bad for Mint! I know that's wierd, since she snotty and manipulative and venomous, but she's really a strong girl, and it seems like she would just like for someone else to really appreciate her as well. I hope she and Ichigo can make up (and more importantly, that she can find it in her heart to think better of Lettuce).

Also! AHHHH! The part with Lettuce! I'm sorry! AAAHHHHHHH! So wonderful! And this is why: you created the wonderfully delicate awkwardness/romance between Lettuce and Pai, and we can all tell Pai (despite his painfully unemotional features) is feeling a little heart throb for Lettuce! But then all the sudden Ryou appears! And you totally wrap Lettuce's crush on him from the original into the story and it's so AWESOME! I really can't tell if Ryou feels anything, but it was sweet of him all the same. :) Still, perhaps a little friction will appear? At least on Pai's part? :tries not to laugh evilly:

I salute you on a wonderful scene with Kish/Ichigo! :salutes: I kinda really liked her telling off that possesive jerk :D. That's what he gets for proffessing his desire for her without knowing squat! :D Masaya is the perfect gentleman, as always. Don't really want it to change, but I can't wait to see how Kisshu redeams himself in Ichigo and Mint's eyes alike.


Sorry, had to get that out of my system.

Thank-you so much for writing another really astounding chapter! It's really a big thing I look forward to reading, so I hope you'll keep up the amazing work! :D You're a great writer. Can't wait for MOOOORREEE!

~Ally Marton
MonokuroSora chapter 6 . 9/25/2010
Another great chapter! Kish is digging his own grave~! XD
First Light of the Sunrise chapter 6 . 9/23/2010
Rawr. I'm a scary reviewer. xD

Lack of RxI makes Lucy sad. Please address this one little fault soon.

Keep up the good work!
MonokuroSora chapter 5 . 9/18/2010
I'm extremely impressed with your writing ability and the amount of detail you put into your stories~! I can't wait for more!
Just Cy chapter 5 . 9/15/2010
So sorry I missed the last chapter. But what a pleasure to read these chapters have been. I must confess myself most distressed at the idea that there are only five more chapters to go. The story seems to have just begun, I can't imagine it being over just yet. But really, this is a marvelous story.

Ally Marton chapter 5 . 9/14/2010
:D Woohoo! Another chapter! YEAH BABY!


So! To start off, I know there's speculation as to if Keiichiro is falling for Lettuce(Lime XD), but really, at the part where Pai says that his wife was looking for him, and the way he stood up immediately, I feel like that makes him seem more dedicated to her. :) I hope he is, he'd make a great man for the 'idol' of the group. X3

The train part was so sweet! Not so much the beginning where it's more of Mint bickering (she makes me shake my head in disappointment, that arrogent aura she wears like a new mink fur), and I only say 'not so much' because I wish that all the girls could get along together, :( and I'm just kinda sad Mint has to be so... uppity?

But onto the scandalous romance portions! :D I must say, I still, completely and wholly, really wish for ze Baron and Lime to be together! I just hope he takes the shock well when he findds out the only woman to ever properly fascinate him is technically below his ever-so-high stature. And I need to comment a little more about this relationship! The part where Pai does his abrupt request for her to stay with him, the dialogue, I don't know if you've read it, but it makes me think of a character called Mr. Darcy from 'Pride and Prejudice', XD which is a good thing that man rocks! And poor Lettuce, so nervous about messing up she's completely unaware of what an impact she's making.

Now to the VERY scandalous Kish scene. :D Ichig ichigo ichigo, you bring it upon yourself! 'Haze-clearing oxygen' is right! I needed some of that after that moment! How dare he take such liberties (or to put it more bluntly, did he seriously just try to seduce the main character in a train car?)! Ichigo should have beaten him up, the punk! But I do wonder, what was he so confused of? Seemed a reasonable question to me! But perhaps more will be made clear in the next chapter? :D

And then finally Masaya! :"D He deserves Ichigo, I know the bashers exist, but if this was reality, we all know we'd pick Masaya, or pick Kisshu and regret it later because he's a play boy and doesn't do matrimonoy well. He'll have to REALLY break her heart to somehow get her thoughts to turn away, which is where I supposet he blot will grow even better!

And now Lettuce must play her role as Lime officially! I can't wait! :D Looking forward to your next chapter! Thank-you for writing such wonderfully enticing historical romance XD!

Ally Marton
Joy Johnson chapter 5 . 9/14/2010
Hey me again. I want to thank you for the shout out, i really don't come to this sight often so i'm sorry i haven't been able to comment on ur latest chapters. I really enjoy ur story and i REALLY want to see some R/I PLEASE I'm getting sick of Kish and his jerky ways. I want to see a jerk that's really very sweet. Untill then, Joy.
Kyasarin Freakload chapter 4 . 9/13/2010
It is rather unfortunate that I haven't posted a better review in sometime.. I have no idea how you can juggle college and manage to update your stories.. it simply escapes me. When the tough gets going, I get stressed and break down. xD


I am looking for to another chapter. Maybe then we'll learn more about our dear Ryou. I liked his line when muttering about his sheer misfortune of obtaining Ichigo's acquaintance.

Out of curiosity, though, are there going to be any pairings? (for some reason is again rooting for Ichigo/Ryou. Don't you DARE disgrace Ryou by putting Ichigo with the guy she got in the series! That's just dreadful! Masaya needs to get lost! :O)

Mint flirting with Ryou? Intriguing. I liked the fact that he hesitated and thought over the idea before offering her a drink, and in an indirect way allowing her to flirt with him some more. I liked the fact that he analyzed her, as well.
First Light of the Sunrise chapter 5 . 9/13/2010
BOO! Me again!

Anyway, good to know RxI is soon ;D

I'm loving your descriptions by the way. I really can imagine the places or whatever! I do hope Lettuce and Pai get together, they're my second favourite couple. Also, I hope Masaya gets crushed under the train... but that I doubt. Shame really...

Keep up teh good work!
Kiichigo-chan chapter 4 . 9/11/2010
Well, I just couldn't resist making the 20-review mark! *cheers* Please post more! I'm in love with this story now, partly because of your beautiful character portrayal, and partly because of this intriguing AU. I'm already hooked by the complex love- polygons that are forming. x3 I'm really glad that Lettuce has such a great role in this (you've got a great "Emma" vibe going on) and I can't wait for her to encounter Baron Kagakusha again! She *is* going to encounter Baron Kagakusha again, right?

Altogether a wonderful story so far- I can't wait to see how it plays out! Fantastic writing!

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