Reviews for The Price of a Broken Heart
debnin chapter 14 . 8/20
you got me crying man!
debnin chapter 13 . 8/20
up to the next chapter
debnin chapter 12 . 8/20
oh man this is good this is really good!
debnin chapter 10 . 8/20
I haven't read anything good in a while and this fiction has been posted for a while too I don t know why I didn't read before.
glo4twilight chapter 26 . 8/9
Ohhh nooo! Im so gonna miss these guys. What a frickin fantastic story. You rock it big time with your amaze balls writing skills. Thankyou so much for sharing this very captivating story. As i said in the beginning how much of a wuss i am but I'm so thankful i stuck with it. It's one of the best stories I've read. Looooove this e&b and will. Well and everybody lol.
glo4twilight chapter 25 . 8/9
this chapter was absolutely frickin awesome! so much in it. i love the proposal awwww. will and edward were fantastic! the labour was pretty hilarious and when the babies were born awwww sooo frickin wonderful. edward being so emotional and in love with all his boys. what a wonderful family! as for jacob he just seemed a little toooo intimate to bella for my liking it's a good thing he's gay!lol
glo4twilight chapter 24 . 8/6
oh wow too little too late. but how very sad and at least he didnt die a bitter man and made attempts to make amends knowing that all the damage had been done. so tragic to die that way realising how badly youd treated your family. sad but excellent chapter i think underneath all that hurt and rejection edward really did still love him.
glo4twilight chapter 23 . 8/5
what an incredible child you have written will as. its so sad that he did feel to hide what he was doing from everyone just to protect them. hes amazing. so sad reading about little edward and emmett tho...heartbreaking. such a shame that carlisle turned into such a prick. but now i feel this is probably the last chapter in edwards healing and when is he going to ask bella to marry him?!lol
glo4twilight chapter 22 . 8/5
oh wow i just knew he must've been talking to him on the phone. how in the world did he kill him omg poor will. i'm so pissed that edward didn't find him but i need to quickly go to read the next chapter!
glo4twilight chapter 21 . 8/5
hahaha edward is such a crack up with his fainting! i'm so surprise that bella didn't even pick up on her own pregnancy. love that they're pregnant again. will is going to have a little brother or sister. excellent chapter loved everything about it!
glo4twilight chapter 20 . 8/5
lol i love how he says 'fuck yeah i'm jealous...
glo4twilight chapter 19 . 8/5
omg did you do it justice?! what sort of question is that.. you fucking rocked it gf! i was so lovely and sad and i was so mad at esme for what she did and at bella for going with that motherfucker as edward put it lol! but them once william was different i knew something was up and was so glad that she was there...awwww *sniff* finally again they after all there's years even tho they never stopped loving each other they declared openly their love for each other looooove your work. and of course that lemon was very passionate yet sensual tender and intense.
glo4twilight chapter 17 . 8/5
wow so much in this chapter. so glad will snapped out of his funk. i was rather pleasantly surprised when he showed up at the session. as for kate...ummmm awkward?!...weird that he would go to see a therapist where his ex fuck buddy works...hmmm. as for carlisle i wonder what he's up to. maybe he's trying to make amends in some way? i don't know what a man with his mind would be thinking. i mean edward did say that he used to be such a wonderful man but something changed. oh well whatever the case at least he didn't hurt will when he went to see him. now it's time for edward to man up and fess up to his feelings.
glo4twilight chapter 16 . 8/4
Omg now bella i think has overeacted she should've calmly asked before going off her nuts lol. Love how possessive and jealous edward and his son are lol. I wonder if carlisle did it. But i dont know is his ass broke lol
glo4twilight chapter 15 . 8/4
oh man i'm so glad that dick didn't stick around there's no telling what carlisle is up to. edwards mom is still trying to cover his ass. omg. anyways i love how edward is fiercely protective of his new family loving this so much!
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