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Monster King chapter 27 . 6/8
Great story I really liked it a shame that it looks like you gave up on it.
Guest chapter 27 . 5/29
Can you please continue Rosario plus Gohan
Wut chapter 27 . 4/30

2012?! rlly...?
tweenysherm08 chapter 1 . 4/11
Plz continue this series. As soon as I read the first chapter, I was addicted to it
tweenysherm08 chapter 27 . 4/4
Plz continue this series it's AWESOME
Guest chapter 12 . 2/17
Horrible writing. Horrible story logic. Stop trying to use fanfiction to show us your pathetic, broken, animation Otaku Japanese. Stop nerfing. Don't crossover op stories if you want balance. Gohan can tank the whole Rosario universe in base form no sweat. He comes from a universe where they fight not to kill or injured a person at a time but whole planets. Even Inner Mona would die just from the collateral damage he could inflict let alone if he turns on you directly.
Yukari not liking Lollis? With! How she supposed to get with Mika and Gohan then because they would definitely need to be Lollis for her to have a chance. That's like saying girl A likes guy A and guy B likes girl A but she rejects him because... eew he's a heterosexual!
Mona giving blood to Tsukuba! That marks him as hers now and her future mate. What happened to Gohan? Do you even understand the Rosario universe?
You need a beta and then on top of that you need a pro editor as well for coherency.
Take it as constructive criticism. It's been five years now so hopefully you and your writing has matured and redo this story into something better.
lucasrosa94 chapter 1 . 2/16
eu já li e gostei. escreva mais.
Krevex chapter 9 . 2/15
F s vs. C vs. . Vs.
Krevex chapter 9 . 2/15
F s vs. C vs. . Vs.
Gogeta9000 chapter 27 . 2/2
Please continue this series. I LOVED IT
Guest chapter 1 . 1/11
Gohan would be better of With Mizore in my opnion.

I feel you could have both Moka have a small Crush on Gohan.. While Tsukune have A Crush on Moka... Or sonething..

Make it a Complicated Love Web.

How Would Things change if you added Goten and Trunks in yokai Academy., They Snuck into Yokai Academy...though it would ha e to believable how they got there and why are they allowed to stay.. Martial arts Club?

You neex to change the History Of Yokai and how to incoperate the Yokai into DBZ.

Like recons,

Like it was Kami that named Mikogami, Touhou, and Akasha the Three Dark Lords...Kami sealed Alucard after he and the Dark lords Defeated Alucard.. But Gave most of the credit to The Dark lords.
Guest chapter 1 . 1/11
If this taking so long i hope it is much better.

You need to stop Nerfing.

You need to make Gohan more in character.

Also the wayyou handle the Super Saiyan is Ridiculous.. Their is no need for him to become a Super Saiyan.. He can literally solo the Rosarioverse With 1% of His full power in His Base Form without breaking a Sweat.

Kuyo should not gave Gohan any trouble.

You put gohan in the story.. But nothing Unique happens and i see no difference.. YOU CAN NOT JUST STICK TO CANON EVENTS.

The Worse Offender is Gohan not bothering To Train Tsukune.

You might as Well Potray Gohan as that Wildcard that avoid attracting Attention., You might as Well Have him Influence everything through him Teaching his Friends how to improve themselves., rather then have him fight pointless battles. He Should only fight if he needs to intervene.. Fight for Defending himself and Defensing those Who Are Helpless and innocent.

I see Gohan role as more like Teacher and Protector.., He is not a Warrior like Goku.. But i feel he would train and Slack off to prepare for threats.. Sadly toriyama wasted Gohan potential.. He does not understand making Gohan blow off his training is out of character for Gohan.

Regarding the Pairing why Gohan x Moka? Are they really for Each other? With Inner Moka intially being more Stuck up and Cold then Videl., how he handle that?

Also I feel Gohan training Outer Moka would be good... I feel Outer Moka would intially benifit more from Hohan training then outer Moka because is not as Prideful.

Let other Characters Try to guess how strong Gohan is
DeltaMLP chapter 3 . 1/10
Granted I'm only 3 chapters in, but so far it looks like you're going to be sticking to canon like glue with maybe replacing some of the characters in fights and moving around harem members. Why would Gohan not stand up for what he believes in? I can see him being somewhat shy, but to to just sit there as some guy is bragging about being a rapist?
Sid89 chapter 27 . 12/17/2016
Honestly, the rewrite and the new story of it's own sound like viable options. I could only ignore the kun and chan attatchments in English for so long. A fresh do over with a new personality is very much welcome. Personally I prefer past tense writing, because I see so many tenses mixed together mid-sentence in so much writing on this site. It's hard to determine what's actually happening in the story when errors like that are so numerous. Good luck on either the rewrite, new story, or continuation.
YeTianshi chapter 4 . 11/24/2016
I'm soooo confused... I thought that Rosario could only be unsealed by her "destined one", so if Tsukune is going to be the one, why is she addicted to Gohan's blood? Kind of unfair... not only doesn't he get the girl, but he's also a blood-bank?

Also, chapters like these I wish Gohan had a bit of Vegeta's personality. So that when Moka threatened him he could just go all like "oh please, you could barely handle me when I wasn't in control and barely using any power."

Can't wait till he gets to use SSJ... show all them yokai their place!
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