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Sorciere Blanc chapter 57 . 1/24
I read all at once and I can simply say that this is one of my favorite stories regardless fandom. It's awesome, I love it. Thanks for share your ideas and work with us. Sincerely, this is epic! Please, more updates.
White Eevee chapter 57 . 1/24
The ending was super cute!

And somehow, I think I was expecting Sayu to be one of the other bodies… Then again maybe not. I definitely wasn't surprised Light didn't care. *sigh* Light, Light.

I'm almost certain B's the killer now, since the other two, non-genius victims were connected to L and Light. I can't wait till they catch that crazy!
Wizard-Party-Forever chapter 57 . 1/22
Oh my goodness, I guessed that right before it happened, haha. Interesting chapter!
Anonymouse chapter 57 . 1/22
PHEW! When I read the title, I began to have a mini freak-out... Thank goodness it wasn't what I thought it was
Karelia Jones chapter 57 . 1/21
I am in love with this story especially your depiction of L and Light and their relationship. They are so cute and lovable yet completely unlovable/likable at the same time! It's amazing and true to there characters in a way I haven't really read before.
More please!
Deasil chapter 57 . 1/21
I don't feel like signing in.

I enjoyed this chapter as usual. Everything about this story is practically flawless. One of the best Death Note stories I've read for L/Light. I'm glad to have come across this beauty.

Wasn't surprised that Light didn't care for his sister. It was hinted in earlier chapters, but now it's confirmed. Cool. I like the relationship L and Light have. L is very much aware that Light is emotionally stunted, so I can't see too many problems of non-communication between these two. They balance each other out. Kind of.

As mentioned, nice chapter, and I'm grateful for what you do. Stay amazing.

Happy writing.
Wingfire chapter 56 . 1/17
the suspense... really looking forward to the next chapter!
Annoying tourist chapter 56 . 1/17
I am seriously killing myself over this mystery. I personally think that it's Wammy. I mean seriously, he's got "evil" written all over his face. Beyond is the obvious choice, but that just makes it less likely.

I really, really look forward to the conclusion.

I mean, like, REALLY.
Birthday girl chapter 56 . 1/15
Omg my birthday is today too! Birthday twins! So glad I got a pre-birthday update, I love your fic and keep up with it eagerly. Love it x
Qwerty chapter 56 . 1/15
Ooooh the SUSPENSE. Don't leave us hanging!
Anonymous Fanatic chapter 56 . 1/14
Thanks for the chapter, and happy birthday!
Jonescalypso chapter 56 . 1/14
Happy Birthday! :D
Anonymouse chapter 56 . 1/14
No... You don't just leave someone hanging like that on the edge... I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS
Deasil chapter 56 . 1/14
Too lazy, won't log in. But Happy Early Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful tomorrow.

Good chapter as always. I gave up on trying to analyze the recent murders.

Happy writing.
Lady chapter 56 . 1/14
ahhhhhhh, it's all so mixed up I have no clue who really did it! _
Happy Early Birthday btw! I love this story and love seeing it being updated semi-regularly again!
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