Reviews for Miranda
PDXWiz chapter 4 . 8/22/2010
Yay! She's brave enough to try to befriend Rogan! How cool!

I love that sign...wish we could compost unannounced visitors. A sign of a mind with a great and intelligent sense of humor!

Neat...we get to find out about Rogan's past. Horrifying...poor boy. I am going to suspect their Da resented Caitriona's death, while the boy lived. (Again, a staple of fiction.) wonder he treated him badly. Then, Rogan left his father's island before he (the Da) was ever able to let his guard down. He probably wasn't able to ever let his guard down until he found Miranda. His heart, though crusted and calloused over, broke through with her and he was able to love her.

Dang...I was right... well, except for the part about the island. I always figured their Da lived on that island that we saw in the MM series, and some of the powers-that-be (not the ones who helped Roarke with the island seen in the RM series, different ones) helped him set up. This...this second set of powers-that-be seem to be tricksters in the mold of the stereotypes of Loki and Coyote. (However, I've read enough Coyote stories to know that he liked people to a great extent and was more like Prometheus, trying to improve the lot of humans. I have seen him in legends...was more of an evil villain, as well as in his comics incarnation. However, in one novel I read, he was more like Coyote and liked humans, because they weren't boring and stuffy like the gods and he had a good sense of humor.)

So yes...I anticipated where you were going again. Oopsy, sorry. LOL... read mind... read mind... Now if I could only use that power for winning lottery numbers hehehe

Well, maybe they will have chances to get along now, Rogan and Miranda. And maybe she can stay. Heck, Roarke, Leslie, Christian, Rory, and Julie...and probably Rogan...and Leslie's circle of friends...will all welcome her, too.

Oh, cool! They are bonding! Woohoo! Rogan had some dealings with that poser jerk I call Count Olaf... Interesting... Heheheh. More reasons to like Rogan and be happy for his success in um...not exactly taming amakarna...but working with it!

A big laugh together! Woohoo! Hmmm...Ariel as stepmother...interesting...LOL

Holy crapdoodles! Josh is here! And sheepish... maybe he came to his senses, too? In that case...maybe they will re-connect and go back to Noo Yawk...

Yay! He wants her back! He wants to apologize and win her back... Yahooey!

(setting off happy fireworks...)

Of course she's out there and heard the conversation! That's part of how Fantasy Island works...probably not something Roarke does, but his backers at work...

Yay! That specialist was wrong! She CAN get fixed! YES! And they are back together! YES YES YES! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Heheheh...yeah, I figured they were leaving... But at least Roarke's family is growing... first Leslie, then Rogan and Julie and Rory, and Christian and the triplets, and Christian's family in Lilla Jordsö, and now Miranda and Josh, and they will have children, which is groovy!

Yes, story time coming soon!

And the great responsibilities come with great power concept, which is now common idea in society thanks to Spider-Man. Interestingly, it doesn't have to be magical powers, or superhero powers... it could be the power of your job, or your intelligence... Totally cool!

I can't wait for the next story! Awesome chapter! Awesome story! Really super good stuff! Loved it all!

PDXWiz chapter 3 . 8/22/2010
Yay! More bonding! I like bonding! :-D

Great conversations definitely help them bond together. Yes, they are family, and it is good to be developing that bond.

Yes, she should look into what is going on with her fallopian tubes. Perhaps her magic caused the damage, and that might explain possibly why Roarke didn't want to teach Leslie. Leslie would certainly understand that reason!

Ah, so he tried to teach two assistants during her time in Finland...with disastrous results.

Oh crap, Leslie's going off the deep end again! Leslie is not particularly a klutz! She merely imitates one on rare occasion.

Ah, a subconcious block against being able to learn magic! Yes, that makes sense. I've encountered a similar concept from other authors I've read.

Good, use Danny Collier as the example. That's the perfect one!

And very good questions: How badly does she want to learn magic? And why does she want to do it? That makes sense. Does she want to do everything that Miranda can? Or to do her job better? Don't forget, you have two things Miranda doesn't right now: a loving husband, and three beautiful children. Somehow, I suspect that Miranda would gladly have given up her powers to have Josh and a child.

Well, I'm glad they talked and that Leslie was able to get this out of her system. One great chapter with more great discussions down, one chapter to go! Onward!

PDXWiz chapter 2 . 8/22/2010
At least Rory is friendly. That will be a point in his favor as he gets older. I think he gets it from Julie, as she seems to be very outgoing. This makes her the opposite from Rogan, who tends to be quieter.

And Leslie and Christian are both very outgoing people. Christian has always been outgoing since he was a little kid, but because of his treatment from the brainless Ulfs and the media, he's not willing to be so open with strangers. propitious! I mention them and they show up! LOL... That's too funny. Yet again I somehow anticipated what you were going to do... The side-kick connection strikes again!

Yay! A cute triplets scene! Woo and hoo!

Hmm...there is a chance that Miranda can at least get along with Roarke, Christian, and Leslie. Yay!

