Reviews for Degrassi: The Boring Point, A Parody
Amethyst Beloved chapter 17 . 7/2
The show has a ridiculous amount of school events and a high attendance rate at that. The girls from The Degrassi Experience commented that not a lot of people went to their school's dances. Re: the Anya's mom getting cancer plotline, the hosts from the DegrassiTalks podcast were talking about how it could have been an interesting way to tell a story about teens dealing with a parent being sick. But it really was a way to get Anya and Dr. Chris together, wasn't it?

"Everyone at Degrassi can either play an instrument or act." - that line is so true! And if they don't play an instrument or act, they're fabulous dancers like Bianca and Jack. I was fond enough of the Dave/Sadie story to remember it and reading your parody was lovely. The Holly J choking at Anya's request is still a moment that's being reblogged on Tumblr to this day. Nice Life With Derek mother reference for Fadam! I never watched the show myself but there were enough people who had fun with the coincidence. Especially when Season 13 started and there was talk about Mr. Hollingsworth's "other family".

Fiona was hitting on Clare? FiClare! [insert heart eyed emoji]. Hahaha! I don't remember this scene, but reading about Fiona and Eli makes me happy because they grew to be pretty close.

Ha, were people that uninterested in Drianca? They were treated as the golden couple that should have stayed together after Bianca broke off the engagement in Season 13. Probably the gang plot and almost marriage solidified them for the fans.
Amethyst Beloved chapter 16 . 6/26
Announcer guy is really great. You write him so well. I loved how unimpressed Holly J was during his spiel. Your adoration for Folly J really shines in this chapter and I really enjoyed that. My favourite part is when you jumped in as yourself and were talking about how you called Folly J since season nine. Did they really threaten Eli's life? Hard to imagine considering that he graduated back in Season 12 and is still rattling around in Season 14...
Amethyst Beloved chapter 15 . 6/26
Okay, so now that I see that the Sav and Jenna thing was just a plot device to get her and KC back together, it makes more sense why it's wiped away from my memory. I wonder who this Jess person was that the fandom speculated about. I liked the way you poked fun at the Wesley and Anya plot. Man, the promos must have left a lot of people confused. I really enjoyed the congregation of the empty shells of the characters who never got developed that kidnaped Fiona to convince her to fall in love with Adam.

All right, you have me intrigued. Who in the world is this manufactured boy band made up of teenage boys with emo haircuts and feelings that girls really like because they're not sexually threatening? I still wouldn't buy their CD, though.
Amethyst Beloved chapter 14 . 6/22
You weren't kidding about this being the Really Nutty chapter. Did Clare really go that insane? Can't say I recall even though I do remember the hoarder plot and the tazer story. I'm more fond of Wesley and Dave more than ever considering that their class is graduating and they got shipped off to the Degrassi Bermuda Triangle. Drew and Fiona is making me go blank. I liked the way you made a cameo to pat Eli on the back after he said that Clare was being ridiculous.
Amethyst Beloved chapter 13 . 6/15
The Bianca prediction about her pulling a Jay and becoming an awesome human being came true! Ha, I remember when we thought Alli being shipped to an all-girl school was a write-off. Were we ever wrong. There's that joke where Drew goes after every girl Adam liked at Degrassi but I can't remember Drew/Fiona for the life of me. I love the way you mentioned how Eli's parents must read fanfiction.
Amethyst Beloved chapter 12 . 6/15
What a strong chapter. The conversation between Holly J and edward_cullen - _can_go_die_- cuz_declan_is_- way_hotter_227 was the best way to show how ridiculous the Declan stans were acting and you weaved through some solid information in there as well. Nice catch on the reused uniforms. I think during the next hiatus I might rewatch the episodes starting from mid-Season 11 and I'll try to keep all of this in mind.

The Edwards' divorcing really was out of the blue, isn't it? Because Tristan mentioned that he was having troubles at home on two occasions, my fanfic writing friends are painting a turbulent picture if his parents are interacting.

