Reviews for The Second Son Of A Duke
Payton79 chapter 23 . 7/10
Thank you very much for writing and sharing this tale. I love how it all played out.
rosenerlie.oceant chapter 23 . 7/2
Guest chapter 24 . 6/8
A really well written period piece. Hope you join us again soon with new stories.
ChristyWIX chapter 23 . 5/9
There was a bit too much drama for the sake of drama too often throughout this tale. I continued through it because at the core, it was really well written. It had a lot of good things, just way too much drama. I felt as though after the first two things that happened, that things would settle down but, no. You threw something else in there nearly every chapter, if not every other. Drama is good and needed in stories. This one carried too much, as it felt unbelievable at some points. Not all of these things, could or would, happen to one person. Again, I liked it at its very core and the writing was fantastic. The love story alone, was really good. I really enjoyed the mix up in the first chapter. I really liked them falling in love with one another. The way she grew out of her selfishness and learned to open her heart to him, was really wonderful. Thank you for sharing the children as grown up somewhat. It was fun to read that. Thank you for all the time you took out of your personal life, to put this out here for us to enjoy.
ChristyWIX chapter 17 . 5/9
This is on Emmett and Edward as much as it is on Alice and Bella. Had they bothered to explain why they are being held inside the home, they wouldn't have ventured out. Quite frankly, I was shocked that Bella agreed to go with Alice in the first place. Having been the one kidnapped and how scared she had been, you would think that reminder would keep her ensconced within the safety of the walls of their home. Foolish of them. I'm surprised that both Alice and Bella weren't kidnapped instead of shot at with an arrow. They were both so close to telling each other they loved one another, this happening really didn't expedite anything. It is time for the men of the family to advise the women what the hell is going on.
ChristyWIX chapter 16 . 5/8
I wondered if it were Riley and planned on mentioning that here in my review. Then you had Edward and Emmett going down the same route. It would be good for them to look into Leah as well. Didn't they say that she became wealthy enough to mingle with the higher stations, due to what she does? Perhaps what she does is run pirates through the docks? Jacob's cousin works the docks and therefore, Jacob really shouldn't be dismissed by Emmett so easily, over what he thinks is Edward being jealous. The way Emmett is acting, I'm having a hard time thinking Emmett even cares for his family, outside his wife and children. I'm starting to think Emmett himself is behind it. I would really like for Jasper to be around more and for his insight to be bestowed upon the brothers. Shouldn't he be there by now? I thought they were having him come around to start courting Alice? I loved how amorous Bella was in the carriage ride over to the wedding . . . that was delightful and hopefully, when all is safe again, they can enjoy alone time in one. ;)
ChristyWIX chapter 15 . 5/8
I rather enjoyed their carefree morning. Knowing they'd barely slept a wink, because it was going on all night, made it that much better. He is beyond happy about his wife now. Actually, I think he's been happy with her all along. Well, except the two times he wanted to throttle her. Bella definitely did the right thing by addressing her mother the way she did. Both mother's should've been addressed for that matter . . . no matter that Edward's is the Duchess. Edward's reaction the the guard having his wife's hanky, was enjoyable. Poor guard. Thankfully, Seth was there to explain the whole thing. It was surprising to read that Edward will take Bella to the wedding. Although, his reasoning behind it all made perfect sense.
ChristyWIX chapter 14 . 5/8
Emmett may be used to the sea and the pirates that he may encounter here and there but, his family isn't. For his to out them in danger by bringing the treasure to their home, is a danger that shouldn't be so easily forgiven. Edward seemed to change from being angry about the pirates being so close they stole his wife, to okay with it rather quickly. Just because the King commissioned emery, doesn't mean he should bring the danger to them all. It all seems so off. Not to mention selfish of Emmett. Edward wanting to finally have Bella was justified and that definitely made sense. Deciding, to hell with wooing her, she was to be his tonight. I loved that Bella was extremely receptive to just that. Nearly attacking him herself. Then insisting that she was not done with, not even close. Gotta love that.
ChristyWIX chapter 13 . 5/8
Goodness, they will be the death of each other. His being so cranky with her perfectly normal questions, was rather funny. Until he cut himself, for being so stubborn that he wouldn't let his valet fix the cravat. Emmett teasing him and letting him know he'll change his mind, was quite funny too. The barbs at breakfast were interesting. She really gets under his skin, yet I feel he wouldn't change a thing about her. I hope that he changes his mind and starts to tell Bella the answers to her questions about sex. That opera pre-game was really rather hot. With others lifting their curtains at the same time, it makes you wonder how many others had the same kind of fun? Then her coming across the couple and watching them . . . gotta say, I would do the same. If you're going to go at it in public and forget to close the door, that's on them. Free show. Edward find in her watching and her questions about it, once again go unanswered. Kidnapping a Cullen . . . are they insane?
