Reviews for Crimson Sea
lemartes chapter 2 . 8/9/2010
very nice chapter, can't wait to see more.
raziel44 chapter 2 . 8/9/2010
Great is one of my fav characters so it's interesting to see him is he going to reuse Kamui in the future to get back?

And i am thinking that he will have Peter's ability,now that would be cool but that would make him over..over powered xD.

Keep up the good work.
HolyKnight5 chapter 2 . 8/8/2010
Oddly? Madara would be hated and feared...specially for the concept of MORE people like him emerging on their world...and to bring an end to the order of this world...

Hmm...If Madara can summon a Bijuu...would a bijuu be capable of moving land-masses, or cause new ones to emerge?
matrice chapter 2 . 8/8/2010
A good chapter. I am looking forward to his upcoming confrontation.
MrNeedsToRemoveAllFavs chapter 2 . 8/8/2010
That's probably why Madara started using the intangibility. He thrives in War and Hatred, and doesn't want to tempt himself into derailing his plans.

In this, he has no plans, so he has no reason to invent/use it.
Ninpou chapter 2 . 8/8/2010
I love madara his personality!
Lord Edric chapter 2 . 8/8/2010
Sweet idea, Madara in the OP world and being him, I think you have hit gold with this, again. you have the best story ideas ever I can wait for the next chapter
pkp033 chapter 2 . 8/8/2010
I like Naruto/OP crossovers so I obviously like your story. Good luck on the continuation of Crimson Sea
CrossyCross chapter 2 . 8/8/2010
Madara as a good guy, who likes comitting unspeakable acts of violence.

Can anyway say: epic win?
deltabeta26 chapter 2 . 8/8/2010
. . . . .i've never been able to find another type of fanfiction main character where i liked them until now, naruto is the only one i can stand i'm neutral to and like the stories with him as the main character but other characters? luffy? no, goku? hmmmm...nope, ichigo? yea-no, any supporting characters? hehe. . . .no. . . .i have never had the opportunity to read a story with madara as "the" main character, and let me tell you, unlike everyone else besides naruto he has not been shifted to my sh!t list, in fact i'm heavily anticipating future chapters of this story especially seeing as with a new main character comes new basic main character morals. . . .no more naruto style "mercy to thy enemies" this will be madara style "kill thy enemies with their own red hot branding iron" and i am definitely looking forward to it
Soulbow109 chapter 2 . 8/8/2010
love this story especially mandara lol can't wait for next chapter by the way why not have him be the one it save boa since then she will be in his debt which can be useful, just any idea i got. I suppose u can also do something similar with robin too. Both can be useful in the future Robin is smart and in the anime a people in the Rebel army apparently look up to her Mandara can possibly use that to his advantage and boa is a warlord in the future which can also be really useful Especially with how strong she gets.
Lord of Murder chapter 2 . 8/7/2010
very awesome.
KayVon chapter 2 . 8/7/2010
Seriously your two new stories just take the cake man. I'm expecting intrigue and deception from your Geass story and sweet, sweet battles from this one. Kudos to you man.
DarkghostX chapter 2 . 8/7/2010
Fuck yes.

Original idea, well executed to boot.

I hope you post more for this fic often.
karthik9 chapter 2 . 8/7/2010
it is excellent chapter i look forward to future updates
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