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Bronze chapter 23 . 4/1
Of course Dumbledore had something to do with James and Lilly Potters deaths! It was already mention that he sent people to their deaths for his own reasons. Thus it stands to reason that he helped in their deaths somehow. He had plans for Harry that James and Lilly wouldn't let him carry out if they were alive. Therefor they had to die.
Bronze chapter 22 . 4/1
It would seem that the old guard is as stupid as ever! Or in other words " None so blind as those who will not see. " The wizarding world has lost any and all claim to hosting intelligent beings. It would serve the whole wizarding world of Europe and Great Britain if every Muggleborn and Half- blood left for North Americaright after school and never returned. How many generations before the Pure-Bloods realized they were now marrying their first cousin regardless of family name? I really think Harry and company should walk into the Prophet and tell them to stop or pay him for slander.
Bronze chapter 21 . 4/1
Oh that is so unfair! I was looking forward to reading why her family fled the homeland.
Newbie1104 chapter 27 . 4/1
I was really taken in with this story for the first 24 chapters. The plot is still awesome, that goes without saying. However... I don't really like what I read in 25 to 27. You were having a great Harry before, why made him Sue-ish like this?

He was just his wonderful self right before, then BAM, a huge amount of money, his mother was still alive (a strain that I can stand but I still want to list it), his girls and everybody plus the goblins were all over him, he redeemed 2 bad guys (gals?), talked down Dumbledore who had nothing but lame excuses to show for his supposedly wisdom and cunning and intelligence or whatever made him famous and dangerous in the first place.

You've been building up, I know, I've read all of those wonderfully done parts, but then you tried to squeeze too many endings into that bit of the Will Reading, making it a bit forced, really.

Also, I'm starting to lose sympathy with the characters. That's the downside of writing harem. If not careful, their characters started to blend into each other over time. In the recent chapters I hardly see any defining traits of Hermione or Daphne or Susan anymore. All they did was being there and hug or kiss Harry or whatever. I also don't feel strongly for Fleur and Lily as I used to do for the other 3.

Well, that's enough ranting. I'm sorry if it sounded harsh. Now that the Will Reading is over I hope the story returned to its former quality since as I said, the plot was amazing.
Bronze chapter 20 . 4/1
Oh I think he's starting to get one. Why am I not surprised at the marriage contract between Ginny and Harry? after all, Dumb-Dumb has to make sure one of the oldest purblood lines in the wizarding world stays pure. Regardless of whether the family believes in that crap or not. Dumb-Dumb does! And that's all that's important to him.
Bronze chapter 19 . 3/31
Arthur Weasley is in for a very bad day! And Bill isn't having a better one either. I wonder how Molly's going to justify stealing from Harry for all those years? What lies is she going to spin to try to get out of repaying what she owes? I imagine Lucius is going to be rather shocked when it turns out that Harry is the new Lord Black and he annuls Narcissa and Bella's marriages. As it Sirius said the bulk of their husbands wealth came from their wives family. Therefor, annulling those marriages means both the husband's must pay it all back. Maybe with interest even. With the way Lucius throws money around, he may not have enough to pay. Thus he'll loose everything. Including his life as the Dark Lord won't forgive him loosing most of the gold he now controls.
Bronze chapter 18 . 3/31
It looks like Dumb-Dumb never learned his lesson about Goblins. As for he Dursley's, their name isn't going tpo be mud, mud is much to good for what they are. And they know nothing about Goblins. But they're going to learn the hard way. And if Dumb-Dumb doesn't straighten out soon, he could find himself without access to the bank. That means he has to be paid in cash.
Bronze chapter 17 . 3/31
Screw what the magical world thinks or feels about guns! it's time to bring them into the fight with Voldy! Who the hell gives a shit how the son of a bitch dies just as long as he dies! Along with ALL Death Eaters! The second the wards go down, SHOOT TO KILL! Leave no Death Eater or sympathizer alive! Then give Dumb-Dumb a choice, tell or suffer.
Bronze chapter 16 . 3/31
By Merlin's hairy balls! Molly's been using potions on her youngest kids! I wonder whose idea that was? How Molly could make her youngest son dumber and dumber is so far beyond belief there is no end! She should be working to make him smarter so he could get a job somewhere after Hogwarts. But instead she's making him so stupid that he'll need to start school all over again! Finding this out about her mother, Ginny should have a talk with Madam Bones at the DMLE. Let Molly explain it to her. And seeing as Snape made them all for her it'd be another nail in his coffin.
Bronze chapter 15 . 3/31
You can't do anything vicious enough to the Dursley family as far as I'm concerned. And ripping all the information that Dumb-Dumb has that others need out of his shitty little brain is likely the only way anyone will ever learn it. His Great Good is now all that matters to him. Well that and his own life of course. Everyone else is and always will expendable.
Bfonze chapter 14 . 3/31
Oh Voldy is going to go ballistic once he learns that Harry Potter has beaten him again! Isn't there an assassin somewhere that can take down Lucius Malfoy and really scare old Snake lips? Fudge was and is totally brainless that it wouldn't be any challenge to kill him. There's no way of telling if Dumb-Dumb is stupide or has had his brains eaten by zombies.
Bronze chapter 13 . 3/31
Ron started out poorly and went down hill from there. Harry needs to get all his accounts audited to learn just how much Dumb-Dumb and the Dursley's stole from him in order to get it all back.
Bronze chapter 12 . 3/31
I think it's time to talk to the Goblins about just how much the Dursley's were getting to take care of him. And then demand four time that amount back. Yes, it'll break them, but what's your point? This is great. But Harry really needs to get certain things straightened out. One of which is getting free of Dumb-Dumb. And making damn sure any and all vault keys he has are to his own vaults only. Then ask about any withdrawals done by him and for how much. With that information in hand have the Goblins audit all Harry's accounts that Dumb-Dumb could've taken from. Then have them reclaim all moneys paid out with interest and penalties. With the way the Goblin bankers work, Dumb-Dumb'll likely be indebted to Harry as I very much doubt he has the gold or properties to pay off.
Bronze chapter 11 . 3/29
I do believe that you are blind. Dumby IS evil period! And no he isn't GOING senile, HE IS SENILE!
Bronze chapter 10 . 3/29
This is getting better with every chapter. So I'm off to chapter11.
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