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AngelesPG chapter 68 . 2/13
Una de las mejores historia de misteri, acción y romance que he leido gracias por tomarte tanto esfuerzo y compartirlo
Thefluffyfish chapter 68 . 11/15/2016
This is epic please write more stories like this
AriaChan29 chapter 68 . 11/15/2016
Honestly your story is amazing, especially about Beyond's case I mean like, that was really smart. I thought that this fic was really old like from 2007 or something and will never be completed but when you said that you had already wrote the ending I was so happy and shocked that last you update is in Jun this year. Your fic is really amazing and I hope you will create more wonderful fic likethis again.

Thought i wonder why C is really obsessed over B, I still don't get that
ASnowFern chapter 68 . 11/14/2016
Whoo! I'll be honest. I accidentally read the last chapter before I even read the first chapter. But now that I've finished the whole story, I appreciate the last chapter a lot more. Mostly, the closure it gave Light. Him finally sharing his true name with L and acknowledging his mostly dormant emotions? Plus them working on what seems like a Death Note case?

Thank you for a truly brilliant story. Death Note fan fiction is ridiculously difficult to write because it has to match the level of intellect and scheming that the anime/manga gave us. You did it brilliantly! I guess my only unanswered question would be C. How did he fall so quickly and deeply for BB. It was a sudden and random and never truly explained. Or was it a show of manipulative BB can be?

Once again, this was amazing! Im gonna head over to read your other works now!:D
jacelooksbetterinblack chapter 68 . 11/5/2016
I just binge-read this whole story in a couple days and I am in awe of it. The whole thing was perfect! The characterization, the twists, the romance, the snark, everyone's chemistry it was just beautiful. You have some serious talent for writing. Thank you for being dedicated enough to finish it. If I had to wait months between update like some readers did I would go insane. So its kind of a blessing that I found it so late.

I loved L and Light's interactions. You really made them come to life. B and C were a roller coaster lol. When I read that C used to dream about B I thought he would be afraid of him when B did show up but the total infatuation was an unexpected twist which was awesome! I never really understood how C could be that obsessed with a serial killer and actually support and love one but that is a trait of a dysfunctional relationship which you portrayed very nicely.

I was really sad to see A and Sayu go the most but I understand why they had to. This may be the 1st DN fic I've read where Light doesn't love Sayu but I totally understand why that is, at least, in your fic.

One thing that has been driving me nuts is How does L KNOW LIGHT'S name? Did I miss something along the way? Because he yelled it in their hotel room when B was gonna attack them but like when and how did he find out? It can't have been in Scotland Yard's database since Light technically doesn't exist...? And no one has said his name out loud except his last name and Sayu slipping up partially. So how?

I'm off to read more of your stories. There are so many more things I want to comment on but that would make this very long review even longer so I will end by saying: Again, thank you for writing such an awesome fic. Loved every moment of all 68 chapters and hope you keep on writing :)
Guest chapter 35 . 10/14/2016
when I was reading that letter from L u could totally hear his voice say it. it sounded so...L!
Guest chapter 31 . 10/14/2016
I love reading fan fictions. but I don't read them twice.

that being said this is my third time through.
even though I know the ending it still brings suspense and is a great read all together !
TripOverFlatSurfaces chapter 68 . 10/4/2016
It's crazy to think that this story has ended. It's been 4 years since I started following K! The arc wrapped up quite nicely, which is almost odd considering who we're dealing with. I keep on expecting BB to pop back up like a demented jack in the box. That ending for him and C really hurt me. Yes, they're unhealthily codependent; yes, B dug his way into C's head and never let him go like a parasitic, toxic poison. But anguish is hurtful to see on anyone. At least L and Light will go on being snarky detective boyfriend rivals forever. That's reassuring.
danceonthebrink chapter 68 . 9/17/2016
I remember reading this years and years ago when it was on hiatus, before I even had an account. I'm so glad to see it finished, and to see how it wrapped up. Thank you so much for writing this! Six years is such a long time, almost anyone else would have abandoned their story, but I'm so glad you didn't.

Dramy-moon chapter 68 . 8/18/2016
I just finished your story, I barely slept at night, my phone is dead because of it but oh god dammit this was probably one the biggest master pieces i've ever read in my entire life. I don't even know where to begin, I want to freaking write an essay about this but i don't even know if you'd read it and reply since you're probably drowned in reviews like those xD

Let's do it methodically.

Why I want to talk about first is B and C because these two affected me so much, especially B when we only heard him actually talk maybe 5 times ? What B did to his parents was so awful and disturbing I have tears in my eyes thinking about it, especially after the description he made of them on the interview tape, that he could do this to his parents just to send a freaking message (beaten-destroyed) shocked me so much, it's not even the killing, but also the way he did it, without being affected at all... And believe me, I'm not fragile, gore doesn't affect me, horror movies make me laugh, and I swear to God B scared me so much I couldn't sleep without finishing this. The manhunt in the final chapter was so intense I was panicking more than L and Light did xD The RUN made me almost hysterically :') A sentence in particular striked me, it was when he was doing his final attempt to kill Light after C's death, when his eyes were describes as the last thing of him that remained HUMAN. Which is so ironic since humans aren't even supposed to have Red eyes... Therefore B was never really human on my eyes, except with C.

