Reviews for The Living Death
katraj0908 chapter 22 . 8/29
Why did you put Boromir in the description box if there wasn't even a romance between the two? That's what put me off from reading the story for a while because I hate love triangles and I was worried that was what this would be. I'm totally into this story anymore like I keep getting confused and while I find a lot of the components interesting it just doesn't hold that much of an appeal to me anymore. I know this isn't very constructive, but I had to write it down
Kiba chapter 62 . 8/28
Wow, thank you so much for this fanfic! I loved it.
Anonymous chapter 62 . 6/3
I just finished your story and it was amazing! Your story is a unique take on girl-joins-the-fellowship and it didn't feel forced. You added a lot of great detail and complexity to your OC that was refreshing. I also thought you did a great job making Enzi a strong female protagonist without making her into a jerk or excessively perfect (two things I see all the time with OCs). Overall, great story and I hope you continue to write!
animexchick chapter 62 . 2/13
This story completely took over my life for like 2 days and I can say it was completely worth it! Such a fantastic story loved it soooo much! x
Anonymous chapter 62 . 2/3
Your story is amazing you couldn't stop reading it it was great
Anyway keep it up
Fan Gals chapter 62 . 1/25
Beautiful ending! This was a great story through and through. Now I have to go through a mourning period before I can start another story. Also thank you for mentioning me. I feel special now.

~Phil the Squirrel
Tibblets chapter 62 . 1/23
Wonderful story, I've really enjoyed the ride. I admit that I would love to see a sequel. As it is, this story will now go into my favorites, so I can reread whenever I wish.
ATP chapter 62 . 1/23
Thanks for great story.
ATP chapter 61 . 1/23
Bittersweet, just like Tolkien
angel897 chapter 62 . 1/23
a lovely ending, congrats on completing your story :) (HUGS)
angel897 chapter 61 . 1/23
I had tears on my eyes for this chapter but glad she has found peace
angel897 chapter 60 . 1/17
thrilling and exciting chapter to read most happy you updated again
Fan Gals chapter 60 . 1/14
I just discovered this story and it's amazing! I can't wait to see where you take it. Please update soon.

~Phil the Squirrel
silverhawk88 chapter 60 . 1/3
Well, they are officially married. Finally! Great chapter!
ZabuzasGirl chapter 59 . 12/31/2015
Update immediately, please!
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