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Tori-Da-Mutt chapter 15 . 6/25/2023
Ah, the return to that old thought. "They're my family and I love them, but they don't agree, don't get it, and some of them don't want to."
Tori-Da-Mutt chapter 14 . 6/25/2023
I always felt like not seeing the families Ever was a waste of potential. And ngl "theres a party to attend" has always been one of my favorite tropes.
Tori-Da-Mutt chapter 13 . 6/25/2023
It's nice to see a Kakashi who can say things instead of being emotionally constipated enough he can't even admit to having friends
Tori-Da-Mutt chapter 12 . 6/25/2023
I know how it feels to be really unsatisfied with something you've written, especially a chunk of a larger work that just doesn't feel *right.* For what it's worth, I like the slightly choppy, back-and-forth of it. It fits well with the semi-domesticity established as the tone for the fic. I think you mentioned in previous chapter notes, that this isn't an action/adventure, it's a romcom slow-burn.
Tori-Da-Mutt chapter 11 . 6/24/2023
I love the ladies getting to be badasses. They so strong love a woman who can kick my ass
Tori-Da-Mutt chapter 10 . 6/24/2023
Ooh this was always one of my favorite arcs! Two workaholics, accusing the other of being a workaholic and completely ignoring their hypocrisy! The time away for them to be like "It's fine. It's fine. ... I miss them :c"
Tori-Da-Mutt chapter 9 . 6/24/2023
Ah, the lovely slow-burn of Realizations. "Oh, you're not a child anymore, you're my friend" to "Oh, you're like, my /best/ friend" to "Oh I'm more comfortable talking to you than anyone else in my life" to "Oh wait you're attractive- wait you're attractive TO ME?"
Tori-Da-Mutt chapter 8 . 6/24/2023
It can be so *jarring* to talk to someone and realize you know almost nothing about them. And I have sympathy for Sakura, and her relationship with her mom. Being queer enough that it's a major part of my identity, I hit similar snags with my parents- its not that they disapprove, but they don't get it, and most of the time it's just easier and less exhausting to not mention it and go with the flow. I stopped really telling them about things outside of work and making plans for visits. It's just easier not to bring it up.
Tori-Da-Mutt chapter 7 . 6/24/2023
I love that Sakura keeps her hand-me-down Mom's sewing kit in her dresser. That's usually a place people imply to keep valuables, so she obviously values it a lot, but she also hands it off without any real hesitation, even if she isn't convinced she'll get it back. And Kakashi appearing at random, with no warning, and acting like nothing unusual is happening? Peak Kakashi behavior.
Tori-Da-Mutt chapter 6 . 6/24/2023
I like the mentality you give the ninken. Animals are definitely more upfront about things, as long as you speak their language. And the not-too-gentle nudges to stop sulking are real good.
I know I just left the comment a couple chapters back about "let them grieve" but in counterpoint- you can't let grief run your life. If you live your whole life grieving something or someone, you aren't really living.
Tori-Da-Mutt chapter 5 . 6/24/2023
I agree with your notes- medics are /so/ badass and it's disappointing that that fact isn't utilized more. Like. That's a person who knows how to fix people, and sometimes fixing it means breaking it more first. Add in jutsu-magic and that's someone who looks death in the eyes and says Fuck Off
Tori-Da-Mutt chapter 4 . 6/24/2023
It's always nice to see Kakashi in a portrayal that's not "He's a good ninja but he's a cardboard cutout of a person"
I especially like him fleshed out as Caring. I might not have finished the anime but I'm confident enough in my beliefs- a guy doesn't act like that if he doesn't care.
Tori-Da-Mutt chapter 3 . 6/24/2023
I love the puppies so much. They're vicious war dogs, I know, but they would also give fantastic cuddles.
I appreciate you giving Sakura the space to grieve. He was important to her, and even when someone does awful things they're important, and you have to let yourself grieve, them or the person you used to know or who you thought they were or who they could have been. Maybe he was a traitor, maybe he was never kind to her, but his presence affected her and probably always will.
Tori-Da-Mutt chapter 2 . 6/24/2023
I'm sorry I read "obscenely long shower" and then a paragraph later "a half hour of bliss" and I died. Honey my showers are /usually/ a half hour, unless I have company. An obscenely long shower for my is like. A whole hour, part of which will be spent sitting on the floor and pretending it's warm rain. (Jokes and light-hearted, obviously, no offense intended)
And good LORD I forgot how much I love Kakashi being snarky! "There's this annoying pain when I breathe" you little fucker! And the bit at the end, putting his foot in it! I love that you let Sakura feel things. And you let her be sensitive and insecure about something from training, because it did matter to her! It was a big deal! It mattered and it changed her entire arc!
Tori-Da-Mutt chapter 1 . 6/24/2023
I forgot my login so technically-anonymous it is

I'm participating in a summer fic reading bingo, and one of my blocks was "fic from your first fandom." I have a few good ones faved but yours just felt good, and also wasn't part of a series I'd feel compelled to finish lol. So I'm gonna try to leave a review on every chapter!

For this one- I really like how you filled in exposition. It gets the reader up to speed on roughly what's going on and what's happened up to now, but it doesn't feel like "Okay, I'm doing this, this is what happened, it won't be important for ages but here's everything you need to know okay let's go!" It flows really well.
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