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verner2 chapter 7 . 10/23/2013
Wildrider just did that to tick off Starscream didn't he? oh well either way it's funny.
THE female dog chapter 7 . 5/7/2013
How many autobots to change a lightbulb? 6 I believe. A scout to find out that the lightbulb needs changing. A spy to retrieve a new bulb. A tactition to plan the course of action to change the bulb in the most efficient way. A weapons specialist to decide on the backup needed in case things get hairy. A soldier to provide said back up. And a Prime to approve the whole thing to make sure it wont endager any human lives.
(and by the time of the final showdown against "the bulb to banish the darkness" mum already changed the bulb and started cooking dinner _)
Ersatz Writer chapter 7 . 4/11/2013
I'm sorry. I've completely sided with the Seekers. Against Agnes though, not the Stunticons. Starscream getting... Liquid, on himself was pretty slagging hilarious, but it turns out my loyalty lies with Screamer after all. Horrified indignation and fury! The war has officially begun!

Skywarp! *face palm* Why am I not surprised? Although at first I thought he actually put the camera ON the chair and Motormaster sat on it. XD 'Moto'... That reminds me of that hippo in Madagascar... Moto-Moto... Oh Primus...

I love Dead End! :3 So casual and sarcastic... I'm surprised Motormaster lasted that long NOT hitting him. Though he kinda deserved it. Still, he makes me go SQUEE every time. The team's competent cool-head. :D

*taps watch and whistles* Two years, Taipan! (If you don't mind me calling you that...) Another fic to bug you for an update! :D Oh the joys of being irritating... XD
Ersatz Writer chapter 6 . 4/11/2013
Oh wow! Now I can read The Left Leg too? Wow! It's like I've suddenly learnt how to speak a new language and everything amazing is open and free to me! :D

OMG... Wildrider bought condoms... XD I thought Breakdown was telling Motormaster about where the 'little organics' come from... (Me and my dirty mind) *smacks head* I'll never forget Optimus' expression when Sari told him...

Motormaster and Dead End can be moan buddies! XD At least they seem to have SOMETHING in common.

Yay for Kenny! As immortal as Starscream. :D
Ersatz Writer chapter 5 . 4/11/2013
Motormaster dealing with a human is the best slagging thing since sliced bread. :D I love watching him BOIL in frustration. :P
Ersatz Writer chapter 4 . 4/10/2013
Thundercracker uses the word 'geek' a couple of times in one episode and he's stuck with it forever. XD Weird how you never really see him use it that much in fanfics *mental note to self to fit it in*. But it's a trait. And I love it. XD

Drag Strip's such a cheat! XD I would have punched his face in already if he'd ever done that to me! Good job Wildrider had the memory of a goldfish.

Poor Agnes is not gonna survive with the stuff Wildrider and Drag Strip brought in. XD Well, at least she has Cheetos. Pity she's so young, or else she would have demanded everything possible: "A DS! An XBox! A boyfriend! Money!" XD

Wildrider is hilarious... "Uh, no, I think I'm gonna keep her." That's about as bad as TFA Ramjet's: "This isn't my Autobot! I'm just holding him for a friend!" Has he not kidnapped someone before? And that is one brave little human. Then again, he's on crack. -_-

For some reason I find the fact that they killed a driver very disturbing... ):
Ersatz Writer chapter 3 . 4/10/2013
I will pay to see Skywarp and Starscream laughing at the same time. The ultimate traitor AND the ultimate prankster? Not good. You'll have Rumble and Frenzy joining in next.

Oh C'mon Starscream. Even I didn't expect either TC or Warp to back you up. Since WHEN have they backed you up against another Decepticon? XD And even YOU didn't expect Skywarp to back you up with your little idea of fun.

Oh no... It really is a Seeker VS Stunticon showdown! O_O Oh god! Who should I side with? :P

I love Dead End's scorn towards Agnes. I love his sarcasm. Wildrider and Drag Strip on a shopping trip. That has to be interesting. XD Motormaster's gonna be in for one hell of a night... And I'm looking forward to it... Heh heh heh...
Ersatz Writer chapter 2 . 4/10/2013
XD Having Motormaster been compared to a Barbie Minivan... XD XD XD Nothing, not even Motormaster, can conquer the innocence of a child. I'm sure the other Stunticons can get on with Agnes well enough. Maybe Dead End can read her a data-pad every night? *sniggers* I'd want Dead End to read me something every night. I love his voice.