C... B dug his claws so deeply inside of him it makes me cry that someone so funny and witty would make his world revolver in a matter of what ? 2 seconds ? Their relationship was SO fucked up and so deep I fail to understand every aspect of it. He made the inhuman B feel, and that is just making me so emotional. I had this theory that C might be protecting K since the beggining ( remember when K was mad that C had told B he hated L ? Maybe it could have been to PROTECT him somehow so he won't traget him ?) But in the end, B and C were so interwined that he would give up on just anyone and do just anything for him and I don't KNOW HOW TO HANDLE HIS DEATH. Also, Light might have been right in the end when his first impression of C was that there was something 'off' about him, there kinda was... I wish you could write an OS about him, about how he feels about B and how he handles betraying Light, but I know yoDEprobably moved on anyway, doesn't mean I'm not gonna read all of your other stories :p

Now L and K. their relationship was SO PERFECT OH MY GOD FEEEEELIIIINGS they are just so cute and funny and smart and in love and it's fucking obvious for everyone except Light and oh god the evolution throught the years was SOOOOO well done I was never bored a single second I was just feeling and laughing and crying and I swear their first time was so beautiful I CANNOT express it ! And the epilogue with Mogi I just knew he would come back I KNEEEEW AND IT WAS SO CUTE THAT L DID THIS AND WHEN DID HE EVEN FIND OUT ABOUT LIGHT'S REAL NAME ! But most of all, my favorite part of them being together was the list L made for K's birthday I just read in 100000 times because I couldn't get over it yet.I don't know if I have anything else to say about them because they just were perfect since the beggining and I don't know I'm lost in my ranting I love them so so soooo much ! WAIT IN THE END THEY WANT TO TRAP HIGUCHI OR WHATEV WHO HAD 'A BOOK' IT MEANS THERE WAS A DEATH NOTE AND IT WASN'T LIGHT'S ?! YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSS!

Just a little bit more ranting about Light, I loved his character, he was very cold Indeed and it just made his reaction to L 100000 times more precious and I don't know if I would describe him as a sociopath but in the end when he starts to feel stuff about his parents it's just so good because L has a really good influence on him and I CAAAAAANTTT

I just loves your plot how gripped me just as much as B did with C, the case was so interesting and the murder messages... Damn. When I think about all the deaths I realize how much I loved A and Igloo, their death fucked me up and B is still disturbing me like he's my own personal nightmare. I really loved how you coordinated everything to make look guilty even I believe it, I thought B was too obvious but in the end you still fucked me up and I'm under shock still xD you must truly be a genius to imagine this and seriously, L and B and K's reasonings are just so brilliant how can you not be a genius yourself ? The plot was breathe-taking, the relationship heart-melting and the lemons sooooooo hot that I just can't find any better story in this website, despite one or two mistake along the way.

I truly love you for this, after this long ass review feel free ton message me if you want to respond (I'd be more than willing tondebate on anynof these points above) and if something else pops up in my mind I guess i'll just write another review xD

PS : I'm sorry if there are mistake because I woke up at 5 am, i am under shock so I'm writing really really fast, and also I'm French therefore english Isn't my native langage and I have french autocorrect on my tablet that just loves to fuck up everything I write...anyway, I have a chocolate cake to eat and more stories of yours to read so see ya soo xD
Maggie chapter 68 . 8/10/2016
Oh, damn. This was excellent. The whole goddamn thing was excellent. Every single word. I've never read a fanfic with so few flaws, I don't think, and certainly not a Lawlight one. Color me incredibly impressed and saving this directly to my phone.
Maggie chapter 67 . 8/10/2016
What a lovely technically-not-an-ending.
Maggie chapter 65 . 8/10/2016
That was precious. I really do feel bad for C, though. I was right earlier, I think. Very Bonnie and Clyde. I kind of wonder if you did that on purpose. I think most of us fall in love with someone when we're young, and therefore foolish enough, to let them ruin our lives, and the important thing is, we don't have the opportunity to let them. C fell in love at, what, fifteen? The worst part was, I think, that he cared about Light still, but he loved B too much, and probably for too long, to not kill Light, or not allow B to kill him. He even sacrificed himself for B, which I've no doubt he knew he was doing, the poor bastard. As I said, we all have somebody like this, usually in our youth (or most people I know, anyway), and even if it ends badly, it rarely ends in a death, I don't think, but C was remarkably stupid for someone supposed to be a genius. Should've listened to your own advice, kid.
Maggie chapter 64 . 8/10/2016
My goodness, this chapter was very much thriller/horror. I despise both genres, but I have to say, this had me wishing I could read faster, and I am quite a fast reader.
Maggie chapter 63 . 8/10/2016
Oh shit. This is not good. This is very very not good.
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