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parkesy23 chapter 20 . 11/3
Well damn. Aweosme chapter. Thank you
Guest chapter 20 . 11/3
Poor Bella
Missysue32 chapter 20 . 11/3
Oh my, my, my that was rough chapter (because of the almost rape in this chapter)...! You sure had me on the edge of my seat. It was a great chapter though. I can’t wait for another update! I’m of course still addicted to this story!
Sukiethree chapter 20 . 11/3
I’ve never read Jasper/ Bella - I’m a die hard Bella/Edward reader. But this had me in the edge of my seat wanting to go back and read it all. Just one question. What part does Edward play?
Nicoconsd chapter 20 . 11/3
Wow this chapter was so heavy on so many different levels... but I gotta ask cause I wasn't sure and it's just bugging me to no end not knowing for sure... So did James actually penetrate? Or was he still gearing up and getting close? I wasn't sure. At first I thought yes but then as the chapter moved on I thought maybe not and then at the end when she said she was ruined I thought yes again... I just gotta know which one! I'm also super curious how this brings them closer together. Will it help more than hinder? And how the heck did James get in! Another great chapter can't wait for the next one! :)
TheMalachai11 chapter 1 . 11/2
jeoliverio chapter 20 . 11/2
Another great chapter. I just wish the updates were more frequent.
CentauRita chapter 20 . 11/2
Oh my gosh. Can I breathe, now? I think I forgot to suck any air into my lungs as I read this chappie. I hung onto every word.

Jasper to the rescue. James was quickly dispatched and made an example of by Jasper. Good riddance to snake in the grass, James, I say.

After all that has happened to Bella, fruit loop(51/50) would seem her , her Needs are now outweighing her Wants. Hmmmmm ;}

Thank you for your reprieve from your cliffhangers.[my NOSE, especially, thanks you]
I'll try my best to have patience, until your next update.
Such talent...,'forget paint-by-numbers...painting-with-words is just...more,'freaking awesome'.

CentauRita, NorCal Gal

On November 4th it'll be, Nationl Doughnut Day.

Q:What do you see when the Pillsbury Dough Boy bends over?

A policeman pulls a man over for speeding and asks him to get out of the car. After looking the man over he says, "Sir, I couldn't help but notice your eyes are bloodshot. Have you been drinking?" The man gets really annoyed and says, "Officer, I couldn't help but notice your eyes are glazed. Have you been eating doughnuts?"
christylou chapter 20 . 11/2
Wow, quite a lot of action with this chapter! This is the kind of stuff I've been waiting years for! Not that I want Bella to be hurt, but to for James to make a move...for Bella and Jasper to have physical contact! And just him mentioning anything physical, even if to ask her if anything happened to her...
I am on pins and needles for more to come from this. Will they discuss it? What kind of past experience does she even have really?
Would like to have a his pov on this most recent chapter.
luinrina chapter 20 . 11/2
I knew it - it was James and it would be bad. Thank goodness Jasper and Peter were there in time to prevent it from really going down the drain. Bella can be glad that Jasper's anger wasn't directed at her. I'm even sort of proud of him for working hard to keep his anger at bay enough to not scare Bella too much after what happened in the pantry and the day before in the office. It shows only once again that he cares for her in his way.

"Except, that punishment is far too light to match what we've learned in the last few moments" - I suppose James had something to do with the spies from that rival cartel, maybe even led them to the property or at least leaked inside information? Why else would Jasper kill him for treason? At least I'm glad Jasper turned her around and blocked out sound for her so that she didn't have to witness too much of that execution. That's another tell of how much Jasper cares for Bella. I really hope James' gang got the message and not tries anything stupid like taking revenge for that.

I really liked how you handled Bella's reactions throughout the whole chapter. It would just be her to want to spare her almost-rapist's life, then her need to be held to feel safe, the need to scrub herself down, the breakdown in the shower, the numbness and then again the need to be held safely. Also, Jasper's reactions - talking quietly to her, holding her, talking her down from hyperventilation and then the smoke shotgunning when she wasn't able to hold the bong herself - show once again how observant he is to read her this quickly and provide her with what she needs the most in these moments.

This chapter really proved in what a dilemma Bella's in: she can trust Jasper to keep her safe whilst, at the same time, he is the source of her current situation as his property. I suppose if not for those conflicting thoughts and emotions, Bella would long since have given herself to him. I'm now partly torn too - one the one hand, I'd love to see her stay strong and fight to get back home, but on the other hand, I'm excitedly looking forward to the moment when she falls for him and he puts these rumors James talked about to good use. xD

To sum up: Gripping chapter from beginning to end, and I can't wait for the next update!

PS: I'm sort of glad you sent out the teaser only a day before updating. To me it was more torture than teaser cause I had to wait until you updated with the full chapter! LOL That doesn't mean that I don't want teasers anymore. ;) I *love* teasers - as long as I don't have to wait too long for the full chapter to follow. (I hope that rambling made sense. LOL)
Tommy14 chapter 20 . 11/2
How terrifying for Bella. You did a great job showing Bella's emotion's especially the shower scene. I can see why Bella is confused between hating Jasper and feeling safe with him. I think she's right in dealing with it later and just taking care of her needs much can she take without breaking..she's been so strong dealing with her situation. I would love to see the reaction to her attack from Jasper, Charlotte and Peter's POV.
monica03 chapter 20 . 11/2
Poor Bella. She can't catch a break. And her Stockholm Syndrome just kicked into overdrive too. Glad that she won't have to worry about James anymore. I wonder what all his other employees think about him having bought her and what is really going on behind closed doors. Great chapter, always brightens my day when I hear you've updated! :)
Guest chapter 20 . 11/2
Wow, poor Bella. James, you asshole! I really started to question if she would be saved or not.

Will be interesting to see how this changes their dynamic. Especially because I’m assuming Bella is going to screw up again eventually and will Jasper be able to punish her considering his feelings are being revealed more and more.

Love this story so much! Thanks for your great talent.

janjan2009 chapter 20 . 11/2
Really powerful chapter
Taylor The Sweetheart chapter 20 . 11/2
Can't wait for more!
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