Reviews for Sparkles in the Pavement
vero jimenez chapter 1 . 2/28/2014
So sweet!
I liked the swing too, when I was little.
Guest chapter 5 . 2/3/2014
Um, not to be rude, but how old are you? Your profile doesn't sAy; your writing is that of a fantastic adult, but in a way teenage ish, so ...?
TMIdiamond789 chapter 9 . 1/22/2014
Why didn't you continue this?! It's awesome!
TMIdiamond789 chapter 5 . 1/22/2014
Nessie is hardly a lovestruck nurse! Lol, I got that. I actually find it hilarious- I mean, Nessie's reason for using Carlisle's sleeve as a napkin so... Innocent in comparison to the reason that the others were doing it... I won't spoil the whole joke, so really people, GO READ STAINED GLASS SOUL! AND BEHIND STAINED GLASS! THEY ARE FABULOUS AND HEARTBREAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL:)
This story is really funny. It's extremely enjoyable and reminds me a bit of when I was younger. I love the clock- so creative. It must be beautiful in real life!
I also love how you inserted a bit of CarlislexEsme in this story, but I love the sweet little Nessie aspect. Fabulous idea, hilarious story!
And really funny private joke!
kat chapter 1 . 1/1/2014
Soooo cute
Noble Korhedron chapter 1 . 2/6/2013
L.O.L! Too cute - some of the Ness bits in this had me cracking up!
kamame-sensei chapter 9 . 12/29/2012
This is so cute and sweet*
Lothlorien Aeterna chapter 9 . 6/21/2012
I am finally caught up with everything now! Phew!

Nessie is so cute; I can't wait to see her in the movie. And speaking of the movie, I really hope they show Carlisle and Esme traveling around the world looking for witnesses...

Anyway, this chapter was so adorable! And Esme can be such a tease sometimes. I love it!
SummonAlice chapter 9 . 6/9/2012
I love the way all your stories are connected and how it makes me believe more that Edward has that kind of familiar relationship with Esme and Carlisle. When I read stories like Stianed Glass Soul it gives believeable background for how they act like this when they are "older". I don't know how to explain it better than that so I hope it makes sense. All in all you just are a very "real" writer, which I love!
SonicTeamFreeWill chapter 9 . 4/10/2012
LOL Esme's mean XD Great chapter I loved it!
xxluvCarlisleEsmexx chapter 9 . 4/3/2012
I absolutely loved that Carlisle and Esme were getting a little naughty with their granddaughter there. They are definitely not as innocent as they are made out to be! It was such a cute chapter and I loved that you had them making flowers. It was such a potent moment for them before they finally got together and I enjoyed seeing them reminisce a little.
deadaccount15 chapter 9 . 3/31/2012
Hell, that was so fun! Why'd I took almost a week to read this? I'm such a lazy. -_-' Okay, I will tell you why ::::::: many things I can't tell in a review. xD And yesterday it was CĂ©line's bday and I took the day making her a cupcake ...she will never know about this but I pretended she was there and she was singing for me. *oh* kaak~dlfjstgosofhjofgjhfljfg okay, I was missing this story and all about this always bring me childhood memories. Nho, when I was younger I used to do tissue paper and all those origami thing! Once, on the 4th grade, I think, my class had the challenge to make one thousand tsurus in a week! That was so fun. :3 The end was very ...indicative. ;) And when they were ~washing their hands~ I reminded of a SGS/BSG chapter, haha. Whatever, I loved it VERY much. Made me smile big, as always. Btw, next week Titanic in 3D will be released ...I am gonna die. Will you watch it? Okay, I will shut up. Bye. ;p
Rebadams7 chapter 9 . 3/31/2012
So cute. Such love

BeautifulMessenger chapter 2 . 3/30/2012
As always, your writing is enchanting. I am in raptures over your beautiful descriptions.

There are a couple things with this that aren't keeping with canon, though, that I might bring to your attention.

First, Nessie isn't a brunette. She has curly red hair in the books. Red like her father, curly like her grandfather. Another thing that just doesn't feel right is how often she seems to be merely human, simple dangers are brought up often, like tripping, or being in a 'dangerous' parking lot. And her super-human abilities seem almost nonexistent. She would race up and down the hospital ramp? Would nobody notice a toddler-sized girl zipping back and forth at blinding speeds?

And I don't think that any of the pack would go to the hospital if they were injured. Even if they all did somehow get over their aversion to being treated by a vampire doctor, they heal so quickly on their own it is almost never neseccary. And if they ever really did need a doctor (as Jacob once did) they could hardly let the,selves be seen by people not in the know. Their rapid healing, bones knitting in days, would certainly be noticed by the hospital staff.

I'm obviously a nit-picking, detail-obsessed, canon Nazi. ;) Oh well. I hope my observations are useful.
Bascketcase chapter 9 . 3/29/2012
Fun times! And great flirting between Carlisle and Esme. Although it would be rather weird to see your grandparents acting like that! O.o Poor Ness! haha!
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