ChristyWIX chapter 12 . 5/8
In a home that large, I would feel it was eating me alive. I'd be so lost. I do however, imagine the library to be amazing, as well as the garden. I understand that Edward wants her to accept his lifestyle, pleading with her even. She was groomed for this, yet never truly wanted it. I do hope she can embrace it. Way too big for my liking, as a place to live. Wouldn't mind visiting something like that on a tour though.
ChristyWIX chapter 11 . 5/8
I may be in the minority for sure but, I like the route you've taken. I'm sad a baby died but, this is fiction not real. I believe this was and is the only way for them to start fresh and know that everything if for each other, together. If she had remained pregnant, he would always wonder if that was the only reason for her staying. Even though we the reader knew, it would've taken a lot to convince Edward of the same. This way, they can heal together. Grow together. Start to fall in love with each other. Even in today's world, we still call them water closets in construction terms. When a toilet is alone in a room behind its own door, that is a water closet. Always attached to a bathroom, with the sink and bath/shower, yet it is separated with a door. Be it a pocket door or, an actual hinged door. Often with its own ventilation system. I actually want one of these in the house my hubs and I plan to have once retired. :)
ChristyWIX chapter 10 . 5/8
Well, I'm not surprised in the least. These two certainly have don this to each other. Her plans were bound to come out and he would be pissed. Beyond angry. His anger keeping him away from his home to learn that she's been ordered bed rest and the imminent miscarriage, is not surprising. If she has not miscarried, is when I will be shocked. They need their head bashed together. Yes, he has given her everything, everything she did not want. Until she realized she was carrying his child, then she had the monumental shift. He didn't realize what his anger was doing to her and their child. It may be time for them to sit down and communicate. Will he ever believe she really changed her mind for him, not the baby? All very interesting.
ChristyWIX chapter 9 . 5/8
Here she is, once again choosing Jacob over her husband. This time actually wanting Edward. Yet still pushing him away selfishly, for a deluded sense that she owes Jacob closure. She owes Jacob nothing. Your bottom a/nips making me think I was right and Bella's deception is about to be found out. Right when she was finally falling for Edward. She'll only have herself to blame when he is beyond pissed at her all over again. I even wonder if she can explain it away. I fear it won't work for Ddward. I just hope he doesn't bed a whore in his absolute anger. Even if it was socially acceptable. That will only hurt them both deeper.
ChristyWIX chapter 8 . 5/8
Her plans moving forward and her stealing all the jewels was bad but, for her to steal the necklace that belongs to Edward's wife, was beyond wrong. I would've hoped she would've left just that one behind. Nope, her selfishness only saw it as a means to an end when they were once overseas. I'm not surprised to learn that she's with child, not at all. I do wonder if Jacob will accept her pregnant. I highly doubt it. Without you writing her internal thoughts in this chapter, upon learning she was pregnant, I would've wondered if she even cared about Edward at all. Once she learned, she suddenly started thinking of the child, not herself for once. I'm hoping that it is because she is so very young, is the reason behind her selfishness. Her leaning on Edward when she started to pass out, enjoying his scent, was a good start. I hope she doesn't some to resent Edward and instead starts to fall in love with him. However, with Emmett and his fleet, I have a feeling that Edward will learn of this journey of hers. It doesn't seem as thought Jacob is very smart and he probably out down their real names for the passage, in lieu of fake ones, to ensure they got away. If Edward learns of this, it'll break his heart. He pushed his needs aside for her and her family's reputation, and he will be right pissed that she is fleeing without the very same consideration of his and his family's reputation. That will be ugly.
ChristyWIX chapter 7 . 5/8
Wow, this chapter took them from bad to even worse. The audacity of her selfishness and Lord Black's deception knows no bounds. Then Edward has to witness it first hand and then does the unthinkable, in nearly raping his own wife. Then he heads to the damn whorehouse ridiculously disguised as a parlour for rich people to gamble. Almost going through with bedding a whore no less. I'm glad he stopped. Doesn't excuse either Bella or Edward's behavior. They are acting deplorably towards one another.
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