Reviews for Eclipse
Anne Iriel Devay chapter 1 . 9/7/2011
Breaking Dawn is gonna be divided in two parts. Will your fic be divided too? Just asking...

Aww, Ryo and Hibiki are so cute together! (I'm not into yaoi... All my friends are. Maybe Lux-Pain is changing that? _)

Anne: -cries in a corner- Hibikiii...

Me: -ignores-

And Sora... You troublemaker. I loved the food fight. I wonder what would had happened if Yamato were there... -shiver-

Mika is becoming evil! Someone get her back! Or Atsuki's gonna have to make extra-hours for the FORT having to get those Twi-Silent from the fans. He'll be whining for a vacation like Aya Nagashima was XD

-after the food fight, when Aoi is lecturing the Twilight fans-

Anne: -throws a salad at Rinse-

Matsumura: DEVAY!

Anne: -mumbles- Sorry...

Looking forward for the next story of this Lux-Pain mini-fic-saga :3

If you're going to see the movie to the cinema, I'll give you an advice: get a first aid kit. You'll need it. And also go with Atsuki. You'll need him to shoot the screen...
Awesome Archer chapter 1 . 8/8/2010
Damn Rinse and her Twi-clones. I feel murderous intent for all twilight fans now.

Hopefully, when my mom forces me to see eclipse I won't get stuff thrown at me like last time..