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flanduslover1 chapter 26 . 12/12/2021
this is probably one of my all time favorites Edward and bella stories. you didn't make it easy for them to come back together it took some time.. but also the hardship and when they finally did get back together it was amazing. Will was written so amazingly and his characteristics was well maintained Into adulthood I respected that. but also the back that Will had a similar story to Edward as a teen His love was taken away for different reasons of course but at the ripe age of 31 she stumbled back into his life and that's all she wrote
Rita01tx chapter 26 . 12/5/2021
What a wild buncha boys Edward and Bella had LOL! Very happy Will finally got his Julie *awwww!*
Thanks for a wonderful story and I would have been interested in your new one but I see it hasn't updated since 2015. Well, it's never too late *hint!*
Rita01tx chapter 25 . 12/4/2021
Gettin' late again so I'll just say I'm glad Edward was able to remember the good times with Carlisle. That man paid with his soul for the harm he did to his family but God is love so I wish him well in His arms *sniff!*
Rita01tx chapter 10 . 12/3/2021
So, I normally leave a review on each chapter I read but I was powerless to stop readin' long enough and now it's almost 5 a.m. on my side of the world and I'm forced to give up for the night...damnit! Needless to say, I FLUV the heck out of your story and can't wait to get back to it when I wake up!
LaPumuckl chapter 26 . 7/30/2021
Messy Bronze Hair chapter 26 . 4/12/2021
So this is the second time I’m reading this story, and I did find it quite interesting (like I did the first time around). Even though this is probably the most unrealistic thing that could ever happen, it’s fanfiction so why not!

But I have to say that I disliked Esme so much in this story. Part of me just wanted to grab her and shake her. So both Edward and Emmett was being treated poorly by Carlisle and his father, and I have a really hard time believing that she never knew anything or saw anything. Edward was hit by Carlisle several times, and both Carlisle and his father expressed their dislike toward Bella. Both Emmett and Edward more or less hates Carlisle after that and couldn’t stand the man. Even though all this Esme stays with the man who was a shitty father to both of her children. Esme is clearly not as naive as you want us to believe cause she did after all yell at Mike Newton’s mother after Mike abused Edward in high school. So Esme just turned a blind eye? Thats clearly what she did cause she had placed Carlisle on a pedestal. The whole situation is very concerning to me. Edward and Emmett was adopted by Esme and Carlisle after being abused and seeing their mother die in front of them to once again be miss treated in their new home? So I don’t like Esme. She must have seen something throughout the years, and she should just have taken her children and run the moment she realized something was wrong. But instead she stays. And then she gets abused by her husband... I’m not looking past the part where she was abused, but you have to put your children first. And since she is a clueless person, that’s just another way of saying that she neglected her children and didn’t see what was happening to her.

And then it bothered me so much that Esme got so involved in both Bella and Edward situation. You should have sent her of to a shrink after she clearly was mentally and physically abused by her husband. But once again, she is acting like nothing is wrong and even helps Bella to “fuck” with Edward by making him believe that she is going on a date with another man.

Then we have to talk about the whole “Edward is a father” - situation. So Bella never tells Edward that he has a son. And 13-14 years goes by and literally no one tells Edward about Will. Charlie is like another father to Edward and even he keeps a secret like this forever. So imagine my surprise when Edward forgives Bella for everything. Yes, Carlisle and his father as the reason Bella left, but keeping their child away from Edward is just a shitty thing. I wanted Bella to “suffer” a little. When Bella said “he is growing up so fast” that seriously pissed me off. Like you kept Will away from his father for at least 13 years and you have the audacity to say that. I almost wished that Edward would become upset and said something like “and you kept him away from me for the most of it”.

But nonetheless, this was a very good story. Edward and Wills bonding times were the best. So adorable. That was probably my favorite part of this story!

Thank you for sharing!

Messy Bronze Hair
Elle Whitecap chapter 14 . 12/10/2020
The basic premise of this fic is so flawed, I don’t think I can continue. The reasons given for Bella running off with his kid for 13 years is so freaking flimsy. And it’s just an irredeemable thing to do, honestly. Fk Bella.
Elle Whitecap chapter 13 . 12/10/2020
Bella is so selfish. Like supremely selfish. Even now, she doesn’t care about depriving Edward of his son for 12 years, just trying to get back with him romantically. She’s genuinely horrible. I hope Rose beats her ass. There is literally no good reason to keep your son fatherless for 13 years.
campyrs52 chapter 26 . 10/20/2020
Thank you for this wonderful story! I enjoyed every chapter.
archy12 chapter 14 . 9/21/2020
Well done, William! Edward needed to hear that!
Carlisle finally got it from the sides, including Esme. Good riddance!
archy12 chapter 11 . 9/19/2020
Wow, James talked for three hours and the police did...nothing? What were they waiting for?
Anyway, he is dead (hopefully), and Edward will finally listen to Bella (again, hopefully).
archy12 chapter 10 . 9/19/2020
The cat's out of the bag...
archy12 chapter 9 . 9/19/2020
Good lord, why is everyone keeping so many secrets? Please give some straight answers, someone!
archy12 chapter 8 . 9/19/2020
Uh, Edward is acting not just illogical but plain crazy. What the hell was he thinking, leaving the hospital, drinking alcohol...And now he's going to drive to Forks? Has he lost his mind? Or is he trying to kill himself?
archy12 chapter 7 . 9/19/2020
So, William definitely knows Edward is his father.
And Alice recognized him as well. Bella must have a picture or two of his younger self.
And now Bella is his doctor. Fireworks!
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