Reviews for And Everything Keeps Moving On, Moving On
emilyforprez chapter 1 . 7/31/2010
oh my god, THIS IS GORGEOUS. i cannot even...

first off, i thank you so much for dedicating this to me, and the praise. jenny is my favorite character, and she's so difficult to write about, constantly changing, with that mask she puts on before the world. and you captured her beautifully; better than, i think, i've ever been able to do.

i love how you portrayed that she is not only a mess on the outside, with the torn stockings, the dark makeup, but also how it reflects on the inside, how she's ugly and broken but not just her appearance. her thoughts on the dan/serena blast, on losing her virginity with chuck... so well done, very subtle. and cutting, short, blunt, which is jenny's character to a tee.

really, really well done, definitely a favorite. thanks again!
caseycoop chapter 1 . 7/30/2010
I don't even like Jenny.

But I love your writing Kels, and I like the insight into her mind for the last season.

Your last words though reminded me of the last scene of the finale

"Her phone vibrates as she leans her head against the window of her train that's going to Hudson.

She's taken a cue from Serena van der Woodsen about running away."

Mirroring the first ep where Serena returns, and I really hope they don't try and make her a "new Serena" when/if she returns next season.

Loved the story though.

Casey xXx