Reviews for Eros & Psyche
MLB-lovesHGDM chapter 65 . 16h
Such a good story when is the next chapter coming?
Guest chapter 65 . 7/13
when re u posting again
Kate chapter 65 . 7/12
Whatttttt? I didn't catch it!
A stranger chapter 65 . 7/12
Just a question did ya chose blaise father to be from morroco purposefouly or not? Not to worry ya just asking
My ivory girl chapter 65 . 7/12
Florence Nightmare chapter 1 . 7/13
i really love this story. i can't wait for the next episodecc
Christine chapter 65 . 7/10
I hope that, somehow, between Blaise & Ginny with the living Sabrina and Draco & Hermione with the horcrux Sabrina, that they can kill them both. Maybe take out Eros, too. Looking forward to more chapters! And thank you for leaving the story here for now...
Wolfxo88 chapter 65 . 7/12
Am waiting for the next chapter anxiously!
Guest chapter 65 . 7/10
Please update! I’ve waited so long for this chapter and I can’t stand not knowing what’ll happen next!
Lady Sundowne chapter 65 . 7/11
OMG! What a place to stop! Hoping you have the next chapter (and ending) up soon. What an awesome story you have written. Its difficult to do any housework or anything really when you've got your nose stuck reading this! Waiting patiently... You're an amazing author!
AquiViva chapter 65 . 7/11

I love this story so much, I am so so happy you had a chance to do more updates!

I will start following this story on AO3 as well, just so I don't miss anything!

I love the subtle foreshadowing you do. Overall, your writing is amazing.
janjan2009 chapter 65 . 7/10
Soooooo good!
Guest chapter 1 . 7/8
The only reason my mind is at peace is because I know it has a happy ending.
megp10 chapter 65 . 7/9
Once again a beautiful chapter as always! Your ability to write continues to amaze and impress me and the direction your story goes in also has me on my toes! Keep up the great work!
Ankita Sahani chapter 65 . 7/7
Holy shit! What the hell did just happen?! They both need to die. Eros and Psyche both need to die.
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