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dazzled eyes22 chapter 20 . 17h
I enjoyed how comfortable Bella and Edward have become around each other. She's cooking in his place and lying with Juliet in his bed. I especially liked Bella playfully chasing Edward after he took that picture of Juliet and her and how Edward pulled her in for that intimate picture of the two of them.

The visit to Rosalie and Emmett's house was nice and warm. I loved how the ladies got along, but Emmett and Edward's reaction to his antics stole the limelight and had me laughing out loud.

Thanks for the heads up about this story being angst free. I was looking for it around every corner, so I'm glad I can relax and enjoy. Yes, sometimes we do need a little sunshine.
dazzled eyes22 chapter 19 . 4/21
Aww, that was cute and so realistic.

I like that Bella spoke to Alice about her insecurities. Alice was quite perceptive about Edward and gave good advice on the bathing suit.

I like that Bella was confident enough to visit Edward at work and ask him to dinner with Juliet and her. Edward upping his game because his family interfered may not have worked out as planned, but it sure was entertaining.

I'm glad he didn't wait to make his declaration to Bella of his plans regarding Juliet and her. Bella needed to hear that. I love that she offered an adjustment to his plan too.
guest chapter 14 . 4/20
(continued) I realised that any adult could not finish this. I think your target audience is 14 year olds with very active and pre-pubescent imaginations of what guys are like. The plot sounded amazing however having read up until this point I can already predict the rest of it. I have some advice, I think you need to read some adult fanfiction which will help you will plot development, character development and just in general help you to mature your writing.
Wisp by Chris
Help wanted and A pound of Flesh by Jaxxon22
Turning page by Twistingtwilight
In your world by solostintwilight
Hit by destiny (quite popular- unsure of author)
Dusty " "
Emancipation Proclamation " "
Expectations and other moving pieces
Edroar the angry lion
Crossing the lines
Any fic written by carano

Seeing as you are writing or have already finished a romance story I would suggest also:
Notes on his pillow
Particle collisons
To destroy
Artist in the ambulance

There are quite a few more out there. Some of these have been pulled but you can find them on facebook groups. Join by request.

I wish you the best on any further writing and hope you will at least try one of the stories I have recc'd as I believe they will help you to develop greatly.
guest chapter 13 . 4/20
I'm sorry. I tried to read this, I really did. However I feel that the main issue is Edward. I am all for a man loving babies but when you read this story I don't feel like I am getting a mans viewpoint? I feel like I am reading a girls viewpoint on what he thinks-which I technically am. What I mean to say is, when I read it I don't get immersed. It is pretty obvious that a teenage girl (i am assuming) has wrote it and you can tell that in Edwards thought process. His thought process is in no way manly at all. It's the thought process of someone in high school trying to imagine what a guys thoughts are.
Having looked at the number of chapters I would have to read I relised that for any sane person
Guest chapter 12 . 4/20
I'm sorry
dazzled eyes22 chapter 18 . 4/19
It's good Alice found Bella another project, so she can continue to stand on her own without relying on her dad.

I like that Bella agreed to let Edward take Juliet swimming and that she went with them. It was cute that he gave Bella his cap to wear and that he called them "my girls".

I'm glad Edward finished telling Bella the story of his break-up with Tanya and I like how it was linked to Bella explaining Juliet's father's absence. The story was heartbreaking, but Bella showed the right amount of compassion while reassuring him.
dazzled eyes22 chapter 17 . 4/19
I'm glad Bella and Edward talked about their insecurities. It's a shame Edward got interrupted when telling his story to Bella about his ex, but such is the life of a doctor. However, I do wonder why Bella cut off their talk about her relationship with Juliet's father.

Aww! They looked like proud parents celebrating the first smile of their daughter. I like how these kisses between them are becoming the norm. Juliet needs to get used to sharing him with Mom. LOL. Edward needs to articulate those desires more, so Bella won't feel like the baby is more important to him than her.
dazzled eyes22 chapter 15 . 4/19
I'm glad Bella and Edward are opening up and becoming more comfortable with one another. Edward was really sweet in making sure Bella got a bath and some rest, while he tended to her daughter.

Wow! That's rough what Tanya did to him, but she did do what was best for her. She just should have discussed her feelings before anything happened.

