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sweetdreams1 chapter 2 . 6/8/2012
[We have the right person. They were wrong. I wasn't who they were looking for. Why would they want me? I was plain! I was boring. I was a nineteen year old virgin! And suddenly it was like a light bulb was switched on in my head. I was a virgin. Didn't virgins sell better or some shit like that? No, but wait- how would they know that I was a virgin? They couldn't. Even if they had been watching me it wasn't like I publicly broadcast that I was a virgin.]

From Chapter 3:

[I felt so humiliated, being drug naked across his lap and having my ass busted like I was but a mere child he was correcting instead of the twenty three year old woman I was.]


1. I was confused by these conflicting inner thoughts of Bella. Is she 19 or is she 23? I know she's still in college. And chapter one sounded like she was just getting adjusted to college that makes me think she's only a freshman or sophomore. That fits with the 19 statement (thought) she made in chapter one.

Thanks in advance for clearing up my confusion.
LokiLova chapter 13 . 6/6/2012
This story is amazing!

I really hope you update it.
Lindberg chapter 13 . 6/4/2012
Wow just... wow. There is some serious good writing here. All the background for the J/A relationship really gives it a believable vibe too. I love it! I'm betting the reason you haven't updated for so long is because someone has given you a book deal. Which is awesome. For you. For the fans, myself included now, who are dying to read the rest, waiting for the update is just maddening.

I only wish that Bella weren't as 'old' as 23... shouldn't she then be graduated already if she were that age? At least with a BS degree I mean. Also, a twenty-three-year old non-religious gorgeous virgin just seems... rather unlikely.

Anyway, those are my two cents, hope I get rewarded with a sneak peek for chapter 14. One can always hope.
Rayzen chapter 13 . 6/3/2012
I really like this story and I hope that you continue it but I know that reality does not always allow you to update when you want to. I hope that everything is ok with you all and that you are able to update soon :)
ellaella chapter 1 . 6/1/2012
Vampire-WolfGirl101 chapter 12 . 5/30/2012
please update soon! i'm begging you i check every day!
Irishbabe23 chapter 12 . 5/27/2012
you have to update i am addicted to this story. i look forward to reading this every week... really need chapter 14 please
sweetdreams1 chapter 13 . 5/26/2012
1. WTH? Of course she ate in nice restaurants Bal. She didn't come from a poverty rampant third world country and her dad is a professional. Your slave Makenna and Bella are worlds apart. Just because Makenna thinks her life is 100 times better than it was previously...doesn't mean Bella feels the same way. For Bella this is the exact opposite. God...what a smug bastard he is.

2. And why would Jasper think Bella would view Makenna and Bal as anything other than sick? Is he that freaking clueless? I guess he is.

3. Jasper didn't save Bella from anything. No, he has robbed her of EVERYTHING. He's evil to the core. He has taken her away from her dad, family, etc. She had a full life for God's sake. She was in college. A young independent girl about to embark on her adulthood once she graduated from college. She had goals and dreams. She was excited about finding the love of her life, a satisfying career, and eventually motherhood.

Any and everything that IS Bella, he thru mind manipulation and physical torture is trying to eradicate. From her hairstyle and normal clothing to her literal essence.

We were all born with an innate sense to fight for our freewill, our freedom, our choice. Bella will NEVER willingly give up her freedom and choice.

He may eventually break/beat her into mental/physical submission but she will NEVER freely of her own volition give herself away to a mindless existence. Nor will she feel anything for this heartless bastard but unadulterated HATE.

One of two things will ultimately happen here. She will be beaten so many times that eventually he will break her spirit...but he will be left with a permanently mindless, going thru the motions only young girl that at one time was full of life and love. She'll basically end up the way she was after the auction block violence that lasted 2 weeks. Only this time she won't snap out of it.

Or...she will continue to hold onto her innate desire for freedom and continue to despise and fight him as best she can to keep what's rightfully hers until she can find that window of opportunity to escape, however tiny it is.

4. Beating her that badly and then forcing her to sit on sandpaper? He is pure unadulterated evil. Wow! Oh and let's not forget STUPID! Because anyone with common sense (forget my medical background) knows that she is in serious, serious risk of developing a life threatening staph invasion from the paper breaking her skin barrier.
sweetdreams1 chapter 12 . 5/26/2012
["And the pantry incident?" Jasper asked, his eyes hardening.

"Cuidado de." Said Stefan, his eyes also narrowed, "We took care of him and left him alive for you to deal with as you saw fit."

