Reviews for Kobayashi Maru
jenniebennie chapter 9 . 12/31/2014
I absolutely love your Danzo and Harry. Please update soon. I am loving your Root family
Guest chapter 9 . 9/1/2014
this story rocked!
Belle'Masque chapter 9 . 8/16/2014
Love It! Can't wait for more!

Belle 3
AgnetCoCo chapter 9 . 6/20/2014
Please make more of this story. It is so funny XD
ObsidianGoddess chapter 9 . 5/5/2014
Absolute love please continue
Guest chapter 1 . 4/15/2014
Eh. Not to say this wasn't sweet or anything, but you could have at least made Danzo younger...
musme chapter 9 . 3/21/2014
I love it very much!
Guest chapter 9 . 12/5/2013
And life goes on.
Stoic-Genius chapter 9 . 11/24/2013
I really like this. I hope you continue it.
YueLilianPotter chapter 9 . 11/2/2013
hihi :)
your story is really hilarious :D
keep it up

Ill always have to laugh :)
Angel4EverLostInLife chapter 9 . 9/30/2013
More please! XD
Vaughn Tyler chapter 9 . 9/9/2013
SagenWarrior chapter 9 . 8/11/2013
hope to see more.
Felicity Dream chapter 9 . 7/24/2013
I really like this. I remember coming across this a long time, and hesitantly reading it, but I never favorited or followed it, so I never got back to it. Recently, this randomly came up in my head when I was reccing it to someone for a rare Harry pair, but I couldn't find it. I ended up searching it up on my search engine as "Danzo/Harry romance fanfic" and was surprised the correct fic popped up so quickly, and reread the whole thing. Though, I'd say it would help if you use the character filters to make it easier to find this XD

I love the Star Trek main ref, as well as other fandom refs making appearances. I really love chibi Gaara and Naruto, and hope to see more of them soon (Ino was kinda cute in this chapter too). I think they'd be kinda cute together too :D The Zabuza/Iruka stuff is golden. Good job and hope to see more soon!
10th Squad 3rd Seat chapter 9 . 6/3/2013
Alright time for job.
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