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Nemrut chapter 5 . 12/10/2013
Quite like the chemistry between Fang and Lightning.

Thanks for sharing this.
Lich Irelia chapter 5 . 10/8/2011
I now have the strangest urge to draw fang and lightning fleeing a horde of gorgonopsid's... i blame this on you. On to the review now. The story so far is really good and a joy to read. The best part is that you are doing this for your enjoyment so it will be ten times better. *because if you want to do something you will make it up to snuff*. Very well done and interesting i appreciate you putting this little jewel up and look forward to when you decide to update.
Valkarious chapter 5 . 3/31/2011
Would love to see quite a few of your stories updated :3, keep the good work coming !
Scrya V chapter 5 . 3/29/2011
i likes it. but you haven't updated in a while... hinthint.
tjemd chapter 5 . 3/1/2011
I know this hasn't been updated in a while, and may have been abandoned, but wanted to let you know that this fic was one of the first that drew me to the FLight ship in the first place.

Your characters are deep, your story mature and very well-written, and I've thoroughly enjoyed reading what has been presented thus far. The imagery of "running", and the creativity associated with the idea, are fantastic, and the subtle interactions between everyone are skillfully done.
Tear of Light chapter 5 . 1/10/2011
This is a wonderful story! I'm really loving what you've done with it and how you've depicted the characters. I hope you'll continue to update this piece!
crimsonqueen24 chapter 1 . 12/22/2010
So I find myself really hoping that you'll finish this fic one day...I'm intrigued, and find myself hoping Fang and Vanille will wake up.
hubble36 chapter 5 . 12/1/2010
heh, loving all chapters so far!

xD gran pulse style.. wild and exciting.

Ch.5 was long! 33 soo good though..

especially all the running and stuff, totally awesome.

I hope you will come back to update a chapter or two again!

:) be seeing ya when you do!
zapkrazy11 chapter 5 . 8/30/2010
You've really managed to create an interesting story here and I'm looking forward to read more, to find out how everything develops.
MuffledSnickers chapter 1 . 8/28/2010
Hello there Twisty! D See, I've stopped in, checked out your fic, and nnow I'm about to leave you a lovely review! Something you can get all excited over! Don't get Tooo excited though honey, otherwise this fic might turn over into some R-rated action...(which isn't necessarily a Baad thing, we just still have to break in the other little asian to it ;D) anyways, lets get to this review, shall we?

OMFG! you had me honestly scared there that you were going to make Lightning go through with having sex with the other random lady XD BAD twisty! Thank Goodness you stopped that from happening! Every little detail leading up to it, every little step, with her raven-hair and tall and skinny woman and ohmigoodness, you scared me. XD but good on not having light go through with it! Who knows the lengths you'd go to to make that woman suffer.. XD I'm sure this fiction, if you have time to continue it with school comiing up and all, is going to morph into M rrated just can't help yourself twisty.. ;P it's understandable -pat pat- your unhealthy addiction to Fang..we all have our quirks.. some of us like kinks, some of us like bondage, loss of control..and some of us like pixel characters way too much ;D

hehe, look at Lightning glaring at that bartender. She's going to build up a resistance to alcohol if this moping over Fang keeps up much longer! (and I'm starting to note a trendd with you, Light, Fang, and alcohol honey.. XD ) poor girl, she's in love with Fangg, who's a nice pretty little crystal..of course, Fang's going to uncrysstalize at some point (hence your warninng us readers how the rating might change ;P ) but for now, Lightning mopes in depression..where's everyone else at anyway? I cant see Serah going to be much in favor of this very-sad Lightning behavior going on. Orr any of lightning's buddies, for that matter. The poor just neeed to have her back with Fang huh? XD it's like an innate desire in you..hehehe. And people qquestion My writing? XD

Youu twistyy, youu really like to put Lightning in these suffering situations you know? Whether she's trying to deny her sexuality to herself and attraction to Fang, about to bed her sister, being taken home by a total just throw her in the most awkward of situations. I fear I've been a bad influence on yyou in the torture-Lightning department XD ooh! where did the idea behind thiss fanfiction come? too much dayddreaming during classs, no doubt.. well anyway, the point being, how come I've never seen your Fang in such an awkward position as that of which you throw Lightning so readily into.. XD you are soo incredibly bias honey

well, kudos to you on the describing Lightning drunk. Pretty much how it is when youre still Realize everything that's going on, you just don't care as much or let it register...then again, you Malaysians dont have the same drinking age restrictions as us, so you might very well be more legalized to know.. ;P

"A breath passed her ear, and suddenlly she was rushed..." Fangg has an unhealthy obsession wwith Lightning's ear? Let's rephrase that XD

"Don't touch it."