"I want to pull off his fingers one by one and shove a grenade up his ass and watch him explode into tiny pieces," Jasper growled, "Remind me why I keep him here?"

"They are the best we have in maintaining innocence in the legal system when one is guilty and the other isn't. With them it can't be proved because they do their jobs so well." Vladimir said with a shrug, "You get rid of one and it wrecks the setup. It is you who will not kill an innocent. Aunque creo que deberia hacer una excepcion. Just as long as you're sure you are picking the right one."

By now my head was slightly dizzy from going back and forth as the men conversed between each other. But, my mind was completely lost. What in the hell did that mean? To get rid of one you wreck the setup? And who in the hell was the innocent?]

1. And there's the confirmation! Ooooo I love it when authors throw in these little mysteries you have to solve. Psssst...Bella...honey...think about'll get it if you just put the pieces together!

2. The setup is perfect for the ass commonly known as Jasper! He employs a set of identical twins. The evil one carries out the cruel, violent orders Jasper gives him. There is no way to prove it. There would always be an alibi in place for James with regards to the legal system.
sweetdreams1 chapter 11 . 5/26/2012
[I padded my way down the hall and down the stairs, pushing against the swinging door so it would open just enough for me to slip through. Once in though, I froze immediately upon seeing James sitting on the counter and laughing with a couple of other guys. I suppose he saw the movement of the door and that caught his attention because his eyes landed on me soon thereafter.

"Isabella, I take it?" He asked politely. I didn't understand why he was acting like he'd never met me before, but there wasn't the cocky confidence that was obvious in his voice before.]

1. Oh yeah...we are definitely dealing with identical twins here. That's where her confusion is coming from. She's reading evil James's just that she's now bumping into his decent twin brother too but she doesn't realize it's a twin!


[I picked up the one containing rice and turned around to head back out only to stop in my tracks. I had known it was too good to be real. There blocking the doorway was James, his sinister grin making its reappearance.

"Hello again, Isabella." He said as he made his way closer to me. On instinct, I backed away, not thinking how little room I had behind me until I bumped into the shelves. I almost dropped the canister, but tightened my grip at the last second, watching as James step forward quickly to catch it if it did fall. I wished desperately that either someone would come in or he would find a reason to leave, quickly. Instead he came closer and took the heavy glass container from my hands and set it on a shelf before placing an arm on either side of me to prop himself on the shelves. I was now stuck like Chuck.

He leaned in close, towards my neck, and took a deep breath in, letting his eyes fall shut before bringing his face right in front of mine.

"It's too bad we haven't gotten to know one another better so far. I've been off on business for the past week. That's alright though, we can make up for lost time." His voice was deceptively sweet and gentle. His eyes kept darting to my lips and I thought I was about to have a panic attack. This man very apparently thought that I was a 'free to use' commodity.]

2. And there it is! James just told her he has been gone for the last week on business. Yet she has encountered him (so she thought) in the last 2 days. Her encounter has been with James identical twin! Who must not be a dirtbag like James is.
sweetdreams1 chapter 10 . 5/26/2012
" After I reached the top of the stairs, I instantly froze as I saw James coming down the hall. He spared me a glance and a light nod and kept on going. It puzzled me because that was unlike him. He showed no interest when before I could see the gleam of intrigue in his eyes quite plainly. I hurried on my way and locked myself into Jasper's room before he could change his mind and come back to harass me".

1. I believe James has an identical twin. She just encountered his twin in the hallway!
Rima2000 chapter 2 . 5/25/2012
Do you plan to continue this story...or have you kind of lost interest in it? I really liked it, and hope you do finish it. I didn't think I ever reviewed chapter I decided to try to contact you through a review. I have read through chapter 11 and think you have done a great job of story telling...the characters are complex...the tension and suspense build up really well chapter to chapter going forward. I think you are a gifted writer and hope you decide to continue with it.
just-a-dream92 chapter 13 . 5/22/2012
I really love this story but I've noticed that you haven't updated in almost 7 months!

Have you finished with this story?
charleexx8 chapter 13 . 5/17/2012
Ahh so suspenseful love love what's he going to do update ASAP pleasaaaaaassssssseeee

Pleassssee update I've waited so long I lve the way you write,

Not many story's are like this and I love am waitinnnnnnggg

Love love charl
filmdork chapter 13 . 5/13/2012
Interesting story. I'd like to see where it goes, though you have not updated in awhile.
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