Reviews for Parenthetical Love
vampirelady13 chapter 18 . 2/15
I think Bella is being stupid with the Cullen s hate me. She should stand her ground it is Rosalie and her hateful Ness is why Bella almost lost the baby. Edward is a child what he finds out Bella is depressed and now he s going to take her to court what a piece of shit kick the women while she is down. I really do not like Edward right now I hope they both need to grow the hell up.
vampirelady13 chapter 17 . 2/15
Of course Jasper would stick up for his new Bettie idiot Rose. Edward is a jerk who is just as selfish and horrible as Rose. Wow Esme and Carlisle raised some selfish kids. I am not saying what Bella did was right but I probably would of done the same to keep my baby safe who knows how many more of Rosalie crazy fans are out there.
vampirelady13 chapter 8 . 2/14
Jasper is a horrible friend wow Bella might not want to turn her back on him she might get stabbed in the back. Jasper is really saying that Rose is not bad she is a shallow dot with very little humanity. I also hope Bella lets Edward be in the baby's life, but if he truly does not want to be a dad then he needs to leave her and the baby alone.
vampirelady13 chapter 7 . 2/14
I think Rosalie is still an idiot and gullible if she believed Bella was out to hurt her. I don't think I would trust Rosalie around my child. She can't keep her ugliness to herself she will probably treat the child like crap because Bella is the mother.
vampirelady13 chapter 5 . 2/14
That mountain lion comment is disgusting especially since disgusting human are hunting them to there extinction. Which means no more mountain lion I don't even like when people joke about humans destroy almost everything we touch. Why doesn't Esme Edward have chop sticks for Mexican food ? Sorry think Jasper is betraying his friendship with Bella. He does not have to deal with Rosalie, Alice can be the one to do the visitation. I think Rosalie needs a physicist or anger management maybe she will find out that the world does not revolve around her dumb ass.
princeselisa chapter 27 . 2/7
Great story! Really enjoyed it. Thanks!
sunflowerexpress chapter 23 . 1/21
Whoa - My baby girl was a premie. 4 lb 10 oz, 12 inches long. Born on Sept 18. Cold chills.
twirob chapter 29 . 12/30/2019
thank you so much for sharing this AMAZINGLY AWESOME ! story with us ;D
JojoJinx chapter 27 . 12/29/2019
I am so happy that she's pregnant again. And this time when bella says to edward this is all your fault she's right... Well her fault too adoption is awesome and i hope maybe they'll adopt later... Who knows. But i really wanted them to conceive a child... Or in this case 2... In the traditional way very happy with this ending ️ Thankyou. P. S this is the second time I've read this story. I loved it so much the first time and i spent ages trying to remember the title and find it again. I kept typing into Google "edwards happy being an uncle" "edward didn't want to be a dad" "bella lies about miscarriage" i tried all sorts to try and find this story again and im so glad i did. Thankyou so much for your writing xxxx
JojoJinx chapter 11 . 11/7/2019
I can't work out how old they are? I think you said bella was 26? 27? How old is edward?
Kenyatta.harmon16 chapter 21 . 10/29/2019
Bella is just annoying like she expects Edward to just get over the fact that she lied . Yeah it was only once but she told him their baby died that’s huge and just awful. Edward wasn’t all truthful about how he felt about the baby but that was nothing compared to how huge her lie was.
UpToKnowGood chapter 9 . 7/2/2019
This story is great so far and I can’t wait to see where it goes. But, I feel the need to point out that Edward and Rosalie fo not share the same DNA. Idk if I’m just reading things wrong but the characters seem to think that Edward being the donor would mean Rosalie could have been the father but fraternal twins don’t share the same DNA like identical twins do. Fraternal twins happen when two different eggs and two different sperms are fertilized at the same time vs identical twins that happen when one fertilized egg splits into two and in that case they have the exact same DNA. Correct me if I’m wrong, I could just be over thinking things and being a know it all
girlygirl0706 chapter 27 . 6/27/2019
I don't know how I missed reading this story. Glad I found it. Thanks for sharing your storytelling abilities with us. So I'm off to see what else I can find.
MsLiss chapter 27 . 5/5/2019
Fantastic story
I’m so glad they are pregnant
Thank you
MsLiss chapter 16 . 5/4/2019
Oh cruel
This will not endear Bella to Rosalie
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