Reviews for To Turn a Villain
What chapter 3 . 8/7/2012
You can't just stop there-come on! We just barely got started, and you dropped this, what, two years ago? Sheesh, do you have any idea how little Goku and Piccolo centric fics there are, and how many of them look hopeless in regards to updates? Please, just write something with them coming into contact! Please? If you do, I'll give another review! (As soon as I notice the update. I'm horrible at that. Okay, I'll give you the review right now. The interactions between Piccolo and Kami do seem rather realistic, and I really like the tension. Piccolo's warming up to Goku is going to be slow and painful, I rather imagine-just the way I like it. Awesome going, and please, please update.)
Ozad chapter 1 . 8/5/2012
Don't understand why many people got the relationship between Piccolo Daimao and Piccolo Jr., who actually is his son, all wrong...
lilpurplebird chapter 3 . 8/27/2010
I can't believe I've been over-looking this story ._.! How dare I, I've been missing out.

I just feel so bad for Piccolo, he's gone through a lot of intense moments for a child. I wish I could reach out and hug him. Oh well, Goku can do that for me, lol. I'm interested to see how the two will learn to get along with Kami supervising.

...And now I can't think of anything. Strange.
Kiyza chapter 3 . 8/21/2010
It’s been around two or three months, but it would appear that I’ve finally found a fanfic I’m fond of about Piccolo. This is very well written, but I did spot at least one or two grammatical errors while leafing through it.

I like the concept for the plot. I read a somewhat similar fanfic quite a while back, but it never actually went too far.

The philosophical bit about the two young boys and their fathers was a nice little bit as well. I’ll be honest, I prefer light fluffy stuff when reading Dragon Ball fanfiction, but making it a little bit more serious is fine with me too.

Though I’m pretty sure it’s only to make the plot a bit more interesting, I have my doubts Piccolo ever felt he should go against what past memories were telling him to do. A few minutes after he hatched he was already going on about how he’d take over the world. I’ve seen it as a common theme in the few fanfics I’ve read about Piccolo’s youth that he’s afraid of the memories from his past life. Am I the only one who thinks that he’d revel in them and laugh sinisterly?

The little bit about him calling himself Piccolo Jr. as opposed to Piccolo Daimao I found to be rather confusing and inconsistent with the series. He’s never actually called “Piccolo Jr.” as a lot of fans like to constantly call him, though he does use the alias of “Ma Jr.” And he does call himself Piccolo Daimao on several occasions. People just don’t generally call him that.

Also, about the angry mob talking about Goku, no one actually knows his name. They just know that some boy killed Piccolo Daimao.

Also, you seem a little bit inconsistent with your naming. You call God (or “Kami” if you prefer; I’ve offended religious people before by calling him that ;) “Guardian,” which is completely absent from the Japanese version, yet you use “Daimao” and “Son Goku,” both of which are not used in the FUNimation dub. (Well, Son Goku is used in their recent redub of Kai) I’ve always seen the term “Guardian of Earth” as blatant censorship so as to not make the soccer moms mad that a green guy’s God.

Overall, however, I’m rather fond of this fanfic. Gonna subscribe if you don’t mind. _~
Dreamwraith chapter 3 . 8/20/2010
So how old is Piccolo at this time, and how big is he? Is he Gohan's size, or is he halfway to what he was during the Budokai with Goku?

I would also like to know how he plans on keeping Piccolo trapped. Mr. "my father did sorcery and I'm his clone". I think this has some potential. I am also looking forward to watching Piccolo snarl/lunge at Goku. For Goku's safety, I hope Kami keeps Piccolo restrained. I do foresee Goku being completely clueless about the people who are idolizing him. :)

Nicely done. I look forward to reading the next chapter!
Dreamwraith chapter 2 . 8/20/2010
I like the touch with the older woman in here. Is it enough, though, for him to justify allowing a few humans to live in his supposed "empire", when he takes over the world? I don't think that's the way you're going with this, but I thought it was an interesting question.

I never thought about Piccolo thinking he may have been a mistake (or at least being sore about it). It's true that he was the last-ditch effort for Daimao to save something of himself, but a mistake? No. He wasn't planned very carefully (so I'm sure Daimao is currently regretting not passing the rest of his personality through... ooh, plot idea forming), but a mistake? No. The only mistake is Daimao's lack of control.
Dreamwraith chapter 1 . 8/20/2010
This chapter sounds a little rough, but I like it. :)

You've got a few misspellings and grammar errors, but it's nothing that can't be read around. I like the premise you have here. I also like that Piccolo was able to be influenced as a child, even if it was by humans. A lot of people tend to forget that he spent 3 years by himself, doing Kami knows what. In this case, maybe Kami *does* know. :)

At least the poor kid isn't being harrassed by supernaturals. ;)
Kakarot Son chapter 3 . 8/20/2010
This is a good story but theplot is very strange as picollo does become good anyway