Reviews for All Roads Lead Straight Back To You
grandmachix chapter 100 . 5h
I'm sure you can let us know how good it feels at this point, without crossing the "T" category.. I wouldn't object to a lemony outtake or two, though. I think the talk helped. They just need time and maybe some counseling.
Guest chapter 9 . 6h
Uh, my child doesn't like kids, but it doesn't mean they're unconcerned with a child's welfare.

Is this supposed to show that Edward is beginning to care? Because you can care about a human life (he's a doctor, for crying out loud!), but still not want to raise children.

Being uncomfortable around children/not wanting children of your own does NOT equal being a callous, unfeeling monster.
Guest chapter 8 . 7h
So, does Edward believe that if Bella told him about the pregnancy, he would have suggested abortion and she would have agreed? Lol
Guest chapter 6 . 7h
So, Bella got in an accident at around 6 pm (pacific time; that would be around 8 pm Central). Edward lives in Chicago; and after some detective work, he was called. They had to book flights, pack, get to the airport with enough time to get through security, etc. Fly 4.5 hours to Seattle. Get a rental car. Drive 4 hours to Forks.

And Anthony has been sitting, unattended, in some kid zone play room at the hospital ALL that time?
ohtobeyoung chapter 100 . 8h
Do stories still get flagged? From what I have been reading it sure doesn’t seem like it.
Couple counseling may be a good idea for them. I think Edward needs some one on one to find out why he’s so opposed to having more children. I think he’s the real problem.
Guest chapter 2 . 8h
I'm always amazed at how (in these fanfic stories), newlyweds can go on 3 week (or longer!) honeymoons. It's not something most everyday Americans can afford, both in terms of having the money to do so AND their employer being ok with such a long break.
tiffyboocullenjonas chapter 100 . 9h
Wow that’s great loved it
BubblyYork chapter 37 . 9h
WTF Jacob seriously. At least Jessica has her head screwed on right. This right now is not a permanent solution, Tony can't stay in a hotel forever Bella's coma could last years... what are their plans if she does not wake up soon
BubblyYork chapter 36 . 9h
They're all in the wrong here. It's not a peeing contest, it's what is best for Tony and what Bella would want for her son. I don't think Edward would have come around if she had told him she was pregnant, he likely would have pushed for termination while Jacob is in the wrong for speaking as he did; Bella would be mortified
BubblyYork chapter 35 . 9h
Honestly I understand Jacob and Jessica here. While Bella is out for the count, they are the family that Tony knows. There's no teams when it comes to a child and it's silly to think so, only the best interest of the child should be considered. Staying in a hotel and with complete strangers in the long term is not the best solution for Tony even if the Cullens are his paternal family. Plus at some point the Cullens will need to return to their lives in Chicago
BubblyYork chapter 26 . 9h
Love Alice's plan
BubblyYork chapter 25 . 9h
They are so cute
BubblyYork chapter 24 . 9h
Yikes. At least Edward is willing to try
BubblyYork chapter 23 . 9h
Go Rosalie
BubblyYork chapter 21 . 9h
I love how Emmett dealt with this
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