Reviews for Drowning In My Own Tears
anon chapter 1 . 1/28/2011
ok so u like the Star Trek TOS (hit you over the head witht he moral" stories. u go way overboard ont his 1 though. i dont recall this happening in that episode at tiems it sounds like ur saying teens never rebel out of rebellion its always about depression which is the problem with the "hit you over the head" type of story.

a better way would have been to take a different eppy where its less clear cut rebellion like Theo b4 he found he had dyslexia. u could have had Cliff suggestion depression and had the end result (in a longer story) that they try 2 find medical reasons and eventually find the dyslexia early, like 1-2 seasons early.

then it would have been a more plausible story. it is funny they never guessed at dyslexia but sometimes it takes an outside source 2 really see a problem.