Reviews for Operation: MARRYING
Sibling Rivalry chapter 3 . 6/24
Actually, HERE IT IS! The beginning of the teen KND comic series. I'll start off with intro to each of the main characters with their siblings, as to give a quick glance into how their sibling relationship became after the KND and teen wars is all behind them.

First character intro in their teen years belongs to Kuki and Mushi! I decided to keep Mushi's color light purple, and give her twin pigtails to keep that "two grouped hair" look.

MY interpretation is that after whatever happened after she ran away with King Sandy, Kuki now realized her sister's true personality. Mushi also gave up her facade. Then she came back. Somehow.

So the loving sisters now turned to bitter rivalry. Mushi is insanely jealous of her older sister and believes Kuki is the favorite one. And I do mean insane in the almost literal sense.

Kuki is 17 and Mushi is 13.

To make things clearer:

- The shouting in the 5th panel is Kani (the dad)'s screaming. I should've drawn his head there to make it clear, but I didn't have the time to redesign the parents yet.

- They are fighting over a shoe. I found it hard to make it look like a shoe when parts of it gets obstructed by their hands. But then jewelries are too small.

Kuki Sanban: It's mine! Give it to me!

Mushi Sanban: Nooooo! You haven't used it for forever! Gimme that!

Kuki Sanban: But it's two sizes and it's too big for your foot!

Mushi Sanban: But I like the color!

Kani Sanban: Mushi, give it back to back to your sister already! You can use them when she gives them to you!

Mushi Sanban: The favorite always gets everything and gets away with it. What a surprise!

Kuki Sanban: Mushi, stop using that excuse. Try to be more reasonable.
We're gonna be late and it's all your fault!

Mushi Sanban: Well it's your fault for being the favorite!

Kuki Sanban: What does that mean?

Mushi Sanban: Shut up!

Man, I can't stand love hate relationships! I can't stand any worst changes and any other worst changes. We especially hate sibling drama tension. We can't stand sibling rivalries. We'll never ever even get out of the shadows of sibling rivalries.
EmeraldTyphoon47 chapter 3 . 6/21/2013
Great story! I think it was a shame that it was never shown what actually happened with Sandy and Mushi in the show; you prtrayed a possible scenario very nicely.
holyshizpickle chapter 3 . 11/6/2010
awwww a perfect evil couple.
cartuneslover17 chapter 3 . 8/10/2010
Poor Joe, I feel for him. :( He's so cute, it's ALMOST heartbreaking to see him being a bad guy. Bad guy kids are just hot! :D

And talk about burn! Mushi got Kuki good and Sandy just stabbed Wally like a knife with the truth. The truth DOES hurt, duh! :D

And King and delightfully evil. Can't wait to see what other mayhem they'll do in the future! :)
cartuneslover17 chapter 2 . 8/9/2010
Oh, I live Joe! :D It's awesome that the child villains are, in a way, like the KND. I'm kind of surprised Numbuh 3 isn't happy Mushi is getting married, of course, how could she? Sandy almost married her before Mushi came along! Update soon!
Gamewizard2008 chapter 2 . 8/9/2010
Good chapter, but you spelled "Balooka" wrong. It's spelled... well, like that. Not "Balochi".
cartuneslover17 chapter 1 . 8/8/2010
I was pissed when Mushi got grounded for like forever! Even though she can be evil, she's not as annoying as Kuki. I think I like her evil side best about her.

King Sandy is one child villain I REALLY liked in the show. I'm glad he chose Mushi as his queen over Kuki; they are so cute together! He's her knight in shining armor!

And yes, I remembered their little cameo in INTERVIEWS all too well. For some reason, I was hoping they would win...

Anyway, awesome start! I think it'll be cute how they get married! Update soon! :)