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Markus Ramikin chapter 36 . 4/26
And now Dumbledore is afraid of Rambo too? He should be able to tear him apart with wandless wordless magic if he chose to.

"could take out nearly the whole Order if he wished to. Moody was not sure if even he could stop him"

LOL, it's like you're TRYING to make me hate this Daniel character.
Markus Ramikin chapter 29 . 4/26
Been mostly enjoying this story, it has some good ideas.

But ugh. This "one muggle defeats 9 Death Eaters, one of whom is Lucius Malfoy himself" nonsense COMPLETELY blows away my suspension of disbelief. They can't aim, they can't use explosive and other area-effect spells (Fiendfyre?), they can't use homing spells, they can't shield themselves (Muggles armed with projectile weapons would have been a problem for wizards for thousands of years, what with the bow and arrow, and later crossbow, there's no way they don't have shielding charms for that), they can't Disillusion themselves...

Hell, not one of them even thought to use the other family members whom they had at their mercy as hostages to force Daniel to surrender, or to fire at them during their retreat... what makes them threatening villains exactly? 9 DE vs 3 muggles, 2 of whom they already had at wandpoint, and not one Muggle dies? I don't care if Daniel is Rambo, there is no way that Death Eaters, who've been terrorising muggles for sport before, would be so hilariously incapable of dealing with armed ones.

If this story requires that no one sufficiently close to Harry dies, such as Hermione's family, then let's turn it around. Go back a couple weeks. Harry and co. know that they are fighting terrorists, and that the Grangers could be in danger. What do they /do about it/?

Have the protagonists /take precautionary measures/. Wards, guards, House Elf "portkeys" (Elves can apparate people even under the anti-app jinx, right? unless I'm mistaken), move the family out, Fidelius, whatever. Then you could have their survival be realistic, and not depend on a muggle turning out to be Superman and the villains turning out to be Olsen's Gang.
Markus Ramikin chapter 20 . 4/25
Petunia worse than Bellatrix? Physical torture not as bad as mistreatment?

As the ancient philosophers would reply: lolwut?

I take it Hermione thinks Frank and Alice Longbottom are better off than Harry...
VladIII chapter 23 . 4/24
I like the explanation here about why the Potters went to Godric's Hollow if they have impressive wards. Too often in HP fanfics, they go the easy route and just chalk it up to too much trust in Dumbledore. While they may have trusted him, I doubt they would be the type to leave safety just because Dumbledore said.
VladIII chapter 11 . 4/23
The part that really pisses me off about Dumbledore is that he is willing to sacrifice Harry, yet won't give up on those who are dark. He risks many people to redeem a few. The contradiction is just ergh!
ngiallo32 chapter 49 . 4/20
Such a great story. Please at least tell us if you're going to update it ever again.
GreatedEnergy chapter 1 . 4/19
Fantastic story. I do hope you can keep this going as I have spent the last few bleary-eyed evenings reading this in it's entirety! I'd hate to not see the conclusion. I can appreciate the effort required to put together and maintain a complex-"original" story-line using existing characters and story. (Yeah, sounds contradictory but... isn't.) Thank you for a very enjoyable reading experience. I'm not going anywhere and willing to wait... looking forward to the next chapter.
Anttolas chapter 49 . 4/16
Hi, i just finished Reading this story and i love it, and it makes me want to read more.
I'm sad too see that you haven't updated in awhile and the cause is as far as i know a writers block.
I hope you can overcome it and get back to Writing as i will be waiting for an update to this very enjoyable story, and thanks for Writing it by the way.
Soo i will see ya next chapter.
KMF-G chapter 49 . 4/13
Movie about dragons was... lacking. Excluding Night Fury and Gigantic Dragon.
Anyone who saw first recognized NF while reading, I think.
KMF-G chapter 48 . 4/13
Killed all banksters DE? When you think about information they can get from DE...
And anyway UK is full of banks and bank branches in cities.
KMF-G chapter 46 . 4/13
Wait, what? Susana wrote to her aunt, Bones about nest, isn't?!
Bronze chapter 37 . 4/13
Don't bother rewriting that last paragraph, it was just fine. I really liked the idea of Dumb-Dumb getting his wrist broken by Daniel Granger. Though, he really needs more then just that. He's lost sight of what's right and wrong to the point that he allows Snape to rape third years and above in his House with impunity. Then he compounds that error in judgment by turning a blind eye when boys like Draco Malfoy attempt to rape other young women from other Houses. Dumb-Dumb personifies the saying " None so blind as those who will not see. "
KMF-G chapter 42 . 4/13
Thanks for wonderful story.

Now the question is: why the hell they go back to Hogwarts for sixth year?! There is way more important things to do.

Let's start from beginning.
Slytherin/Purebloods Rapists - yes, it is very nice way to make them look worst bunch ever, but not possible. Do not forget this is Magical Middle Age, where rape was punished by death, that is if rapist survived encounter with his victim. Now Slytherin Girls are mostly Purebloods, not counting some being Noble. So you really do not get wed "soiled" girls. That's not including girls self-defense. And that's not mentioning parents! One word and they vill be ripping spines out! Self fulfilling, yeah right, to much feminist crap you had to read, my gues. None of Hogwarts wiser... Busted as never before!
Lily alive after 15 years, nice twist. Again, she wasn't AK'd to her stomach. Busted.
Magi-SS... God, if they're ones, what about their age? They are ancient. Not to mention Dumbles win against Griuny there was no mention about Allies wizards. So if M-SS had free reign after 45 why there is so few of them? Armament. Major G unhappy with Russian made weapons, but uses RPG?! But then haves Tigers tanks he had no idea before? There is many excellent German post-45 made weapons, including but nor limited Leopard-2 tanks. They also can bring hundreds if not thousands Imperiused soldiers... So messed up branch of story.
Dumbles all but forgiven, at least for now. If Bella got off...

Just keep going with the story, thank you very much.
Bronze chapter 36 . 4/12
That was typical Dumbledore that! His Greater Good is more important then getting extremely needed help. Then there's Professor Severus Snape. A known and still active Death Eater as well as RAPIST! But because Dumb-Dumb has faith in him he's allowed help destroy Hogwarts. Dumb-Dumb needs to take a vacation to a nice island retreat somewhere in the northern Atlantic called Azkaban. Say two or three thousand years for every year he's been headmaster at Hogwarts. Sure, he won't live that long but, there use to be a prison sentence called Life plus a day. It meant that you remained in prison for at least one day after you died. So in Dumb-Dumb's case it be life plus several thousand years. And as Snape's been raping at least since he became head of Slytherin House, the same sentence applies to him. A Dementor's Kiss would be much, much, too quick and painless a death.
Bronze chapter 35 . 4/12
Long past time to replace he House Elf if he refuses to do his job of caring for the place. I don't think Dumb-Dumb will like anything Daniel has to say tom him. But then it is his own fault. He shirked his responsibilities with Harry and truly dealing with the Death Eaters. Then there's how poor a headmaster he's been.
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