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Guest chapter 49 . 4/14
Thank you for the amazing tale. I truly hope it still alive in your mind, and eventually lets itself be put on paper (or whatever you would call online publishing like this) for the rest of us.
HeyLittleTrainWaitForMe chapter 1 . 4/13
Hi, if you liked this fic I highly suggest you read this one down below. It's very similar to Harry the Hufflepuff and The Thief of Hogwarts if you like those two, and just as funny.


highlander348 chapter 4 . 4/6
This sucks!
daniel2610994 chapter 49 . 4/4
Wow great story but its such a shame it's left to die for so long.
flowerchild33 chapter 48 . 4/1
And yet another good story appears abandoned
Guest chapter 49 . 3/30
Well, It has been more than two years. Sadly most of my favourite long fanfics seem to be abandoned. This one is perhaps the best Harry Potter fanfic I have ever read. But i see i am not the only one that has not given up on this story. Please! There is so much that can be done with this story. The Night Fury shape of Harry has to be explored more. It could be a fantastic weapon. And perhaps it can also serve some other not so violent purpose.

Maybe Hermione instead of her old SPEW, would start helping "freeing" house elves that are poorly treated, or discarded (If i understand it correctly, and house elf will die if not bonded to a master) These "free" House Elves could also be a powerful tool in the war, with their immense magic. You already have used House Elves for evacuation work of people and belonging. You can expand on this. And perhaps Let Dobby be leader of this "House Elf Army".

Further on the muggleborn army could also have Snipers, that take down Death Eaters from afar. If they had planes they could drop bombs on targets and such. You have already hinted about that. What about Runes on bullets and bombs to let them through magical shields.

I would also like to see Harry throwing his political might around a bit more. Nothing ridiculous,(nothing is as stupid and overused as allmighty powerful Harry) but continue making allianses, and maybe force through some new and sensible laws.

He and Gringots could continue chipping away on the economical support of Voldemort and his Death Eaters.

And Lily. I admire her loyalty to James. But it could be an interesting subplot, seeing her falling for someone else, and dealing with the guilt of it, and finally accept that it is possible to love again, without stopping loving James. I Imagine she would fight it tooth and nail. som the new love interest must have the strength and understanding to not give up on her.

And then we have the animals. I could be interesting to see some magical animals coming to the gangs help. For example. Is Gobler the only one of its kind on the Potter Estate, Or are there more? Gobler may be the pack leaders offspring or something.

There is endless possibilities here, the way you have written so far. May ramblings so far is just to shake up your muse, and maybe trigger something, a subplot, a scene, something.

Further on, and excuse my dirty mind. continue to put in the sex scenes where they feel like a natural part of the storyline, like you have done so far. Perhaps we could see a few more one on ones. Especially with Harry and Hermione. But that is just my preferences.

The ritual that Luna told of. I am thinking at least Daphne would like to use it a little more. Perhaps Hermione. Maybe work through some inferiority complexes and such. Harry and the rest of the "Harem" of cause helps them overcome it. If Daphne or Hermione ends up with bigger busts, then it should be an reasonable increase. Not something silly. No more than Susan. Even though that would seem larger on the other girls more slender build.

And Poor Fleur. She desperately wants a baby. I understand and agree with why that has not happened yet, but dont let her suffer for too long. it would be interesting to see the girls handle being new mothers and such. But First Voldie must die. Preferably in a utterly mundane way. (nooooo killed by a muggle!)

Well I'll stop now. Just please continue this story. And if not I could trigger your muse, maybe someone else could?

Good luck and may your muse cooperate.

Anyway, I
katrinblanchet chapter 49 . 3/29
i know its been more than 2 years... but for the sake of this excellent story, i hope you will find the force to finish it :)
Guest chapter 1 . 3/26
Bro, you gotta keep going, it's so amazing and original. I have to know how it ends. Please finish it
skyeza chapter 49 . 3/22
WHAT?!. You can't just leave it there. That would be evil. So Nott? Dead or near dying? God this was a brilliant read, I honestly truly enjoyed it. I absolutely loved it and am hopeful that you will continue on with writing this extremely unique and entertainingly wonderful story. Please complete this wickedly brilliant story and upload the whole finished thing. I need to know what happens next. I thought it was extremely well thought out and excellently written. Well do.
superdude50989 chapter 49 . 3/20
Looking forward to more chapters
knarf3 chapter 48 . 3/18
Why did Ron get invited to the army club again? Do us a favour and kill him already.

Every time someone says that you shouldn't use stunners against terrorists, I feel a few brain cells dying. Such an obvious statement should only be said once at most.

Still putting Granger on a pedestal eh? Your various excuses for her to continue to be the alpha wife and the first one allowed to have a child with Harry are pathetic.

I don't know why everyone is so narrow-minded about how to take Malfoy down. Have some professional trail him and then assassinate him when he is outside of the protections of his manor or the Ministry.

Stupid Hagrid. Realising his pet giant spider in a forest with not natural predators against him and his spawns was such a good idea right?
knarf3 chapter 45 . 3/18
Why does Hermione still have bushy hair? For the supposed smartest witch of her generation (*eyeroll*), hasn't she heard of hair irons or spells that can tame her hair?

Hermione is absolutely right that Harry cheated, though I doubt she would have turned down superior brewing procedures had she been in his situation. I want to see what Harry's actual potion skills are in an unbiased environment. Does he have the talent and mentality for chemistry, or is he truly a pathetic failure in the subject?

James Potter is one of my least favourite HP characters, so I don't care about Snape constantly shitting on his character.

Harry is too stupid and pathetic to neuter Snape; his sexy mother has to do it for him.
knarf3 chapter 44 . 3/18
Who cares if Harry and co. have to do a little Hogwarts cleansing? A terrorist is a terrorist, no matter their age. And the only good terrorist or rapist is a dead one.
knarf3 chapter 43 . 3/18
How dare that little shit blame his mediocre academic performance on Ron and the Dursleys?! Only he is responsible for his own learning. Don't make bloody excuses for being such a failure.

Daphne shut down Slughorn like a boss.

Dumbledore is still keeping his pet DE at Hogwarts despite learning that the accusations of his depraved behaviour are true eh? I'm not surprised.
knarf3 chapter 41 . 3/18
There are few more satisfying ways to see a filthy magical blood supremacist die than by filthy muggle war machines and weapons.
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