The use of all those song lyrics was golden.
Amethyst Beloved chapter 11 . 5/16
The Fiona that I remember is the one who dated Imogen even if I was there for the whole ride. Seeing her interact with Declan and Holly J really gets to be nostalgic. Even if I’m not into Declan. I liked how you referred Holly J as Fiona’s nemesis/best friend/girlfriend/rival to cater to all of your readers’ opinions. I love your “everyone on Degrassi ends up at least semi-trying to date everyone else at some point” because it’s SO TRUE. Drew is the perfect example and Tristan staged-dated Maya in Paris.

Declan’s show of wanting Holly J to take him back was everything. What a champion groveller! Wow at Mrs. Edwards complaining like no tomorrow. I guess this is around the time of the divorce. By the way, with all of her screaming she’s giving Mrs. Torres a run for her money. Nice callback to the vibrator — what a plot! I have absolutely no recollection of the District Theatre Awards. Nice cameo by the Voice of Reason.
Amethyst Beloved chapter 10 . 4/17
And so the reign of the ugly school uniforms begin. It will be a long season for these cast members. Ha, ha, Clare's character comes full circle with another uniform. I will never stop praising your intro. It was creative to change the words to fit the music. Ah, Instant Star. Never watched it, but I remember its run right on the tail of the first season of Canadian Idol. It was Epitome's baby. Pff, instead of fiddling around with Open Heart they should just give us MOAR DEGRASSI. Awww, desperate Chantay. It's a wonder she managed to graduate. I don't recall "Don't Be A Slut Class". I love the way Love Queen is sticking around because you make it hilarious every time. To be honest, I don't remember Alli and Bianca's cat fight. Probably because the Season 12 music video of the Bianca/Katie fight is fresher in my memory. Simpson has "parent-phobia"? Why am I not surprised. I enjoyed your PTSD interjection. Ha, Jack Simspon was mentioned in 13B. **Applaudes Simpsons' soliloquy.** Sometimes I miss KC but then again, what the heck would he be doing in Season 14? I like the new faces. Still, I'm enjoying him immensely in this chapter, rage and all. Very nice Mia/Jenna parralel. I liked the pun even if it wasn't intended. You know, we all thought that Alli was going to leave the show after she transferred to the all girl school in Season 11. Then we thought she was going to enter college early in Season 12. But nope, there she is in Season 14, graduating with the rest of her grade like a normal person.

Thanks for making my late shift at work (where I get LOTS of downtime) entertaining! Have a good weekend.
Amethyst Beloved chapter 9 . 4/17
Yup, still here! This season 14 hiatus is killing us and I desperately need a Degrassi fix to keep me going.

On to the Filler Chapter. I wonder who was pre-Season 11 Jess. Ouuu, so we meet an Eli fangirl. What an irrational creature. Loved how you called out Degrasi on their unnaturally long school year. And little fangirl, of course Chantay is a super senior. She was kicking it with Manny and Emma back in her prime. I didn't expect Xanath to make a comeback. Nice jab at Twilight. OMG, just when I thought that your theme song parody couldn't get any funnier, you just went ahead and intellectuallized it! Fantastic! Oh yay, it's the Eclare ninjas. Nice spiel about the downfall of women trying to be in dependant on Degrassi. Wow, the return of Love Queen! Yup, you didn't spare her for a second.

Eli: "Take all the time you need. I was, after all, created to be your boyfriend so you have until we get too old to play teenagers to make up your mind."

Oh sweetie, if you only knew what the writers had in store for you...
Amethyst Beloved chapter 8 . 4/17
So none of my fellow Triles writers are posting anything new so I'm back sooner than you think. What a way to wrap up Season 10! I didn't remember Sav's outfit, but the way you described it was vivid as it is. Man, those Dralli days are all but forgotten these days despite the fact that they'll still on the show four seasons later. I'll say it everytime, but your version of the theme song is delightful and Mrs. Torres continues to be gold. The Eclare French kiss/exam moment resurfaced last fall after Miles told Tristan that they didn't have any trouble with Chemistry after Tristan said they missed Chemistry. We're seriously hoping tha this parallel foreshadows Triles as the next super couple.