LMFAO! ROFLOL! XD Here is where my assurance came through that you were indeed nott going to make Lightning do some random stranger who looked like Fang. I think it'd be a little awkward if they tried to hop into it and Light utterly refused to remove her gunblade.. XD funny touch of humor in a serious moment there, nice work ;D

Poor Lightning..she's just being tortured through the reliving of this past. I still just cant help but feel extremely grateful you got her out of there XD it's also somewhat reassuring that I know you're going to patch them to at least seeing each other or otherwise getting together or so soo i'm not totally hearttbroken for Light at the moment, but you doo have an unhealthy addiction to torturing the poor girl. ;) anyway, i'll talk to you again around chapter 2 twisty! You keep writing couples like thiss (though we all know who your utmost ffaves are) and i'll read thesse XD

till chapter 2! ;D
calicoJill chapter 1 . 8/27/2010
omg... I sent this big ass long review and my damn computer did something all stupid and just completely froze up when I hit the submit feedback button... So mad about that, cuz now I can't remember everything I just wrote... *sigh* I'll try and rewrite it though.

"When will you stop cutting me off?"

"When you listen." lmao that it just pure brilliance right there!

I can't definitely see why that image prompted you to write a story. There's just so much fun, character and just pure kick ass-awesomeness in it! I can see why Fang would want to reconnect to her home like that, which is weird cuz anybody else would have seen the huge amount of gorginopsids and would have been like , "Nuh uh, I'm not doing this crap again, we're gonna go around!"

God I love the way you write these characters, like Fang's honesty. She'll cop to something if she knows it to be true. And you demonstrated that well with her admitting that she was acting selfish and yet, you can't hate her because she's so honest. (which is kinda weird because Vanille is like the complete opposite and lies all the time yet she seems so innocent.)

"So like Fang. Apathetically confident." God I love the way you describe these characters, always on the money.

and Light holding Fang's hand! SOOO cute! and it happened without seeming forced or awkward, wich is a rarity! Damn you're good! I can't remember if I have you in my favourite athors so imma add you again just in case! :D

Can' wait for more!

Somehow I'm sure I said more in my first review, but I can't remember... Damn this site for going screwy on me! Okay, anyways, I'm absolutely LOVING this story!
calicoJill chapter 5 . 8/27/2010
"When will you stop cutting me off?"

"When you listen." LMAO, that right there is pure brilliance! I love it!

You have no idea how much I love this story! I can definitely see why that image prompted you to write a story. I mean there's so much, fun, character and just pure awesomeness in it! I love the mental image it gave me, (And not JUST of Light screaming and flailing her arms about XD) It was just... well for lack of better words. Kick ass. Just fun, and I can see why Fang would want to connect with her home like that(Though, I see some more connecting goin' on there too. and it makes me absolutley giddy, specially with how subtle it is! Sigh damn, I love their little subtle cuteness). It seems something VERY Fang like. (Any normal person coming back and seeing that would be like , "nuh uh, No way am I doing that crap again, we're goin' around.")

God, so many brackets... Though! If you think about it, that just means your story gives me much to think about. Bunch of stuff I can't sum up in one sentence at a time. :D

And and and Fang's "challenge". lol Lightning looked away! Awe, something about that is just really really adorable! God I love the way you write these charcters! I really do! Like Fang's honesty, she's unaturally honest and will admit to things even if it puts her in a bad light. Like the Serah thing. and here, admitting to acting selfish. and yet, you can't be mad at her. Because she's just so honest and... agh, love it.

"So like Fang. Apathetically confident." I couldn't agree more. I always love the way you describe the characters, always so damn accurate.

And Lightning holding Fang's hand! So cute and it seemed so very natural. Damn you're an amazing writer! Do I have you in my fav authors? I don't remember... Imma try and add you now incase I don't. :D

Can't wait for more!
FiveThreeTen chapter 5 . 8/27/2010
I'm really enjoying this story so far . Fang and Light had already some chemistry in the game and the interactions you display in your writing aren't out of the realm of believability, they are in-characters and that's not always easy to write .

I wish there were more scenes like this on Gran Pulse in the game :)
Anonymous viewer Ze chapter 5 . 8/26/2010
a really amazing reflection that is. wished they'd put it in the original plot really. i found it quite lovely , and much understandable for Fang to satisfy her needs for action at her home.

the whole running scene was amazing and funny together and where Light stretched her hand , and how she was troubled to do things she never considered doing. also, the way their relation improves is impressive as well.

i'm quit thrilled to see the next reflection , much to your dismay though .. heh.

i hope that some point in the fic you will wake Fang...

anyways, great chapter and looking forward for the next one.

please update soon.

- Ze -
RedEsmerald chapter 5 . 8/26/2010
It's very exciting when Lighting and Fang are together doing something, specially battling, but running as a distraction? that is a new and good view in my head lol. I can see the attraction between these two is wait! that is already happening at least from Lighting's side lol.
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