Reviews for Collapse
yaba chapter 1 . 11/26/2012
This was lovely! I love the character study on Arthur. He is so enigmatic, but your portrayal makes sense! Great job :)

redinadress chapter 1 . 10/30/2011
Oh dear, that was just terrific! I love how you tells the story to Arthur's side and it was just amazing.
leah-z chapter 1 . 1/19/2011
This story is so incredibly beautiful. What an intricate background you wrote for Arthur. The ending is absolutely perfect. Please continue writing A/A!
Elliesmeow chapter 1 . 9/26/2010
I love your verion of Arthur's background. And I'm glad that he didn't let his fear of loss stop him from going back to Ariadne.

Thanks for posting. This was lovely.

Byzinha Lestrange chapter 1 . 8/28/2010
I really love this fic, you brought a different point of view of Arthur and that was very good, you know from the very begining.

That's one of my favorites!

Really loved, good job D
clois22 chapter 1 . 8/28/2010
ive never read a story with arthur portrayed in such a vulnerab;e light, it was breathtaking. it was beautiful! :)
mysong chapter 1 . 8/26/2010

I really love the backstory you created for Arthur. And why he is the way he is in the movie

I love the pacing... going from the past to joining the team to Mal's suicide and then to Ariadne. You've got Arthur's voice down pat. And when he decides to leave, it's so sad but it makes sense with his line of thinking.

So well-written! Really loved it.

The HongKonger chapter 1 . 8/14/2010
This was so sweet. Good job on the story. Inception fics are always excellent and this one is no exception
Kitty Howell chapter 1 . 8/13/2010
Absolutely amazing. :D

Keep up the great work
mypokemans56 chapter 1 . 8/11/2010
That was completely amazing. Your description, your knowledge of every character's background, EVERYTHING, was captivatingly wonderful. Your imagination was so fantastic. It is SO easy to see this happening. Everything just seemed to fit. Truly fantastic job.

Also, I saw that you mentioned the Cobol job. That made me smile.
mithrabear chapter 1 . 8/11/2010
Aw I love the story about arthur and his background
Firefly's Rebirth chapter 1 . 8/7/2010
Beautifully written m'dear. Could have better breaks for jumps in time, but otherwise, I was completely taken in. Write more. Cheers!
alekeneka chapter 1 . 8/7/2010
I absolutely adored your one-shot. Great job!
NDE01 chapter 1 . 8/7/2010
beautiful story!
SeventhTatar chapter 1 . 8/7/2010
awww... this was so sad! but i loved it, it managed to be sweet too. jeeze, Cobb needs to learn to tone it down the first time, some day someone had to have come out of the dream swinging...
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