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It'sHardIKnow chapter 66 . 9/19
It'sHardIKnow chapter 65 . 9/19
I just
It'sHardIKnow chapter 64 . 9/19
I just -
Guest chapter 66 . 9/15
Hi. I'm not new here to ur story but definitely my first time reviewing a fanfic. I just want to say I have been following your work ever since i stumbled upon eros and psyche. Your writing skills are so damn good, I love it. Waiting eagerly for the next chappie. I'm sorry I couldn't review for every other chapter because I thought you needed an account to review a fanfic. Anyway Please continue soon! xxx
zenskirijec chapter 66 . 9/16
Please update soon!
Guest chapter 66 . 9/12
Please end it as soon as possible!
RosetheHufflepuff chapter 66 . 9/11
ahhhh so I lost this story and finally found it again omg omg omg I need more!
Guest chapter 1 . 9/8
Stunning! The chapters are just beautiful and the plot is captivating enough to satisfy and leave me wanting more at the same time! Thank you
Linyke chapter 66 . 9/9
Amazing story! Please don’t leave us hanging! I can’t wait for the next chapter.
Guest chapter 66 . 9/5
I keep refreshing Google so many times in hope that you would've updated that Google asked me if I was a robot and I spent the next 10 mins pointing out pictures with bicycles to prove to Google that I was not.
In short, desperately waiting for an update.
Jennifer chapter 66 . 9/4
I started this series a month or so ago and have been avidly awaiting a new chapter. I've also gotten at least 2 of my friends into it and we all love it! So please, author, know that you've got an eager fan base that wants to see the series through with you! :)
YaoFen chapter 65 . 9/5
So Draco’s just found out that Hermione’s about to be raped like he was, and he’s not freaking out FOR her, he’s freaking for HIMSELF? Because “she’s his”, like a possession? Wtf Draco? Misogyny is such a turn off.
Guest chapter 1 . 9/2
New chapters soon? Please?!
Followersinclong chapter 66 . 9/2
Ignotus Peverell is one of Harry’s ancestors. We know that since he was the one who’d passed the invisibility cloak to his son and it had followed through his descendants and that’s how Harry has it. We now know Sabrina was a Peverell too. With no siblings, just like Harry. Then we see Eros’ physical description matches that of Harry’s to detail, with the exception of wings because Eros is a Fae.

Now, the Malfoys are probably ranked back to as old as the Peverells themselves because one of Draco’s ancestors, Septimus Malfoy was the one who’d won the gamble against Sabrina’s father.

We see that both Eros and Psyche have plotted a revenge against Draco. He’s a descendant of Septimus Malfoy, who was the reason why Sabrina was introduced to the life she had. If he’d married her, that was another story altogether and we wouldn’t be wild-guessing here. Had Septimus married her and given her a child, she would have led a happy, peaceful life. But he didn’t. He was already married and had still gone ahead and spoiled Sabrina’s life with his actions. Maybe that’s why Psyche desperately wants a child from Draco, to have finally succeeded in conceiving a child from the same family who’d denied her that right? Since Eros and Psyche can’t avenge their sufferings against Septimus, they find it just to inflict their revenge on Draco, instead. Draco, to them, seems to be the perfect target of their punishments for all that they had to endure as both- mates and lovers.

Where does Harry fit in all of these, I wonder. Since he and Sabrina, both seem to be a descendant of the Peverell clan... what role does this put him in their fight against Eros and Psyche. Then there’s this... Who’s Eros, actually? What is his real name? Who are his predecessors and why does he resemble Harry with such accuracy? It seems to me that Harry is related to both of them, somehow. Eros and Psyche, I mean. Then is he the person amongst all those playing, to eradicate them both with the power he still knows not? He’s already overcome his enmity (if that’s the word) with Draco, then what else could there be to trigger him in favor of or against Draco, I wonder. Would he be goaded into anger and into acting against Draco in a bid to avenge the honor of one of his female ancestors, which had been so brutally tarnished by Draco’s ancestor? And if he resembles Eros (or the other way round), would he also avenge Eros’ inability to be with his lover because of Septimus? And if yes, how? And if it’s a no, what is the reason of such links? He doesn’t have a true wizarding name. Does that in any manner play a role, in the main scheme of things?

This has taken a very interesting and a deeply fascinating turn. I find it even more gripping that this was the plot all along and we are only learning about it now. I find myself wishing not for the first time that the updates be longer and frequent. Dear writer, kudos to you for managing to yet again keep us on our toes, trying to make sense of the mystery you’re throwing at us. Please write soon. I’d love to know if my line of thought is correct or I’m off to a very wild tangent with my stupid guesses, leading me nowhere.
AnnaMerteuil chapter 66 . 9/1
I can't see who's Eros is taking revenge of nor who's he looks like
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