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somethingfishy chapter 7 . 5/10
This whole universe is amazing! I actually read TAFD yeeaars ago and when I recently got back in the DGM fandom I started looking for it again (as I didn't bookmark it back then *face palm*). It took me a while to find it, and was almost discouraged looking for it after reading some... lower quality crossovers. Boy am I glad that I found it and read it again. It is such a brilliant fic, it's definitely going in my bookmarks this time around! One thing that caught my eye in this chapter (aside from all the incredibly well-suited presents), was Levi's eye. Did he really get Moody's?! Is that in TAFD somewhere?! I kinda binge-read it deep into the night, and I'll be the first to admit that I miss some of the details the later it gets...

Thank you for sharing, you made my day(s)!
neah20 chapter 5 . 6/7/2018
jajajajajaja kanda... allen... great
neah20 chapter 3 . 6/7/2018
Cross being Cross, although I did not steal the dumbledore candy ... it was great! (I just finished reading the full fic you have of dgm and harry)
Above the Winter Moonlight chapter 8 . 12/18/2016
Ahahahahahah. How the hell did Kanda manage to do that? That was hilarious! Poor Lavi. Good job. Update soon.
Guest chapter 8 . 7/12/2015
This is walla cool. You've gotta maintain this man!
Guest chapter 8 . 6/19/2014
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milodinooo chapter 8 . 2/2/2014
You know, I've kinda noticed that the ages of TAFD are kinda wrong (from my memory)and was wondering what are all their ages? The exorcists, I mean. In any case, the Noahs did nothing? I do hope they did something. :)
Aqua79 chapter 7 . 1/6/2014
I know you haven't written in a while but I am up late and rereading this and had an idea. Lavi, Fred, and George messin' with Yu with Lav's Christmas present .
Will of the Abyss - AllenxRoad chapter 8 . 12/27/2013
So, if you ever feel like pulling up an empty document and typing another chapter for this booklet-thingy, then may I give you a prompt?

What if Harry visits the order sometime after the war and comes immediately after the Alma Karma arc? You know, Allen's locked up, and everyone's scared of the 14th. Then Harry gets all worked up because he doesn't think Allen could be bad, and so he goes to visit him in his cell.

Anyway, I hope you will come back to the DGM Fandom, (as you mentioned wanting to do in your profile, despite the year-long hiatus Hoshino-san has tortured us with) and get back into the groove of writing! :)
Aqua79 chapter 8 . 11/23/2013
Lavi should have know something like that would happen!
Deathstarling556 chapter 8 . 10/6/2013
Hahahahaha that's GREAT!
Jazebeth chapter 8 . 8/12/2013
oh... aha! I get the Joke! it's hillarious when I knew what you meant, really!
ck chapter 6 . 4/3/2013
Really well written! good style!
the loverws chapter 7 . 3/13/2013
isn it allen's birthday is on chirtsmas
greenmonochrome chapter 7 . 8/28/2012
Wow, I am floored at how well you portray your characters! You pay such attention to detail, and the way you end this chapter is beyond amazing! Just wow. You are better at developing characters than many professional, published authors. I really hope that you do decide to go professional, though that's mainly a selfish wish on my part: I want to read more of your writing!
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