Reviews for Road to Recovery
PandaPugBook chapter 48 . 10/4
Is anyone reminded of old soot?
Cebu3000 chapter 53 . 10/1
Well I just marathoned this story and I only really have one problem with it, not enough mention of the size difference in relation to the Butlers. Otherwise awesome story.
Dragonofelder chapter 53 . 4/29
A very intresting and well done story.
Guest chapter 29 . 3/25
Artemis should have been way angrier at her.
martin.lopez chapter 19 . 3/12
I smell Argon plots
They smell like fresh truffles
martin.lopez chapter 14 . 3/12
*inhale* ahh
I love the smell of stirred shit at 11:00 pm
It makes me addicted to know more
martin.lopez chapter 5 . 3/12
Ok so this is in confidence so take a pic then delete me.

Great story so far, well from our viewpoint I see can see you're done.
I am enjoying how well you write and your imagination and determination for detail is extremely
well balanced.

I remember when I thought I had voices. But if you can shut them up I don't think it counts as crazy until
they make you say 'stuff' but hey, sanity is relative to perpective. Keep up the good work!
devufairy chapter 14 . 3/6
frightfully, horrifically dark
devufairy chapter 12 . 3/6
I'm rereading this fic and this chapter is still heartbreakingly sad and adorable
devufairy chapter 40 . 2/11
devufairy chapter 53 . 2/10
Tht was an amazing story
devufairy chapter 38 . 2/10
Why .
devufairy chapter 30 . 2/8
I think holly and Artemis solved the relationship issue very well
devufairy chapter 26 . 2/7
I'm so filled w/angst I'm dying
devufairy chapter 24 . 2/7
I'm so glad that he finally unified his alters!
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