It's probably a good idea Edward didn't confess all that to Bella right away because she might have thought he was obsessing with her baby to substitute for the one he lost rather than he just fell in love with Juliet.
dazzled eyes22 chapter 14 . 4/19
Poor Edward had such an emotional day of highs and lows during this happy occasion. I enjoyed his playful teasing of Bella about the fairness of the time he spent with Juliet when she so badly needed to nurse her. I wanted to hug him when Bella turned him down for brunch, but at least she tried to explain why this time. I loved how his family supported him when he stumbled during his speech and how he tried to close the door on his past by helping Tanya accept what they are now. Most of all, it was great that he was able to enjoy some time with Bella and take solace in just being with Juliet. I love that he recognizes that she and his Sunshine are his future. Even though he had this hard day, this chapter gave you hope that he won't be sad for long. They will get it right eventually. Thanks for this lovely chapter.

I have read True Love Way as well and I just want to acknowledge how much I love the relationships you establish between Edward, Rosalie and Emmett. I can totally understand Bella wanting a sibling relationship like theirs. It was great to see the love beyond the regular nagging between the brother and sister. Emmett is such a great supportive friend and now brother-in-law.
dazzled eyes22 chapter 13 . 4/16
I love the slow reveal of Bella finally meeting Edward's sister, Rose. Her reaction was priceless. That relief was worth waiting for and then she was rewarded with meeting his parents. Awesome!

Esme was such the nurturing mother to her son and Bella. I laughed out loud at Bella's internal request for Esme to give her her perfect son. That was funny.

I must say you had me looking in every corner for Tanya, especially with everyone talking about her. I really wonder how Tanya messed Edward up. His shaking at the alter has me worried for the poor man, especially since his parents don't know the real reason they broke up. I'm guessing she cheated on him during rehearsal.
Toni Masen chapter 41 . 4/14
An amazing story that just got better as it went alone. Both a little crazy in their own way. You have an amazing way with words, loved it.
dazzled eyes22 chapter 12 . 4/14
I truly enjoyed the flirting between them in this chapter and that Edward offered her the use of his car for her errands. I was surprised Bella didn't have a car for work. How does she get to her assignments with that equipment? By bus? Well, then again, maybe it's a new development or she only did portraits out of her studio.

I'm glad Bella took Edward's email well and that she realizes he may have been afraid how she would react after what happened when he asked her out before. I like that she wanted to do the job for him after all he's done for them, yet expressed to him her fear of not being able to it with the demands of her nursing Juliet. Rosalie and Bella really seemed to get along well. I hope they can work it out.

Edward and Juliet were so adorable playing on the floor and how cute was it that he wanted to take her as his date to the wedding if they couldn't find a sitter. Loving this Edward so much. It was great that Bella captured their special relationship on film and delivered him a copy.

Edward's conversation with Emmett about Bella's breast making an appearance right in front of him thanks to Juliet was hilarious. It sounds like Tanya might be stirring in some trouble soon.
dazzled eyes22 chapter 11 . 4/4
I'm glad Bella was able to sleep comfortably in Edward's bed. It was very sweet that he woke her up to tell her he was called into work, yet asked for them to stay.

I love Bella and Edward's internal dialogue showing how much they're lusting after each other. I also like how this Edward really sounds like how a guy would react to these events.

Man, it was freaking hilarious when Bella pulled out her breast and started nursing Juliet right in front of Edward's face with no cover. Poor Edward couldn't run out of there quick enough. LMAO! Then to think he was going to go home to their scents in his bedroom, only for Bella's nice gesture of cleaning his sheets to rob him of that divine pleasure. Oh, you're good. LOL

I wonder how Bella will react to Edward asking her about working for her sister.
dazzled eyes22 chapter 10 . 4/3
I really enjoyed Bella and Juliet's visit to Edward's home. I like how his mom takes care of stocking her son's fridge with comfort food.

I'm glad Edward added that information about his friend Emmett being engaged to his sister. I look forward to Bella's POV to see how she really took that information.

I like that Bella and Edward were able to get comfortable with each other and just talk, while Juliet slept. It was great that he got Bella to sleep in his bed while he played with the baby.

I hope Bella heard some of that conversation between Edward and her daughter because he was so adorable as he spoke with his heart on his sleeve.

Great chapter! Just adorable.
dazzled eyes22 chapter 9 . 3/31
I'm glad Edward was there to help Bella with Juliet and this illness. His demeanor was very good as he got peed and thrown up on.

Bella should find a way to apologize to him for her reaction to his date request before, even though he's acting like nothing happened.

It was nice of Edward to ask them up to his apartment, so he could wash his and Juliet's soiled clothes and Bella could get something to eat while he got to the bottom of what's wrong with the baby.
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