The connection between KC and Drew hitting on random sluts while they had girlfriends was great. Excellent job for calling out the boiler room for what it actually was (female pleasure mattering less than make pleasure). Wow, it looks like there were a lot of teams against Holly J and Sav back in the day. The canon Alli and Owen scene was so gross, especially when money came into play. I don't remember Holly J's strip tease at all! Wow pissed off Simpson definitely gives Mrs. Torres a run for her money. My, my, your Atlantaenea sure hit quite the send off and LMAO at Craig's cameo.
Amethyst Beloved chapter 7 . 4/15
At ths pace it looks like I'm reading a chapter a month, but at least I'm not going anywhere. Your running commentary about the characters during the opening credits was superb. Interesting Simpson rant considering the material released in MTV's 14B promo that aired on Sunday. Nice point about Bobby being ugly by Degrassi standards. People knew he was bad news from the start. I liked your idea of the Fanfiction Institute of Degrassi Land. Watching Owen and Fitz continue with their tag-team of insults really makes me wonder why the heck Owen is so glorified in fanfiction. His scenes with Tristan are darling, though. Hmmm, I don't remember Adam hanging out with Fitz at all! But I do remember Riley's king/king nomination because it was absurd that he didn't know everyone was going to see it. Sorry that you couldn't get any mileage out of the silent Mrs. Torres during the PTA meeting. Loved the way you weaved in Folly J.

By the way, did you end up watching the Champagne Supernova mini series where Zig and Miles woke up hungover and handcuffed and spent the day looking for the key? If you did, I recommend reading the night before missing moment parody/romance fic that I wrote called Bromance of the Century. I have a feeling that you would appreciate the humour.
Amethyst Beloved chapter 6 . 3/28
Starting off the chapter with Owen’s “comedic gold” was priceless. Loved Anya telling Riley like it is. My goodness, those derpy lyrics in caps gets me giggling every time, such as “AH CAYUN BE”. Eclare couldn’t have been more written in the stars, which is why I find Triles incredibly fascinating since I didn’t see *them* coming. Lol, fanfiction users changing their names. I picked mine back in 2003 and it’s still my online alias for everything twelve years later. There are some people who change their Tumblr names like crazy.

“What you and I have is canon” - that’s a great line, LMAO. Wow, you are so right about Degrassi holding back their seniors. Hmm, Degrassi did create a new character who would be Adam’s girlfriend, but she was fleshed out in other stories before that actually happened, which I don’t give them enough credit for. Beckdam was sweet. I really liked Adam telling Eli off for being so aloof when he himself has a tough time finding a girl. Woah, Riley had a Hulk moment there. I loved how Zane was confused when girls bid on him.
Amethyst Beloved chapter 5 . 2/13
I need to avoid drinking something and reading this fic because I was *this close* as spitting water all over my keyboard after reading about KC grunting. Sigh, Instant Star. The Degrassi producers had such high hopes for that. Wow, you had a field day with those online jokes aimed towards Connor's predator. Aww, I remember the "the jury is still out on Peter" comment thanks to a gif set. That was cute. People saw that Piley could have been Triles if Peter was bi. Interesting comparisons between Fiona's assaut story and Connor's assault story.
Amethyst Beloved chapter 4 . 2/13
Mary Sues. I was lucky enough to not come across that many of them in the fanfic I enjoy. I adore canon and I appreciate it when my fellow writers do the same. That being said, Atlantaenea sounds like the perfect vessel for a Mary Sue and it was hilarious to read. I loved it how the Three Tenners had a moment in this chapter. Connor had such weird story lines. I will never understand how Holly J and Sav ended up being a thing.
Amethyst Beloved chapter 3 . 1/31
"It is in Canada" - bahahaha! OMG, we live for hockey and don't really care much for football. Isn't that the truth. KC is great. Mrs Torres is everything that I imagined her to be in this fic. I think she's going to be hands down my favourite character. I'm glad that they gave Marisol a best friend. Her scenes with Katie gave her more depth as a character. I liked that ballroom dancing storyline. I knew Jean-Marc from So You Think You Can Dance Canada, so it was cool seeing him on Degrassi as the instructor. Ballroom dancing was my hobby for a few years and that's how I met my husband. Adam's rationalization of why he and and Bianca are meant to be. And then Drew's counter-arguement on why Fiona should be for him. Great chapter, but I was expecting more Riley!
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