Reviews for Deconstruction
Guest chapter 1 . 1/6/2017
Oh geez...when you think of it like that this is utterly heartbreaking!
linn chapter 1 . 5/13/2011
Wonderful fic, I loved it!
Mahayana chapter 1 . 5/9/2011
Brilliant! I really like how you developed Jack and Yusei's collapsing relationship, and the role the D-Wheel had in it. Also, seeing someone actually distinguish between Yusei the duelist vs Yusei the mechanic was really interesting and awesome. Well done! Your character analysis was very apt. A would read again.
RubenCherrie chapter 1 . 9/26/2010
Wow. I cannot find the right words to decribe something so truly brilliant and...tragic, really. I felt EVERYTHING in this story. Seriously, I sat back and was like "Oh my God, I get this..." You're just thinking: How did their friendship even get to THAT point? was just amazing. Seriously, you're so talented, the writing-style was beautiful and flowed nicely and this was simple outstanding.

It seriously clarifies what became of Jack and Yusei and how they grew so far apart, like completely different ends of the fucking spectrum. And we finally get to REALLY feel for Jack on his part of it and how it all went down and that takes some craft and great ability and you executed it so well.

So amazing. I loved this to tears.

Such a good job!
Shadowalais chapter 1 . 8/16/2010
I have to say, this fic of yours is certainly jaw-dropping amazing. This is my fourth time reading it and by the end of the story, I'm still rendered speechless. It still continually takes my breath away each time and every time I read it. This story is just so incredibly well written and everyone is perfectly in character. It's just a magnificent fic, all around.

Well I guess I should talk about which parts I deeply enjoyed (which would be everything.)

I liked the fact that Crow was the one who inspired Yusei into building the D-wheel. I loved that Pearson and the Black Bird were mentioned (yay for canon references.) While Crow did not have a large role in this fic, his reasoning for using the Black Bird in order to help people sounded like something he would say.

Other canon references I liked were the mentions of Kiryu's arrest, Zone M, and the episode flashbacks (like Jack being present for Yusei's D-wheel's "maiden voyage" and Yusei and Jack's duel in episode 2.) I don't think I've read a fic that referred to Zone M unless it was a Team Satisfaction fic- so that was really cool. In addition, considering what happened last time Yusei and Jack entered Zone M where Yusei almost died, it makes sense for Jack to be jumpy while Yusei is scavenging for D-wheel parts. You leave no stone unturned. Every brief canon flashback that was shown in the show is present in this fic. Also, you’ve provided excellent explanations that justify the characters’ behavior and explain why they do the things they do.

I think what I loved the most about this story is that it explains what might of caused Yusei and Jack's rift in their friendship since in episode 25's flashback, before Jack stole Stardust and Yusei's D-wheel, it was pretty obvious that something occurred that caused Yusei and Jack to drift apart. In addition, I feel that this fic is very plausible and reasonable.

It makes sense for Jack to worry about Yusei and Crow messing with Security since Kiryu had recently been arrested. It also makes sense for Jack to not want his brothers to suffer the same fate as Kiryu.

In addition, in the show, when Yusei's working on some piece of technology, he's kinda zones out. So I could totally see him get obsessed about building his D-wheel. Or Yusei would ignore certain dangers in order to gather pieces for his D-wheel. Like searching for D-wheel parts in Zone M or eventually going to black markets. Also, this fic sorta explains how Yusei managed to acquire certain complicated pieces for his D-wheel. Stuff that one wouldn't normally find in a junkyard. However, not only does Yusei is fixated on the D-wheel, but Rally/Nerve/Taka/Blitz are as well. This obsession (their hope and their curse) ends up sucking them all in.

Though what I find ironic about this fic is the fact that Jack's fears did come true in the show. In the first episode, Rally did steal a piece of D-wheel equipment from Security and it did bring Security down on their heads. Makes me wonder if Rally's Marker is a result of him stealing D-wheel parts and if Yusei and the gang had to run from Security before?

I also loved how heartfelt and emotional this fic felt. The emotions felt so tangible. Like Jack's anguish as he's trying to look out for the group, but they don't see it that way. They see it as Jack trying to destroy their dream when Jack is just trying to keep them from getting in over their heads. Again, everything is amazingly explained-even Jack and Nerve/Taka/Blitz’s falling out.

One of my favorite parts is when Jack duels Yusei and discovers that he can no longer recognize Yusei. The way you've written this scene aptly explains why Yusei dueled so poorly. It also shows how consumed Yusei and the others have become due to building the D-wheel that even the Duelist in Yusei is suffering. The emotions in this story are so dramatic, but they feel very natural. My heartstrings were definitely pulled when Jack walked away since he feels unneeded.

I loved the scene after wards where Jack’s made his decision and he's very stubborn and he’s sticking to it, yet in his dreams, he’s always thinking of ways to mend past mistakes and repair his friendship with Yusei. I don’t know. This specific scene makes of think of Jack’s line to Carly in 31 about “something in the depths of his heart holding him up.” Both of these scenes, Jack walking away and dreaming of the past, feel very powerful.

We also begin to see the “different goals” that Jack had mentioned to Rally in episode 25. Yusei’s contentment with his D-wheel and Jack’s growing distaste for Satellite. Jack's realization that there’s left for him in Satellite. He has no contentment or satisfaction (unlike Yusei) and not even his title can satiate his desire to leave.

Of course, the ending is bitter and definitely presents Jack as the lonely King that we saw in the flashbacks.

Overall, I thought this fanfic was absolutely wonderful. Honestly, I think it’s perfect and a masterpiece. Definitely one of my favorite fanfictions I’ve ever read. Keep up the awesome work!
Opalynne chapter 1 . 8/11/2010
Aww...I really liked how you portrayed Jack as the one who was, for a lack of a better way to put it, 'in the right'. The end was depressing, but a well written one regardless.
LostOzian chapter 1 . 8/10/2010

I think this is the first time that an explanation was offered as to how/why Jack and Yusei grew apart. And it is brilliant. It acknowledges every canon detail and explains all the questions left unanswered. I could go on and on about all the little holes this fills. This even explains why Jack hates Bruno so much. Yeah. You answered that, too.

At first, I wasn't sure where you were going with the idea that Jack wouldn't want a D-Wheel. But it's not that he wouldn't want one, it's the way Yusei went about getting one (spending every waking moment on one until it was done) that made them grow apart.

Jack's character is perfect here. Though he's mainly concerned for Yusei, it's a harsh sort of concern, because Jack Atlus doesn't do fluffy bunny concern. It also rounds out Rally-gang. Rather than being Those Blindly Supportive Side Characters, they're actually one of the reasons Jack would eventually steal the D-Wheel and Stardust Dragon. You worked in the King complex, a desire to "be someone," perfectly, and brought it right up to the moment where Jaegar appears.

I'm a little sorry about the long review. This happens whenever I see things I really like, I write a big, detailed review about everything I liked. If I had to pick one thing to dislike, I put Pearson before Team Satisfaction in Crow's timeline, and just assume he was hiding Blackbird out of grief, but that's my personal theory and there's no evidence to say you're wrong. And this is still brilliant. Brilliant, perfect, so much so that I more or less consider it canon. This is amazing. -LostOzian
N. Silvutra Mayhem chapter 1 . 8/10/2010
That...that was so sweet! You've written this so nicely, I think it's wonderful! I love how you've portrayed Jack; it's so awesome

Um, do you think that maybe the genre should be 'Drama' instead of Angst?