I didn't know whose side to be on when Motormaster started thrashing Starscream. *shakes head* Starscream isn't the 'self-appointed Second In Command' though...? I mean, 'self-appointed Decepticon Commander (in his dreams)' is more likely. No offense, Screamer. Never give up on your dreams! :P I'd like to see Screamer deal with Agnes though... Actually, scrap that idea. She'll die in 10 seconds flat. Probably just so Megatron doesn't need his subject.

Why DOES Megatron need Agnes anyway, huh? :P
Ersatz Writer chapter 1 . 4/10/2013
*sing song voice* Heeeeeeey! Yep, I read Crash Course and almost every single one of QoS' Stunticon fanfics and am in love with them enough to come and read this! :D WHOO! I need to watch Despicable Me again. (I can't type 'despicable' without wanting to type 'Decepticon'...) It was so sweet!

Oh wow... I love Dead End so much! You write his bored, indifferent attitude perfectly. :3 I haven't read any thing written by you humour related yet, and judging by the reviews, it's good. :D

'Wildrider's Day Care'... XD
monsterhuntergod-Ratholas Mk1 chapter 1 . 8/25/2012
holy crap this is hilarious! wildrider and dragstrip are the ones that make it funny.
ida-criss-wild chapter 7 . 1/8/2012
oh i love it lol!
LucasVN chapter 7 . 12/12/2011
You list this as a humor story, but I sense that this may become much more than that.

I've never watched the film 'Despicable Me,' but nevertheless I love what you have written thus far. Agnes is so adorable and innocent in contrast to 'Mister Motor' that it sometimes had me wondering if Moto would be able to hold it together.

And, speaking of Moto, I love the way you portray and characterize the Stunticons as a whole, both in here and in 'The Left Leg.' On the outside, they appear psychotic, but inside, there is more to them than flawed processors. In particular, I noticed some extra traits you gave to two of them: Breakdown's problems with complex words, and Dead End's slight vanity. I don't think they're canon, though I did see QoS using these in one of her fanfics. Nevertheless, it makes them more interesting and developed as characters. Truth be told, I think that's why little fan-made traits and plotlines, such as G1 Ratchet being ill-tempered, Sunstreaker and Sideswipe being pranksters (well, more the latter, though the former is a part-time accomplice), and the Protectobot First Aid being an apprentice to Ratchet, became so popular. They all offer opportunities for engaging storylines and complex character development much more than the canon interpretations ever did.

Oh, and even though he killed a number of humans, I love how you write Wildrider. Honestly, he is quite adorable in his own twisted way, and I can imagine he is a fun character to work with. Oh, and him and Drag Strip trashing the Wal-Mart was quite amusing. Oh, and him attempting a drug deal may be one of the most bizarre sights ever. However, I must ask, how high are the Wal-Mart ceilings in Mexico?

Breakdown building a mini-playboy mansion? I have no words. And Starscream urine? Run like hell...

Anyway, faved and followed...

*ends Bluestreak impersonation*
chaitea16 chapter 7 . 6/7/2011
Oh this poor little girl and the situation you wrote her into. And despite all that I'm finding more love for the Stunticons thanks the the brilliant way you write them. Especially in these situations.

I nearly fell off my couch when Skywarp popped in to declare the little girls new abode was based off the Playboy Mansion. He would know that little detail.

I have no idea where you're going with this story but damn if i can't help but adore each chapter thus far. The seekers now playing a larger role just adds to the hilarity in such a fitting way.
Angry Archer chapter 7 . 4/28/2011
I have no idea how you gracefully move through every genre and present us with awesome chapters, but no matter the subject you are just awesome and comedy is definietly one of your strongest genres you write. :)

And just like your ability to write humor, the Stunticons are just as fantastic. :) I truly feel bad for Agnes, not because she is such a petite fragile thing amongst the biggest and loudest brutes in the Decepticon army, but because of her child-ignorance but that is definietly her appeal, she doesn't register danger because she is so young and thinks it a game. That was also her appeal in 'Despicable Me' as well. :)

Lol, poor Breakdown , he definiely wins my sympathy every time. I'd hug him, but I would feel bad that I induce an oil leak from him... I don't think he would like to be touched by a meatbag, especially a meat bag with a crush on him. lol

Ah and Skywarp, always a treat to see him pop in and out. :D

And what better karma Starscream than that, I love you but you had it coming. You are every deadly sin encarnate afterall. XD

Another lovely chapter my dear, keep up the good work! :)

~Alaskan Olive
ABSOLute Chimera chapter 7 . 4/27/2011
New chapter! Woo-hoo :D I was waiting for it!
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