Reviews for Of Pyjamas and Ironic Harmonies
Rosettast chapter 162 . 9/30
It was very nice. Do not give up on your writing.
Lilly chapter 137 . 9/26
very beautiful
Sue chapter 125 . 9/25
could have a continuation of that chapter. Was very good
tintinabar7 chapter 49 . 9/23
It was amazing. You need to do a continuation of this chapter, it was excellent. Perfect
Khan chapter 35 . 9/23
It was excellent. Could have a continuation
Someone chapter 6 . 6/2
Another lol worthy chapter. And I did not know that about Vladimir Nabokov, but I refuse to google it to verify.
Someone chapter 5 . 6/2
This is a humorous one shot: though I am mildly horrified that Yuffie decides to test this theory during happy hour. Some drunk may try to assault her and then Tifa would be forced to put him down.
esobb chapter 162 . 5/1
This couple is crazy and a lot of fun. Continue with the excellent writing
Erilin-chan chapter 162 . 5/1
I liked this melding of classic office party and romance. Very cute!
Erilin-chan chapter 159 . 4/24
Awww, this is cute! You could definitely post this as a oneshot. I like the deeper analysis of Vincent's state of mind.
Erilin-chan chapter 155 . 4/22
Teehehe, the last few chapters have definitely been fluffy which is always fun. Tough luck Vincent, try another tactic to persuade her to wear a dress - maybe ten scoops of ice cream? :p
Erilin-chan chapter 146 . 4/20
Oooh, I like the idea of her getting cold feet. In a way I suppose it fits her pretty well as she likes to run from hard questions.
Erilin-chan chapter 140 . 4/19
Hahahaha. That is one way to get over a breakup.
Erilin-chan chapter 135 . 4/19
34 is not autumn! Still like the calmer more mature stories so Yuffie - as she staples tailcoats (great idea!)
Erilin-chan chapter 128 . 4/19
That's a question you never contemplate! (at least not in print!) Anyway apparently the claw can be taken off. I mean it does have it's uses clawing through monsters but he really needs to take it off around people.
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