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Amelia chapter 19 . 12/10/2015
I liked the story but then Lightning and Hope had s*x. what the hell! Then Lightning said that she threw away her virginity at 15? WHAT!
lana-445 chapter 19 . 4/4/2015
Love this story, even though there were parts that confused me, I still could follow the storyline, also not saying you should but would be really cool if u did a little one-shot where wright tell light.
97kingdomwolf chapter 19 . 10/19/2013
I love this story it's amazing
97kingdomwolf chapter 11 . 10/17/2013
I love this story but I cant see why its rated M
Guest chapter 19 . 6/3/2013
This story was so good words cannot describe it. Everything was written so utterly perfect , it's hard to belive this story is real! I loved the pregnancy shock it was like la la la BAM . I was not expecting it but loved it anyway. You should write a one shot or something about them and the baby!
Proshen Brochen chapter 3 . 5/23/2013
Jesus! What did hope do to deserve this torment! I wish snow was walking with light instead.

"But his conscious told him otherwise as he picked up the limp boy and continued up the spiral stairs.

"Lt. Amodar is still coming up the stairs, [...}"

Trolololo. Love finding your little 4th wall nods.
King Pro Chief chapter 2 . 5/23/2013
Wow, another chapter of excellence. I was worried about snow, I thought he would leave and get abducted.

Something I've always wonderd about though, HP. I mean, wouldn't a slitted neck be roughly 95% of total HP? Just use a potion, or cast regan. Phoenix down if you mess up! Hehe, in all seriousness, I like how you de-robotize light.
King Pro Bossman chapter 1 . 5/23/2013
"Twas heart-wrenching, gut-tugging and tear-jerking.

Detail is superb, I felt the dull pain in my throat as well. Got me feeling what they feel.
Guest chapter 17 . 5/18/2013
Okay first off that last guest is a bitch don't listen to them. Second I cannot explain how in love with this I am I cannot pick out one wrong thing it's just so perfect! I'm not done reading yet but I had to review now because I saw how bitchy the last review was and I had to let you know they can go fuck themselves because I absolutely love this story and the sex scene was written very tastefully :) I can't wait to finish this story.
Guest chapter 16 . 12/6/2012
Ugh. Did you just have Lightning and Hope have sex when he's FOURTEEN?

That's disgusting. What kind of perv are you?

I was really, really liking this story up to now. A lot, actually. I enjoyed the sort of mother/older-sister-son/younger-brother thing they had going on. I was actually even getting on board with the the two gradually falling in love as he got older. But something like this should never have happened until he was older. He's below the age of consent just about anywhere. What you just described is legally statuatory rape.

I'm not sure I want to finish this now.
Christopher chapter 1 . 11/19/2012
You have a natural talent for writing; I can tell by reading the first paragraph. Keep it up, you have a great idea going so far.
(It did suprise me when Hope cussed. LOL)
nomerci chapter 19 . 8/28/2012
This story is an emotional goldmine. I didn't just read it, I felt it. Sometimes, I had to pause in the middle of reading cause the emotions rang so true.
You write so naturally... my mind is exhausted after reading this but I can still recollect a scene where Serah tries to apply lip balm on Snow, when she finds her own lips cracked from the cold. Such small things, but they really made the characters feel 'real' to me and helped to ground their story in midst of all the chaos around them.
And I cannot give you enough props for the way you handled the relationship between Hope & Lightning. Ive waited so long for an author to try & develop a bond between the characters w/o any magical age up or oocness. But it seems too tall an order, since yours is the only one Ive found that does it successfully. Your handling of Hope's dilemma: " One moment, wanting the unconditional love and protection from a mother who would always be there, and the next, wanting the honest love and acceptance from a woman who seemed to fit his every growing need..." was where I was completely won over. I stopped doubting. It proved to me that you were fully aware of the unique complexities surrounding this pair.
So, I loved everything about it. Their interactions were heart-tugging and just precious. :') I was with them all the way.
Aaand, I hope this review isnt too embarassing to read. I cant believe how I didnt come across this story sooner. Really, the summary doesn't do the story justice! Do keep writing, and if I can a bit greedy, do keep writing more HxL.
bubblyfizz08 chapter 1 . 8/9/2012
Hi there! You hooked me up with that exciting summary and made me stay with your awesome writing! So interesting and exciting. I love a story with a little bit of suspense in them.
longing.for.redemption chapter 5 . 6/10/2012
"Because I'm white?" HAHAHAHAHA

The changing POVs kinda confused me, but at least you have dividers now so I know when it changes. Alexander is pretty awesome. I totally look forward to seeing more of him. And oh no! Hope's dad is coming to take him away?
longing.for.redemption chapter 4 . 6/10/2012
"When you see Angeal…tell him there's a storm coming," she looked outside, "and that lightning doesn't strike without intent."

Man, I loved that line! It's so...Lightning! *cackle* Anyway...Angeal? Like, FFVII Angeal? Or is the name just a coincidence?

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