Reviews for Tight Constriction
13 charlotte chapter 2 . 12/17/2014
Mossy8 chapter 2 . 9/4/2012
definitely not a fail! UK x US forever! :)
ElricLawliet chapter 2 . 9/15/2011

This is probably one of the HOTTEST UKUS fics I have EVER read in my LIFE.


You my friend, are my new hero. I now worship you. WORSHIP I TELL YOU.

Just so you know, this thing did not make my day. It made my fucking LIFE.

So yeah. If you didn't catch any of that, I guess you could say I liked it. Just a bit. :D
Nekolin chapter 2 . 3/21/2011
Avalon kitty must clean up her nosebleed now... Good job...sigh 3
Happy4Eva1996 chapter 2 . 3/21/2011
Nice ;-D
jayBIRD0118 chapter 1 . 3/5/2011
OMG!OMG!OMG!I love it!
random alias chapter 2 . 2/12/2011
Haha! So much love! Because duh Arthur would win he's freaking sexy
ThreeGoodReasons chapter 2 . 1/12/2011
Nice Though, the handcuffs came out of nowhere, it's not really good to pull things out of thin air when you're writing.
Cat101495 chapter 2 . 12/29/2010
Oh... My... Bloody... GOD! I LOVED IT! I have grown to love this pairing! I started Hetalia about three weeks ago and I am already close to catching up with it! But, KYAAAAA! I loved how he called him Britannia(Made me think of the sexy Britannia Angel X3) and I loved that he said "GIT, I wouldn't do that! I'd jump you DURING the meeting!" I loved this story! This was my first Hetalia fanfic too, so, I'm happy it was this one -
Jeanne'sWhiteRose chapter 1 . 12/25/2010
NekoNami lol, you and me both! *passes out from blood loss*
NekoNami chapter 2 . 12/14/2010
... This.



I need a blood donor, and fast.

*Wobbles, than falls*

nyaaaaa chapter 2 . 12/5/2010
This was HOT! A perfection on yaoi, and absolutly remarcable for your first! Thank You!
darkscarletrose chapter 2 . 12/5/2010
This story in one word ... y!
Dangson chapter 2 . 10/16/2010
O...Em...GEE! That was awesome!

So funny and absolutely smexerrific. I shall go burn pens and pencils to the great writing gods who have been kind enough to bestow your great abilities to you. X3 Man I am jealous..Great story by the way!
Skadiyoko chapter 2 . 10/15/2010
That was too great. Is it wrong I like reading foreplay more than the actual Insert Pingas Here part? XD Lemon fail on my part. Oh well! Because this was amazing and had a lot of teasing and I definately like Arthur topping. srsly. And OMG THIS IS YOUR FIRST HETALIA FAN FIC AND SMUT! And it's yaoi! Priceless. Let's get married! :D ...I'm not impulsive. -3- XD But seriously, you're almost as awesome as Gilbert right now. Almost. XD More awesome than me though. I'm totally scared to write a lemon. Don't think I ever will, but oh well. XD Am I rambling? I'm rambling, arn't I? Well it's 4 in the morning and I think I have a right to ramble, damnit! ...but I digress. Ummm, so yeah. Thanks for sending me to sleep happy. :D
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