Now, this super-storm...and a wooden ship. I am picturing a sailing vessel, though it is probably really just engine-powered. Of course, if it was a sailing vessel, in the late 60s, that might imply a family with some money. But if it was a real sailing vessel (as opposed to a sailboat, something that sailed the seas between 1500 and 1900), maybe it traveled through time?

Yes! Heehee! That's right, you both are cousins! Yahoo!

Very fascinating conversation here. It is really interesting to see the events unfold again before our eyes of something you've written about, that Leslie experienced, which wasn't an episode being retold or related to how she came to be on FI in the first place. That's been explored a lot (as well it should be), but this is something else that is worth exploring. It made a big difference in our lives by introducing Rogan and linking the MM series to the RM series, and importantly connecting Rogan and Julie together.

Omigosh, I forgot he threw him over the cliff. I thought Mephiboy had simply gone back to his realm with Rogan's dad in tow. So that looks a bit suspicious; he might not really be dead, just taken as a living person to Mephi's world. Hmm... And we could possibly have a way to bring Miranda's dad, the loving father, back to her. Hmmm...

A pediatrician, eh? Yes, I could see her getting attached to patients that she spends a lot of time with. I've done that with some of my library patrons, especially some families. And then to lose little Soraya on top of the mess with Josh...oh, poor girl!

At least Miranda does have a chance to let this all out, finding a sympathetic ear in her newly found cousin. They just might be able to stay in touch if she goes back to New York. Alternatively, if you decide to keep her on the island, that would be okay.

Now, about this magic that Miranda's Da taught her. She might turn out to be not entirely human, like the members of Clan Roarke or Clan LiSciola. Or they might have a special magic ability like Julie and Delphine's family, or something special like um whatever it was about Lawrence's would-be replacement. In this case, it won't hurt Leslie, she will understand why she couldn't do it. On the other hand, if Leslie is teachable...maybe Miranda's father taught her in defiance of some code. Considering how cranky he clearly was after his cousin, our Roarke, was 'given' everything...maybe that is it.

What an interesting question to leave us with a cliffhanger! On to chapter 3!

PDXWiz chapter 1 . 8/22/2010
Yay! Another story...finally! Woohoo! Of course I am slow as usual in reviewing :/

So, we get to do more with Roarke's family and history. EXCITING! Thanks for going down this path!

Hehehe... a cute Rory seen! Nicely behaved now...perhaps their efforts are finally paying off? :)

I never thought about how much effort was needed to prepare the amakarna. I agree, he probably does curse Count Olaf's family almost as much as Christian.

Very interesting... the backstory for Miranda, and for Rogan... Really good dialogue. It was very absorbing to watch their conversation; I got caught up in it to the point where I didn't comment (which should tell you how good it was, LOL)

I'm sorry they didn't get along very well with their first meeting in a long time. I hope things can be worked out by the end of the story, but we'll see.

Nice little mentions for Ariel, Cal, and Harry. Good to continue crossing over the MM series with our established RM series.

Looking forward to chapter 2!
Dreamer1985 chapter 4 . 8/22/2010
nice story.
jtbwriter chapter 4 . 8/10/2010
You tease-thanks for the happy beginning for Miranda and Josh, and finally understanding her "big" brother! But more tales about Julie? Heh-heh...I look forward to another trip to the Island!
Ree923 chapter 4 . 8/10/2010
I am horrible about reviewing but I do read all of your work and look forward to each new story.
Harry2 chapter 4 . 8/10/2010
I smell a very interesting tale coming up in September my friend! And as always, I will be looking forward to it. And I am glad that Miranda, Rogan, and her husband have made up. Its good to have ones family around them. Especially for someone as longed lived as Mr. Roarke.
Harry2 chapter 3 . 8/9/2010
I'm glad that Miranda had a chance to spend time with Leslie, Christian and Roarke. Its good to get to know ones family. As for Leslie, I HOPE that she can learn some magic. Maybe not enough to be a full fledged sorceress, but enough to do more to help out around the island.
Harry2 chapter 2 . 8/9/2010
Well, NOW we know why Miranda has been so upset! And I think that Leslie's empathic powers may have helped to get Miranda to talk, especially after Miranda found out what happened to the man she called Father. I think though, that Leslie has a bunch of questions that need answering and soon.
Harry2 chapter 1 . 8/9/2010
Well, THIS is an interesting development! We never knew that Roary had any kin at all. And I think this young lady and he need to sit down and have a LONG talk and clear the air before they go snipping at each other!
jtbwriter chapter 3 . 8/9/2010
What a treat-getting a new trip to "the island"-and what a story! A new friend and cousin for Leslie, as well as a lesson in why Mr. Roarke never "taught" her some of his magic. A very loving way for Mr. Roarke to remind Leslie how much he does care-it's up to her if she wants to try. Thanks for a great start-but now what? Can Rogan see past his father's mistreatment? More please!