Reviews for Eros & Psyche
Jordi.Storey chapter 61 . 10h
First and foremost: Update update update!

Secondly, my deepest sympathies and well wishes towards you and your family. Stay strong and Godspeed.
MidoriMine chapter 1 . 11h
Holy shit, what happens now!?
Hidden.Forever chapter 61 . 13h
oh hell how am I supposed to sleep now?
Hidden.Forever chapter 58 . 14h
Hidden.Forever chapter 55 . 14h
wtf. i'm scared. and entertained. nice job with the whole fic btw!
Guest chapter 61 . 6/22
I've said it before- this is by far the best and most delightfully complex work of fan fiction I have read. Thank you for updating- I eagerly await the next chapter, so please don't make us wait too long!
Ebullientjenn chapter 1 . 6/24
Omg I thought this was completed... please finish? We will be here waiting patiently...
dramione chapter 61 . 6/22
It's been ages sinces you've updated... Pls can you finally finish this story before concentrating on other stories... It's getting tiring to wait and read a chapter every 4-5 months.. Pls finish this story soon..
MerJeuneFille chapter 1 . 6/23
It's been five years since I found this story for the first time and I am SO HAPPY that you're updating it again! It's amazing and I love all of the pairings so much, and I just can't even express how pleased I am that I found it again and that it'll (hopefully) be finished soon!
VATrish chapter 61 . 6/23
damn, 6 years and running... this is the only WIP that i've been waiting for the longest time... like damn, and i can't share any theories right now because i'm still in the dark
Guest chapter 61 . 6/21
This is so good! Can't wait to read the end!
Anon171717 chapter 61 . 6/20
This is actually too much for my poor heart to take (in the best way of course). This story is more dramatic than award winnng tv shows and I am so happy that you've come back to it! 2017 is a good year to finish things *wink wink* so hopefully you get the inspiration to tie off all the strings in this wonderfully complex web. Are you thinking a round 70 chapters, or less than that, in the sixties?
BrujitaLuna chapter 61 . 6/22
OMG! OMG! I'm dying right now!
Please, please, you have to update. This is an amazing masterpiece. And that plot twist!
Gosh, I need more!
MichelleBooks chapter 61 . 6/20
OMG this has to be THE BEST fanfic I've ever read! Please update soon! Can't wait for the next chapter
lauritadh0294 chapter 61 . 6/20
Merliiiiiiiiiin, when I first found this story I thought that it would be all smut and love haha, but really the whole thing with Eros and the horrcrux is an amazing plot twist! I can't wait for the next chapter
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